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Training in Australia for Russians - the cost of studying in Australia for Russians

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Training in Australia for Russians - the cost of studying in Australia for Russians

For many years, teaching in Australia for Russians is a unique technique, effective techniques and a variety of forms of learning. The country is famous for outstanding graduates of schools and universities, which have achieved high results in science, business, politics, medicine, creativity. The cost of studying in Australia for Russians varies depending on the school's rating, the type of program, the location of the institution and the length of the training.

There are two types of schools and universities in Australia: public and private . Foreigners often prefer private schools where full boarding is available - Australia's boarding schools are renowned for their international and friendly atmosphere. The cost of studying in Australia for Russians is often influenced by the rating of the institution, but even in elite and prestigious universities and colleges, students can study absolutely for free. In order to be able to cover the costs of training, foreign and Russian students can apply for a scholarship or a grant, which is very common and each student has a chance: payments are provided by popular universities, government and other organizations.

List of cities where you can take short-term or long-term programs:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Surfers Paradise
  • Perth
  • Gold Coast
  • Cairns.
  • Types of educational institutions for secondary education in Australia

    In Australia, there is a division of schools into the following types:

  • private school for boys
  • private school for girls
  • private school of joint learning.
  • Organization of training in Australia for Russian

    Types of academic compulsory and additional programs:

  • primary classes
  • middle classes
  • high school
  • International Foundation preparatory program
  • the University Partway Program
  • IDP Diploma Program
  • baccalaureate
  • magistracy
  • doctorate
  • MBA.
  • Higher education in Australia: duration of programs, directions, cost of study in Australia for Russians

    Duration of programs in universities and colleges:

  • Bachelor's degree - 3-4 years
  • Master's degree - 1-2 years
  • doctor's degree - 3-6 years
  • MBA - 1,5-3 years.
  • To obtain a bachelor's degree, students often choose the following popular destinations:

  • humanitarian sciences
  • medicine, health
  • engineering sciences
  • natural Sciences
  • jurisprudence
  • marketing
  • architecture, design
  • art, social sciences
  • business
  • Information Technology.
  • A pleasant bonus for Russian and foreigners is obtaining a work permit in Australia for two years after receiving a bachelor's degree - those who take advantage of this offer will be able to obtain citizenship in the future.

    Tuition fees for Russians in Australia:

  • Bachelor's degree - from 29000 $ AUD / year
  • Master's program - from 31700 $ AUD / year
  • doctoral studies- starting from $ 16000 / semester
  • MBA - from 75000 $ AUD / 18 months.
  • Linguistic courses for children and adults in Australia: prices and types of programs

    Russian and foreigners come to Australia to improve the level of English language knowledge : both short-term and long-term programs are available here, the length depends on the student's level of preparation and his desired results. The choice of language schools is quite large: summer programs are especially popular, which allows children and schoolchildren to spend summer vacations, combining study and rest.

    Types of programs and tuition fees:

  • general English course - from 340 $ AUD / week
  • English for beginners- from $ 355 AUD / week
  • Homestay Teacher- from $ 1595A $ UD / week
  • Preparation for language exams - starting at $ 340 AUD / week
  • business English - from 375 $ AUD / week.
  • Most educational institutions require admission to the results of language examinations upon admission:

  • FCE
  • CAE.
  • Entertainment and leisure as a means of teaching children and schoolchildren in Australia

    Field trips, sports, creative activities, adventure and entertainment programs favorably influence the development and training of Russians and foreigners, who thus immerse themselves in the linguistic and cultural environment. Australians lead an active lifestyle, so most schools have everything they need to practice professional training or organize sports group games:

  • baseball
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • lacrosse
  • football
  • golf
  • baseball
  • cricket
  • karate
  • archery.
  • The location between the Pacific and Indian Ocean allows you to actively engage in different types of water sports:

  • surfing
  • snorkeling (swimming with a mask without scuba)
  • water skiing
  • diving
  • kitesurfing.
  • Best Australian schools, colleges and universities: prices, ratings, prices, reviews

  • Kaplan Perth (Perth) is a language school in the most beautiful, picturesque and colorful city of Australia, which provides ample opportunities to practice water sports thanks to its close location to the water. All the year round, for Russian and foreigners, linguistic programs are available: general English, academic English, business English, preparation for IELTS. Tuition fees - from 460 $ AUD / week
  • Taylors College Sydney (Sydney) - a private boarding school is one of the best educational institutions in Australia for the quality of preparing students for admission to universities. The school regularly raises the quality of education and cherishes the following values: trust, personalization of programs, caring for students. The most developed areas: natural sciences, economics, biomedicine. Available programs: senior classes, Pre-Foundation, International Foundation, IELTS, TOEFL, IDP Diploma Program, academic and business English. Tuition fees - from 495 $ AUD / week
  • Sydney University (Sydney) - a major state university in Australia is subordinate to the Ministry of Education, has the accreditation of the Department of Education and is a member of prestigious organizations. Popular areas: business, design, architecture, engineering, medicine, music. The cost of studying under the bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs is from 16000 $ AUD / semester
  • Embassy Surfers Paradise - a language school with English language training allows you to combine study with beach holidays: the campus is located in one of the most touristy and beautiful places of Australia just a couple of minutes from the beach. The school offers students studying English in a group, individual training, business English course, professional training. The cost of training on language programs is from $ 355 AUD / week.
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