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Training for the hotel industry abroad, the cost of teaching tourism

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Training for the hotel industry abroad, the cost of teaching tourism

The tourism industry is now recognized as one of the fastest growing destinations around the world, so it is not surprising that the sphere constantly needs new specialists. A diploma obtained at the Institute of Hotel or Restaurant Business in Switzerland is a prestigious education that gives its holder the opportunity to build an excellent career abroad or in his native country, travel the world and many other perspectives.

Institutes of hotel business: Switzerland and Europe

Switzerland is not accidentally highlighted especially when it comes to studying such specialties as hotel management - it is in Switzerland that there are the best, leading and prestigious universities in this direction . In this country all conditions for foreign and Russian students are created so that they can get a profession in the sphere of hotel business, cooking and not only. Education in this professional direction makes it possible to quickly take a managerial position in a hotel or restaurant.

The educational structure of the hotel business in Switzerland and the countries of Europe is formed from several levels, which are obligatory for any direction, be it hotel management, restaurant business or cooking:

  • English language course (1 or 2 semesters)
  • training in a college or a higher school of hotel business in Switzerland and obtaining a certificate by profession. Such a document gives the right to start working in the field of hospitality or tourism on the positions of a junior employee (1 year)
  • the training course, the result of which will be the receipt of advanced Diploma Advanced Diploma (2 years)
  • a bachelor's program in tourism or management, including compulsory practice in hotels, restaurants and not only (3-4 years)
  • program for obtaining a master's degree, which gives the opportunity to move to a new level of the career ladder and take a position in top management.

For foreigners and Russian students, the length of training will depend on what kind of education a candidate has initially. The minimum period of study for employment in the sphere of tourism and hospitality is 1 year for obtaining a certificate. Those students who already have higher education can also receive additional special education in the hospitality industry at the hotel business school in Switzerland.

Swiss education in the sphere of tourism is recognized as the best in the world, and the main reason for such a title is its practical orientation. Hospitality management and business in Switzerland's higher schools are focused not on theoretical knowledge, but on obtaining skills that can be useful in real life: the students of the course learn how to serve the table, book rooms and air tickets, organize banquets and conferences and solve many other issues.

Therefore, one semester of the academic year is spent on receiving new information, and the second one is spent on internship, which is the obligatory development of the received knowledge in practice. In almost 100% of cases, employers with which the schools of hotel business in Switzerland and Europe cooperate, pay for the work of trainees: this is a good opportunity for students to at least partially recoup the rather high cost of tourism education. In addition, thanks to the internship program, many students receive offers from employers much earlier than they receive the document on education, so after graduation they have no problems with employment.

Training in the hotel business in Switzerland and Europe - the cost, list, rating

Now let's talk about the best schools of hotel management and restaurant business in Switzerland and other European countries:

  • Cesar Ritz (Switzerland). It is one of the leading universities of the tourism industry not only in its own country, but also all over the world. It is a great honor for Russian students and foreigners to get here, since there are many who want even a local residents and the contest is very high. Cesar Ritz has two campuses in the Swiss cities of Le Bouvre and Brig, the international branches of the university also have the United States , Australia and New Zealand. Here students can get any education from the tourist direction, restaurant business or cooking, from certification courses to master's courses. The average cost of the program in Cesar Ritz is 17-20 thousand Swiss francs, and the stated price includes everything: study + study materials, student hostel accommodation, deposit, food and some other expenses.
  • Glion Institute of Higher Education (Switzerland). Another world-famous university, which stood at the origins of the creation of programs for tourism and hospitality. Today, the University of Glion proudly bears the status of a prestigious institution where it is possible to obtain a quality education of an international level. From year to year, the university shows high statistics on the employment of its graduates: they invariably get to work for leading industry companies, such as Four Seasons, Hilton, Hyatt, The Ritz-Carlton and many other brands. For higher education, there are two campuses - in the cities of Glion or Boule . The average cost of training is from 25 to 35 thousand francs per semester; the price includes the provision of services such as training, residence in a residence, full board meals, a specialist form, the organization of sports and leisure and so on.
  • Stenden University (CHN) (Netherlands). The famous Dutch university of vocational education appeared relatively recently in the process of merging two equally large high schools - the University of CHN and the University of Drenthe. Since the merger in 2008, the university has quickly become one of the top ten universities in the country. In addition to Holland, the university has branches in South Africa, Thailand and Qatar, but training is conducted in English only. This university provides a variety of educational services for foreigners and Russian students - here you can find all the key industry specialties and different training programs (certificates, diplomas, bachelor's, master's). The average cost of training is from 7 thousand euros for one academic year. The specified price includes only the educational process, and all other types of expenses (administrative fees, accommodation, meals, teaching materials, etc.) are paid by the student in addition.
  • Irish-American University, American College Dublin (Ireland). The American College of Hospitality Management and Tourism is located in the heart of Dublin: the campus of the educational institution is three Georgian-style buildings that are located on Merion Square. There is a double diploma program in the College specializing in Hotel Management, organized by the Swiss-American Hospitality Institute. The annual cost of education on the proposed college programs is 7-8 thousand euros, and this price includes only the cost of educational services without taking into account the cost of living, food, teaching materials and other formalities (plus 700-1000 euros per month). Separate points of financial expenses for foreigners and Russian students remains visa registration, insurance and purchase of air tickets to the country of study and back.
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