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Training after the 8,9,10,11 class in Oxford

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Training after the 8,9,10,11 class in Oxford

The choice of an educational institution is an important step in the life of any person who has a great influence on his entire life. One of the countries most famous for its level of education is Great Britain . The United Kingdom is distinguished by its ancient traditions of teaching, which have become a real classic of educational programs around the world.

The advantages of studying in the UK can be relied on with the following points:

  • Prestigiousness. Education in this country is considered a classic of foreign education and is recognized throughout the world.
  • The combination of the newest teaching methods and centuries-old traditions makes this country a true "well of knowledge".
  • For Russian students, the great advantage will be the location of the United Kingdom, which is not so close to their home country.

One of the most famous places in the United Kingdom is the city of Oxford , near which the legendary university of the same name is located. Oxford University is one of the five best educational institutions in the world. Oxford is a small city where you can meet a huge number of students from different countries. During the training, students will be able to get acquainted with the ancient history of the city, immerse themselves in the culture of the UK, improve their level of language skills, meet students from all over the world.

So, what are the options for teaching Oxford for foreign students?

Training after grade 8.9

For students who graduated from the 8th or 9th grade, there is an opportunity to enter the GCSE program. GCSE (The General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a diploma of secondary education, which students receive after passing the relevant examinations. This program includes the study of 2 compulsory subjects (mathematics and English) and 4-6 subjects to choose from (the number of additional subjects may vary depending on the school's internal program).

Traditionally, the following disciplines are offered to pupils in the framework of this program:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • English literature
  • Business Subject Disciplines
  • One of the foreign languages (usually Spanish, German or French)
  • Basics of Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Information Technology
  • Art.

The students choose the additional subjects depending on their abilities, interests and further plans in the field of education.

It should be noted that this program has two options - traditional, which takes two years, and accelerated (lasting one year). Two-year program GSCE will enable the child to fully master all the necessary subjects, schoolchildren in the UK study specifically for this program. One-year GSCE courses are designed for international students and give the opportunity to pass a similar program in a shorter time period. However, this option requires a higher initial level of knowledge of the language and academic disciplines.

Top 10 high schools in Oxford:

  • Headington School (Hidington School for Girls)
  • Oxford High School GDST (Oxford High School GDST)
  • Radley College (Radley College)
  • St Helen and St Katharine (School of Saint Helen and St. Catherine)
  • Magdalen College School (Magdalen College School)
  • Our Lady's Abingdon (School of Our Lady of Abingdon)
  • Tudor Hall School
  • d'Overbroeck's College (Doverbrooks School)
  • Abingdon School (Abingdon School)
  • St Edward's School (St. Edwards School).

The cost of study in England varies depending on the prestige of the educational institution. Usually it is in the range from 18,000 to 41,000 pounds sterling per year of training (full board).

Training after grade 10

After the completion of the 10th grade, foreign and British students have two options to choose from:

Both of these programs are similar in many respects. They are programs for complete secondary education, after which students pass exams. The certificates of these courses are well known and accepted in many educational institutions around the world. Duration of training is 2 years.

The main difference is the educational program. A-level provides a deeper knowledge of several basic subjects, perfect for students who have decided on their future profession and know what subjects they need to enter the university.

IB Diploma gives a wider choice of subjects, and in this program a huge importance is paid to extracurricular activities. During the training, students will learn to conduct research and write an essay on it. Another important component of the program is the Theory of Cognition, where students will analyze different types of knowledge and their nature. Great attention is focused on creative, sports and volunteer work, which is designed to help students discover different personal qualities.

The cost of training also depends on the popularity of the university and ranges from 9,500 to 34,000 pounds per year.

Training after grade 11

Russian schoolchildren, who graduated from the 11th grade, do not have the opportunity to enroll immediately in the UK university . For foreign applicants, the Foundation program has been established, which takes 1 year and is aimed at improving academic and language skills. This course allows applicants to get a decent preparation for entering the university, get used to the requirements of teachers and adapt in a new environment.

Depending on the educational institution, the training for this program is 7,500 - 30,000 pounds sterling a year.

Some universities offer a special course International Year One , which further gives an opportunity to enter the chosen university immediately for the second year. International Year One is a unique program that combines the academic disciplines of the first year of the university and an intensive course of preparation for studies in universities UK.

The cost of this program is 8500 - 13000 pounds per year.

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