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2021-08-24 15:27:09

TOP ideal holidays for a Russian, an American, a Japanese

TOP ideal holidays for a Russian, an American, a Japanese

Rest is time that we strive to devote only to ourselves. But for residents of different countries, the pleasantness of pastime can depend on completely different factors, and in this article we have tried to derive some statistics on how representatives of different nationalities like to relax. Do you want to know how a US citizen, French, Englishman or Asian imagines the ideal holiday? Then go ahead!


European residents

The most popular resorts are the warm places of Southern Europe: Spain for the Germans and the French, Portugal for the British, Greece for the harsh Scandinavians. If you choose exotic destinations, the Germans will choose the already promoted, more familiar exotics like Thailand, but the French are faithful to the historical past and will choose one of their former colonies - Laos, Cambodia, Morocco (tours here are generally very cheap and are sold almost in supermarkets, have not been considered something out of the ordinary).

Europeans prefer a few short forays during the year, rather than two large two-week vacations, like to go somewhere for the weekend.

On transport, the Germans prefer buses (if they go with a company, they directly hire one for all), and the French move around in personal cars or rent a car.

In addition, the French are very scrupulous about their language, because on tourist forums from them you can often see reviews with notes "french is spoken here", "the owner of the hotel is French", etc. These notes are made for their own compatriots: believe me, the rural hotel, which is kept by a native of Bordeaux, will be filled unequivocally by the French.


Among the inhabitants of the United States, the benefit of the country is huge and diverse, the most popular is domestic tourism. If you choose warmer, it is California, Florida and Hawaii, from the nearest foreign countries - the resorts of Mexico and Costa Rica. From the far and "cultural" abroad, England and Great Britain are popular (historical homeland for many, after all), France (almost always Paris).

Often they are chosen to large amusement parks such as Disneyland, and it is considered a kind of good tone to visit it first as a child, then with their children, then with their grandchildren.

Americans sincerely believe that they are loved everywhere, and their wealth opens any door for them - indeed, on trips they tend to waste money, for example, to leave obscenely large tips. If an American and a Russian come to drink in some bar- rest assured, the bartender will be in the seventh heaven of happiness! Americans are sociable, always happy to enter into a dialogue, quite loud, very fond of chatting on the phone or shooting a video blog in a public place, calling their relatives by video and together with them to explore the surroundings with loud comments.

The sacred cow for every American is sales and the SALE badge (even if this thing can be bought from them in their homeland and twice cheaper).

By the way, Americans love quite an active holiday: if in your tour there will be an opportunity to go on safari, learn kite surfing, base jumping or go rafting - be sure, they will fit into almost any movement.

From food prefer traditional American or European colonial, quite unpretentious, although national dishes, unusual to them, always try with great apprehension, can refuse, completely not feeling deprived.

Recently, in the United States, as in one of the most feminist-minded countries in the world, tours only for women are becoming increasingly popular: it can be just "girl" tours, and trips for representatives of non-traditional orientation. Usually these are sports or cultural trips - it is believed that during them women rest from male oppression and eternal competition with men for the benefits of civilization, career and influence in society, can relax and be themselves.


Young Japanese often study/start work in Europe or the United States, but middle-aged and elderly people rarely leave their islands.

  1. The local culture is very separate from the rest, very different from the other world, because everything that is not Japan is alien to them and, in general, not very much and interesting.
  2. Travel from Japan is very expensive, and most of the local community is middle-class people.
  3. There are practically no long weekends and vacations, the Japanese are famous workaholics. Only pensioners (and then quite wealthy) are capable of more or less long voyages here.

The Japanese, like almost all Asians, prefer to travel in groups, and according to a strictly defined program. For example, in Paris, they will inspect the Louvre, but they will not lead their noses towards the famous flea (and not only) markets. In London, the group will go to Buckingham Palace and the Tower, but Camden Town or a walk along the Mayfeeve they are not interested. If they go to Russia, they go to the Hermitage, but if the Tretyakov Gallery is not indicated in the program, they will not even think of visiting it (although museums are almost even in terms of artistic value). The leaders of the group obey unquestioningly - obedience to the authorities in their blood.

The inhabitants of Japan, in principle, have unskempled interests, they go to the explored places: Paris, London, New York, in Russia - Vladivostok, Moscow, St. Petersburg. Africa, the Middle East, even Southeast Asia do not attract them at all.

Poorly distributed rest with children: they say, while they are small and do not work, from what they rest?


As you know, Russian tourists are noisy people (sometimes to the point of riot), cheerful, sociable and generous: the number of tips from the principle will compete with the Americans.

Russians love a beach holiday, but will always prefer a natural body of water - a river, a lake, a sea, an ocean - to a pool. Not against active recreation on the water - from diving to surfing through all sorts of jet skis / bananas / catamarans.

Russians also like to be able to talk to them in their native language, but this is due to the fact that not everyone speaks foreign languages. There was even a kind of paradox: those who can freely explain themselves in English / French / German and easily travel themselves, prefer places and hotels where there are as few Russians as possible: they say, the service will not suffer, and the rest itself will be calmer.

Russian women, by the way, are much more willing than foreign women to start resort romances. Most attribute this not to the promiscuity of our ladies, but to the neglect of our men. Indeed, if you look at the beach "sample" of women and men from Russia and other countries (say, up to 45 years), our ladies will often look better than foreign women, but men probably in appearance, grooming and style will lose to foreigners dry.

Some Russian statistics

The research company "Romir" conducted a survey among Russians on the topic of the ideal vacation - and here are the results obtained:

  • 70% of city dwellers travel regularly and like to do so
  • 37% prefer to rest abroad, 38% in Russia
  • The most popular domestic resorts are Krasnodar Territory and Crimea, Abkhazia
  • Most popular resorts abroad are Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia
  • 33% of respondents like to relax in their own country
  • 12% usually spend their holidays at home
  • 4% are happy to relax in sanatoriums.
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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