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2020-08-21 12:16:23

TOP-25 best schools in Moscow

TOP-25 best schools in Moscow

School years for many become a defining part of life and a bright time that leaves a mark for a long time. Pleasant memories remain not only at the expense of the students themselves - a lot is decided by the environment and the proposed setting. These are teachers, learning conditions, available functionality and more.

Of course, parents are engaged in choosing a school, because everyone wants to find the best educational institution for their child. Especially for such thoughtful parents, we have compiled a list of the TOP-25 best schools in Moscow, where students can receive a high-quality secondary education and good preparation for entering the university. This ranking includes public and private schools, so it won't be difficult to find an option suitable for different requests. All these institutions are distinguished by high student motivation, good academic achievements of graduates, victories of adolescents in various Olympiads, as well as successful passing of exams for admission to universities in Russia or abroad.

Top schools in Moscow: 25 best educational institutions

  1. CIS International School

The first line of our ranking is occupied by an institution where graduates can receive not only a Russian secondary education certificate, but also diplomas of international standards - this is Cambridge IGCSE or Cambridge International AS & A level. The latter are recognized at universities in the USA, Britain, Australia, Canada or other countries (there are more than 140 of them). It also offers a Russian standard program for education.

The international educational network CIS Education Group is accredited by the Cambridge Assessment International Education division. The school is represented by 3 buildings located in Moscow and the Moscow region - Moscow, Skolkovo, Gorki. All campuses have a closed guarded territory, equipped with a parking lot with video surveillance. There is the necessary equipment - sports facilities, playgrounds, walking areas.

CIS International School offers full-cycle secondary education - that is, for all ages from 3 to 18 years old. Starting at the age of 5, students go to the Cambridge study program.

  1. School number 1535

This high school is on the list of elite educational institutions and offers parents the opportunity to choose the direction of activity for their child in advance. Education involves the choice of one of four specialized classes:

  • Technological
  • Socio-economic
  • Medical
  • Humanitarian.

After the 10th grade, one more division takes place in each of the profiles, aimed at preparing for admission to universities. Students are recruited on a competitive basis during spring break.

  1. Lomonosov school

Included in the list of the best educational institutions in the capital. Location - city center. The educational process includes the multidimensional development of students - this allows by the time of graduation to have a confident level of knowledge for admission to domestic or foreign universities.

The institution focuses on the study of foreign languages: in addition to standard Russian and English, students can study French, German and even Chinese. The school has the status of a private one, so the annual education here will require a tidy sum from the parents. The high price implies excellent quality of education plus other amenities: 5 meals a day, an entertainment program with stars, circles and sections, excursion trips and more.

  1. GBOU Lyceum "Second School"

Another elite institution of secondary education has a physical and mathematical bias and accepts students from the 6th grade. The recruitment is held by competition, examples of introductory work can be found on the website. Translation is possible both in grades 6-7 and from grades 8 to 10: in the second case, it is more difficult to do, since students will need a certain amount of knowledge. In addition to disciplines, candidates for admission will have to go through an interview - this will help the selection committee understand 2 points:

  • How well can the student adapt to the new environment?
  • How interesting is the sciences taught here.

Studying takes place 6 days a week, classes begin daily at 9 am. Lessons are held according to the university format: these are lectures and seminars, at the end of the semester - credits and exams. The lyceum occupies a well-deserved 4th line in this ranking, since its graduates every year get to budget places in the capital's universities.

  1. Linguistic Economic School-Lyceum

This educational institution attracts every student with a comfortable atmosphere with no psychological pressure. Parents of students can track their progress through the electronic diary system. Each student uses 2 sets of textbooks: one for home study, the other for school. It is convenient, because children do not need to carry a lot of textbooks with a heavy portfolio every day.

Students of the Linguistic Economic School-Lyceum successfully enter the best universities in our country and abroad, since languages are one of the priority areas for studying at a high level.

  1. School number 57

An educational institution that offers division into different profiles is an ideal solution for realizing children's talents in the personal or academic field. Up to the 8th grade, students go through a standard secondary education program, and after that, a specialized division begins:

  • Mathematical profile. These are 3 classes offering in-depth study of the relevant disciplines. To get here, those who wish will need to additionally pass several tests
  • Biological profile. This includes 2 classes with the study of thematic disciplines
  • Humanities profile. One class, where the main subjects for study will be Russian, literature, Latin. Part of the curriculum is also taught in English.

In addition to the basic lessons, school students can choose to attend additional circles with their favorite subjects in order to gain more knowledge in interesting areas.

  1. School of Cooperation

In an educational institution, classes are formed small - 12 people each, so the teacher can work with each of the students. The educational program here is individual and is created taking into account the needs of the student and his chosen profession. For the all-round development of pupils on the basis of the institution, there are sports sections or circles of creativity (vocal, dance, theater).

  1. School number 1514

The secondary school with a gymnasium level offers quality secondary education for students in grades 1-11. You can get into the first grade without any entrance tests, but starting from grade 5 and older, additional tasks are provided for candidates.

The educational program of the school is divided into 2 profiles:

  • Mathematical
  • Humanitarian.

All subjects in both directions are taught by experienced teachers who know how to interest and motivate different students to study the discipline. Also, systematic Olympiads of different levels - city, regional or Russian - become a good motivation for achieving results. The gymnasium is famous for the fact that every year there are graduates who take the final exam for the highest possible score.

  1. Pirogov school

This is a private institution with high educational standards, which began operating in the 80s of the last century, therefore the educational program here is based on traditional methods. However, new concepts of teaching students find their place here. Graduates of the Pirogov School are fluent in at least two foreign languages from among the available European languages - English, German, French.

  1. GBOU Bauman Engineering School No. 1580

The name of this lyceum already speaks for itself, which attracts students wishing to become students of the legendary University. Bauman.

For education, a program from grades 1 to 11 is available, from the 5th, the profile division begins. To enter school from grades 5 to 7, young candidates will need to write simple introductory papers in Russian and mathematics. For high school students, physics is added here.

The last 2 years of study at the Lyceum are the most interesting, since here the division is already taking place into 5 specialized departments, among which, of course, there are mathematical, humanitarian, biological.

On the basis of the school, Olympiads are also often held in various disciplines: mathematics, drawing, aviation, computer modeling. It is attended not only by students of the Bauman school, but also by students from other educational institutions.

  1. Academic gymnasium

This is a private institution for secondary education with an enhanced state-recognized curriculum. Some disciplines are conducted only in English, which gives students the opportunity to adapt to such an environment, while gaining the skills of free communication and interaction with native speakers. The gymnasium provides excellent academic and language studying, so graduates easily enter universities in Russia or abroad. For example, several dozen students continued their studies at Cambridge.

  1. School number 548 "Tsaritsyno"

This educational institution is famous primarily for its appearance, which reflects its high status. The educational process here is based on the time-tested Soviet system. Students receive in-depth knowledge of specialized and general subjects, which makes them real erudites with a broad outlook. School "Tsaritsyno" really offers its students a tangible load: every day it is 6-7 lessons + classes in sections. Popular destinations:

  • Robotics
  • Music
  • Art studio
  • Modeling missiles
  • Theater Club.
  1. Moscow School of Economics

This educational institution is also included in the list of the oldest schools in the capital - it has been operating since 1993. For so many years of successful work, the institution has trained many young people who were able to enter elite universities.

The school day here runs from 8 am to 5 pm. To maintain strength, 4 balanced meals are provided. The local educational program is focused on the intellectual and social development of each student.

  1. School number 1568 named after Pablo Neruda

An unusual educational institution that forms an interesting educational program for students from different classes. Parents who see the positive emotions of their children are satisfied: the students do not wait for vacations, do not get tired after lessons - the opposite is true. The students are interested in learning, because the teachers know how to get them interested, to correctly combine study with rest during the day: you can do a light warm-up or talk about an interesting topic.

However, entering the school of Pablo Neruda is not as easy as it might seem. Students are selected according to several criteria - one of them is participation in the Olympiads (Moscow or All-Russian). Also, upon admission, the results of the GIA and the results of entrance examinations from the educational institution itself are taken into account.

  1. Pavlovsk gymnasium

This gymnasium has an incentive program. For example, for high academic achievements, a student can receive a discount on education, and if students from the same family study at the Pavlovsk gymnasium, then bonuses are provided for them - every 5th child receives education free of charge. Meals are offered 4 times a day - a balanced menu is made up of healthy products.

  1. School number 179

One of the most popular and demanded schools in the capital with a mathematical bias. The reason for such popularity is that among the staff of the institution there is the president of the Intercity Mathematical Olympiad, founder of the Independent Moscow University Nikolai Konstantinov.

The educational program of the school starts from the 6th grade. 3 profiles are available for education:

  • Mathematical
  • Biological and mathematical
  • Engineering.

In addition to the basic subjects, the students receive new knowledge at various additional circles - in topology, visual geometry, astronomy and others.

  1. European gymnasium

This educational institution combines not only the functions of a school, but also a kindergarten. Here, young students receive basic knowledge of some sciences, which helps them to move smoothly to learning in the first grade. The gymnasium also invariably falls into the rankings of the best Moscow schools where high-quality secondary education is available. High school students can be educated under the international baccalaureate (IB) program - such a diploma opens the way to foreign universities in many countries. After the 9th grade, students can study English at the same time as Russian.

  1. School number 1329

The educational institution offers a convenient timetable for students of all grades (from 1 to 11). Starting from grade 10, students are divided according to profiles - the distribution is based on the results of the OGE or entrance examinations from the school itself. Also, those who wish can get into the general education class, if there are free places. Throughout the day, the students will have time for additional activities or exciting sections: construction from LEGO, archery, the basics of medicine.

  1. "Golden section"

A school with such an unusual name is not the only difference from competitors. Progressive and young teachers work here, but with experience, under the strict guidance of professors or doctors of science. Special attention in the curriculum is paid to languages - simultaneously with Russian and English, students can study an additional foreign language. The educational institution practices a student exchange program based on partnerships with schools in other countries. In addition, students can go from here to internship at the best universities in Europe. Children of Russian celebrities - Ivan Urgant, Sergei Zhukov and others - were educated at the Golden Section. The "golden ratio" is the secondary school department, and the elementary grades are called "Rainbow". Both buildings are located next to each other.

  1. School number 1502 at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute

An educational institution with a full cycle secondary education (grades 1-11) offers students seven educational profiles - mathematics, economics, engineering and others. On the basis of the educational institution, competitions in e-sports, tournaments in robotics or other types of activities are regularly held - this helps the students to diversify their daily academic studies. The most gifted and curious students can even present their own experimental developments from the natural sciences! To do this, you just need to send an application for participation in the conference with the unusual name "Achilles and the Turtle".

  1. "Heir"

This is a private school with a stylish design and unusually arranged classrooms - education here will require impressive costs. However, according to the parents' feedback, the invested finances bear fruit, so they are happy with the result. The students themselves are fascinated by the interesting conduct of classes, an easy daily routine, an interactive approach to learning with breaks for sports or creative activities. Among the advantages of the educational institution, parents also note the absence of the need to visit often - you can follow the progress of the student or solve the organizational issues of the class using the electronic journal and the website of the educational institution.

  1. School number 109

This educational institution is among the favorites of children and parents, therefore, it collects a lot of positive reviews. Although this is a public school, unlike many institutions in this ranking, the atmosphere here is at the level of a private educational institution.

Classes are held 5 days a week, one educational shift. The length of the lesson may differ depending on the category of the student:

  • 1st grade - 35 minutes
  • Grades 2-5 - 40 minutes
  • 5-11 grades - 45 minutes.

Such an educational schedule allows students to quickly get used to, get involved in the educational process without much difficulty. Every day, students are busy with something, because in addition to lessons in the first half of the day, students join festive events, competitions, are engaged in sports or creativity sections. Teachers-organizers are working on the variety of extracurricular programs.

  1. "Integration XXI century"

Over the years, this educational institution has collected a large number of positive reviews. Students praise the teachers and happily run to school every day, and the former are real professionals and know how to captivate the students, motivate them to learn. The educational process is well organized here, allowing students to learn the necessary material without unnecessary pressure. Graduates of the "Heir" show excellent results when entering universities - and what could be the best indicator of a quality education?

  1. Physics and mathematics school №2007

This is a public institution of secondary education with a physical and mathematical bias. The school began its activities relatively recently (in 2003), but today several dozen graduates have successfully entered the prestigious universities of Russia and have achieved some success in the field of their chosen profession. Classes here begin at 9 am, but the building itself is open for visits from 8 am. Experienced teachers give material interestingly year after year, so students do not lose interest in studying the disciplines provided for by the state program of secondary education.

The average academic performance of students is at a high level: the students enjoy studying here so much that there are practically no failures or truants. Students take the subjects they study seriously and responsibly approach their academic performance through personal motivation rather than coaxing from teachers or parents.

  1. Filippovskaya School

SMAPSE experts will complete this selection of the best educational institutions in Moscow with a private educational institution that has its own educational system. A distinctive feature of the program is that many outdoor events are held for students so that students can see with their own eyes all the processes studied earlier in the lesson. This includes excursions, long trips to Russian cities, and even travel to Europe. Of course, the latter are held under the strict guidance of experienced teachers. Also, the students with no less pleasure participate in the annual Olympiad, where all prizes receive a worthy reward.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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