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Top 20 best schools in Switzerland

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Top 20 best schools in Switzerland

Swiss secondary schools are traditionally considered to be among the best in the world, since they offer their students excellent academic training, the study of several European languages at once, and a high standard of living in general. Of course, education in this country sometimes costs an order of magnitude more expensive than in other countries of Europe and the world, however such investments with 100% probability will justify themselves in the future.

Swiss private schools and boarding schools are a standard of secondary education in all respects. That's why every year students of these institutions are children from wealthy and influential families of politicians, businessmen and not only. Thus, one of the advantages that your child will receive when he is educated in Switzerland is the opportunity to make useful acquaintances and promising connections.

In addition, local secondary schools produce high statistics annually on the number of graduates successfully enrolled in the world's leading universities, such as the English Oxford and Cambridge , American Yale and Harvard - and that's not all. Educational programs of all Swiss schools - regardless of the state institution or boarding school - competently combine the classical postulates of quality European education and modern technologies and techniques used in the educational sphere.

We will tell you about the best secondary schools in Switzerland, which annually rank first in different ratings of the top 10 best, 20, 30, 50 and even TOP-100 both at home and abroad. So, here are some institutions that are leading the list of top schools year after year:

  • College Beau Soleil is one of the most expensive and prestigious private schools in Switzerland. They take boys and girls at the age from 12 to 19 years. Despite the fact that the territory of the educational institution is in the French part of the country (the resort town of Villars), the curricula are taught in two languages - English and French. The cost of one year of study starts from 50 thousand Swiss francs. The school has excellent equipment and the most convenient infrastructure: the campus has its own restaurant, stable, art center, digital studio and much more.
  • Aiglon College is a school that deservedly falls into the top three of the best educational institutions in Switzerland. The curriculum of this private school is based on the British education system, therefore English is also one of the main teaching languages here. Every year up to 350 students from all over the world aged between 10-13 and 17-18 years are trained there. Unlike many foreign schools, this is not a 5-day but six-day educational program. For training on boarding (boarding) for one semester, the student and his parents will need about 60-70 thousand Swiss francs, and the price will be slightly cheaper for full-time education.
  • Institute Le Rosey is one of the most expensive, advanced and popular Swiss schools. This is the only educational institution in the country, which has two separate residences for each of the seasons - summer and winter. During the year the children live in a medieval castle on the territory of 28 hectares and enjoy all the amenities that the school offers them: comfortable accommodation in a hostel, excellent equipment of classrooms, several tennis courts, a swimming pool, a sauna and even a yacht club for everyone. In addition, a personal chef of the educational institution prepares a balanced and fresh diet for the children. The cost of training in such a school will cost the parents of students a tidy sum - from 50,000 to 70,000 CHF.
  • Brillantmont International School - this school is considered one of the oldest in the country. Here come to study up to 160 children from 35 countries around the world. Age category - middle and senior classes, age from 14 to 19 years. The school has an impeccable reputation, an excellent teaching staff and gives its pupils first-class training for admission to the best universities in the world. The educational programs of the school include in-depth study of at least two foreign languages. The cost of studying in the Swiss school of dreams will require about 48-55 thousand Swiss francs a year.
  • Institut auf dem Rosenberg is another popular educational institution in Switzerland, founded back in 1889 by Ulrich Schmidt. The campus of the school occupies a vast territory of 100 thousand square meters and offers to its students a comfortable and modern infrastructure: the main building, several residences for living, a sports hall with necessary equipment, tennis courts, playgrounds and even a park for walks in between sessions. The cost of training here is one of the highest - about 180 thousand Swiss francs for one academic year.

Next, we offer for your review the list of rating schools that fall into the top 20 best schools in Switzerland. More details about each of them you can find out by clicking on the link:

Now let's talk about how to enter these popular and in-demand educational institutions among foreign students. First of all, we should note that it is better to start preparing for entering any foreign school in advance, since the difference in the educational systems of Russia and any other country in Europe will necessarily make itself felt. In this issue, it is recommended to take into account both academic and language training. In the first aspect, the emphasis is better on profile subjects, the choice of which will be directly related to the specialty chosen by the student.

In March and February of the year in which you plan to start studying in a Swiss school, you can send a student application to a potential educational institution. School admission commissions begin to consider all received applications in May-June, after which they give an answer to each of the candidates. To hang the chances of enrolling, foreign students can apply not in one institution, but at once in a few, as the guys usually do abroad.

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