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2020-08-21 12:19:33

TOP-10 safest cities in Russia

TOP-10 safest cities in Russia

Over the past decade, the crime rate in Russian cities has taken a downward trend. Safety is an important criterion for choosing a city for life. Which cities are considered the safest in Russia ?

10. Buzuluk

  • Safety index - 46.75 points
  • The number of inhabitants is 75 thousand people.

Buzuluk is an administrative center located in the Orenburg region. The city is famous for educational institutions, youth clubs, and a developing healthcare system. In 2016, he received the City of Labor Glory award, which speaks of the people's desire for the development and prosperity of Buzuluk.

9. Yeisk

  • Safety index - 47.33 points
  • The number of inhabitants is 83 thousand people.

Yeisk is a resort town located on the shores of the Taganrog Bay, since 1848 it has had the status of a port. Tourism and agriculture are developing well due to the warm climate. It is worth saying that the bulk of the population is Russians, Armenians and Ukrainians, who get along well with each other.

8. Grozny

  • Safety index - 48.56 points
  • The number of inhabitants is 305 thousand people.

Grozny was founded in 1869. The city is famous for its sights, opportunities for physical development (the Akhmat-Arena stadium, the Fortress Groznaya autodrome) and a large number of successful enterprises:

  • Grozny Electromechanical Plant
  • Grozny Cannery
  • Garment factory "Berkat"
  • Grozneftegaz, etc.

Grozny has a low level of unemployment and crime - why not a city for a comfortable life?

7. Gelendzhik

  • The number of inhabitants is 76 thousand people.

The resort town of Gelendzhik in 2001 received the status of the City of federal significance. A large number of tourists are attracted by the sea and the mild climate. Locals love to play sports, most of them are educated and employed in the service sector - the fate of resort towns. Gelendzhik has the fame of a calm city, constantly patrolled by law enforcement agencies.

6. Sochi

  • The number of inhabitants is 530 thousand people.

Sochi is the largest resort city in Russia, in 2010 it took first place in the ranking "Cities of Russia in terms of quality of life". The population of the city is made up of Russians, Ukrainians, Armenians and Greeks, neighboring with each other. The sanatorium type of recreation is popular in Sochi, which attracts most of the tourists here. Mountains, sun and sea are a win-win recipe for a great place to live.

5. Yekaterinburg

  • Safety index - 52.89 points
  • The number of inhabitants is 1,493 thousand people.

Yekaterinburg is the administrative center of the Urals District. The city, founded in 1723, is considered one of the largest economic centers in the world. Crime and unemployment rankes are extremely low, but the number of sports, leisure and educational institutions is high.

4. Novosibirsk

  • Safety index - 53.14 points
  • The number of inhabitants is 1 million 625 thousand people.

In terms of economic indicators, Novosibirsk occupies one of the leading positions in the country. The authorities stimulate the development of business, which also affects the level of crime - people have no time to create lawlessness. Science, healthcare, education and transport networks are well developed in Novosibirsk. Law enforcement agencies pay special attention to the prevention of offenses.

3. Moscow

  • Safety index - 59.46 points
  • The number of inhabitants is 12 million 692 thousand people.

In the capital of Russia, Moscow, it is especially important to pay close attention to the prevention and prevention of delinquency. In order for this sphere to be effective, a large apparatus was created, which monitors the life of Muscovites every minute. The Safe City project has achieved success - an extensive video surveillance system, cameras are located almost at every corner.

2. St. Petersburg

  • Safety index - 60.64 points
  • The number of inhabitants is 5,398 thousand people.

The cultural capital of Russia - St. Petersburg - ranks second in the ranking of the safest cities. This is the merit of both the residents themselves and the law enforcement apparatus. The city is famous for its healthcare institutions, universities, sports facilities and conditions for the realization of creative and economic potential.

1. Nizhny Novgorod

  • Safety index - 70.43 points
  • The number of inhabitants is 1.252 thousand people.

Nizhny Novgorod is an example for Russia. Night walks are common in this city, there is nothing to be afraid of: the streets are patrolled, video surveillance and lighting systems work. The unemployment indicators is extremely low, but the levels of the economy and education are quite high.

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