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The training after the 8,9,10,11 class in Florida

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The training after the 8,9,10,11 class in Florida

American educational programs are known all over the world and there are several main reasons for this:

  • Universality of school and university programs, which are aimed at universal values and needs
  • Huge popularity of universities in America around the world
  • A wide range of specialties (from general to narrowly focused)
  • High rating of American education and recognition of certificates and diplomas all over the world
  • The newest training techniques using high-tech equipment
  • The choice of elective disciplines, which allows a teenager to fully reveal his personal and creative potential
  • Practical focus of training
  • Experience of living in a foreign country.

All this makes education abroad , and in particular in Florida, attractive for foreign students. Florida is known throughout the world as a "sunny state". Also in it you can find a huge number of amusement parks, museums, interesting sights and beautiful parks.

Training after grade 8.9

Students who graduated from grade 8 or grade 9 at home can enter high school (9th and 10th grade respectively). In this case, foreign students will be able to fully master the American high school syllabus and recruit credits necessary for entering the university. Depending on the staff and the chosen university, students must earn from 20 to 24 credits.

Teachers also emphasize extracurricular activities, development of the child's creative abilities and sports culture.

The most prestigious schools are private schools , which constitute only a small percentage of the total number of schools (about 10%).

All disciplines are divided into mandatory and optional. The elective subjects the student chooses himself, depending on his goals and interests. At the same time, additional disciplines allow not only to reveal the student's personal potential, but also help him to get acquainted with other students.

Completion of this stage of education is the receipt of a certificate of full secondary education. Students usually pass the SAT I exams (for a certificate) and SAT II (required for admission to prestigious universities).

Top 10 schools in Florida:

  • Pine View School (Pine Forest School)
  • Design and Architecture Senior High (Graduate School of Design and Architecture)
  • International Studies Charter High School (Senior Charter School of International Studies)
  • International Studies Preparatory Academy (Preparatory Academy of International Studies)
  • Westshore Junior / Senior High School (Westshore School)
  • Stanton College Preparatory School (Stanton College Preparatory School)
  • Edgewood Jr / Sr High School (Edgewood High School for junior and senior students)
  • Young Women's Preparatory Academy (Preparatory Academy for Young Ladies)
  • Suncoast Community High School (Suncoast Community High School)
  • Alexander W. Dreyfoos Junior School of the Arts (Alexander A. Dreyfos Middle School of Arts).

The cost of training on average ranges from $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 per semester, depending on the grade of the school.

Training after grade 10

Graduates of the 10th grade can apply for the Advanced Placement (AP) or IB Diploma programs . The AP program is very popular in America.

Advanced Placement is an educational program adopted in the United States and Canada. It is aimed at in-depth study of several subjects and preparation for entering the university. During the training, students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for further education at the university. Estimates that are obtained when passing the relevant examinations can be credited as loans upon admission to the university. Some universities allow students to enter the second year of the university after completing this program.

IB Diploma is an international baccalaureate program designed to help prepare for entering the university. It is a complex approach to the study of objects. Traditionally, students choose one subject from six possible branches of knowledge:

  • Mother tongue and world literature
  • Foreign languages and literature on them
  • Human and society
  • Natural Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Optional items.

This course is perfect for students who have not decided on the university, as it provides comprehensive training in various fields of knowledge.

Training after grade 11

Graduates of the senior school can enter the American university or college (they are equivalent concepts). Prestigious universities often conduct competitive selection and additional tests to determine the level of knowledge of applicants. Also before submitting documents it is necessary to find out at the university which documents are required for admission.

A feature of American higher education is the Community Colleges (Community Colleges), which provide incomplete higher education. The training program in such colleges is 2 years and ends with the issuance of the Associate Degree certificate. For international students, community colleges are interested in the fact that they give the opportunity to enroll at the third year at some universities. This provides significant cost savings for training.

The best universities in Florida for 2017:

  • University of Florida (University of Florida)
  • Florida State University (University of Florida)
  • University of South Florida ( University of South Florida )
  • University of Central Florida (University of Central Florida)
  • University of Miami
  • Florida International University (International University of Florida)
  • Florida Atlantic University (Florida Atlantic University)
  • Nova Southeastern University (University of Nova Southstern)
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (University of Aeronautics Embry-Riddle)
  • Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Institute of Technology).
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