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The Chippendale International School of Furniture

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Description of The Chippendale International School of Furniture

  • Location: Haddington, Scotland,
  • Language of instruction: English,
  • Type of training: mixed.

The Chippendale International School of Furniture is one of the leading schools in modern furniture manufacturing. The institution provides professional courses of varying lengths, in which students will gain valuable skills in designing, manufacturing and restoring a variety of furniture. An experienced team of instructor-teachers and visiting experts provides world-class education and offers a hands-on, engaging, and career-oriented learning experience.

Things to know about

Graduates of the 30-week program are allowed to stay on campus and use Myreside Studios for three years after graduation. This gives them the opportunity to take advantage of the support of teachers, hone their skills and develop a portfolio for a successful start to their careers.

Programs and prices, tuition fees in The Chippendale International School of Furniture

Program name
Ask for calculation
All year round
from 21000.00 £ / 30 weeks
from 21000.00 £ / 30 weeks
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 3500.00 £ / 4 weeks
from 3500.00 £ / 4 weeks
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 850.00 £ / week
from 850.00 £ / week
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year

Accommodation, meals, prices

The Chippendale International School of Furniture has partnered with local landlords who offer a wide range of affordable housing for students. Staff help students find 1-2 bedroom properties within a ten-mile radius of campus. They will also be able to find a neighbor for the student to share the rent.

The average rent in the areas closest to the institution is about 500-600 £ per month, excluding utility bills.

Activities The Chippendale International School of Furniture

The location of the school is perfect for those who like to observe natural beauty. Scottish landscapes, hilly terrain and low rural houses create a cozy atmosphere, and nearby attractions will be able to enrich the horizons of students who come here. During weekends and holidays, students have the opportunity to visit the Scottish Highlands to enjoy some of the most majestic natural beauties of this country.

The largest event during the year is the graduation exhibition. Senior students graduating show their work to current students and invited guests, while holding auctions and direct sales.

Also, master classes are often held on campus under the guidance of invited specialists. The Fine Furniture Guild (FFG) is an independent membership organization established to promote the work and expertise of qualified manufacturers who have successfully completed the world's leading professional furniture manufacturing course. Teachers and staff of the institution strive to shed light on the work of their pupils-experienced craftsmen living in the UK and other countries, and to give consumers and interior designers the opportunity to communicate with them.


  • Excellent quality of education,
  • Support at the beginning of a career,
  • Rare specializations,
  • Partnering with local organizations that provide services for students,
  • State accreditation of all programs.

Facilities and equipment at The Chippendale International School of Furniture

The school's campus is located in the heart of the East Lothian countryside, just a few miles from the center of Scotland's bustling capital, Edinburgh. The study area is at the foot of the Lammermuir Hills, which form the natural border between East Lothian and the Scottish International Border: the area is well known for its beaches and hiking spots.

Within 30 minutes of the school there are more than 20 golf courses, the Glenkinchie distillery, restaurants and coffee shops. The ancient market town of Haddington offers a wide range of social and sports facilities, creative and charitable events. In their free time, foreign students often take lessons on the national instrument of Scotland - bagpipes.

For training on campus, academic classrooms, areas for self-study and recreation, walking areas and workshops are equipped. Each studio has large workspaces that include individual benches and tables for assembly, cutting, design, and other practices.

Admission dates and extra charges

The Chippendale International School of Furniture offers several courses in furniture making. The longest is the 30-week intensive vocational course, organized from October to June: it includes three semesters of 10 weeks and is considered a full-fledged training in the profession.

One of the short courses lasts four weeks and takes place on the following dates:

  • 13 February-10 March,
  • 20 March-14 April,
  • 24 April-19 May,
  • 29 May-23 June,
  • 3-28 July,
  • 7 August-1 September,
  • 16 October-10 November,
  • November 20-December 15.

An even shorter training is organized within one week:

  • 27-31 March,
  • 26-30 June,
  • 17-21 July,
  • 31 July-4 August,
  • September 4-8.

Students can also take a weekend program aimed at an introduction to the profession. Upcoming dates:

  • 10-11 June,
  • 8-9 July,
  • 23-24 September,
  • 11-12 November,
  • December 2-3.

Students must pay a deposit upon admission, which will be included in the cost of the program:

  • 30-week program: £3000,
  • 4 weeks: £500,
  • 1 week: £200,
  • Weekend course: £100.

Additional expenses will also include the cost of accommodation and meals, public transport, leisure and entertainment.

Enrolment process

To enroll in the course, the applicant must fill out a registration application. After its successful submission, future students will be invited for an interview, which can be arranged in person or by phone.

School staff encourage visits to the campus prior to final enrollment, both to familiarize themselves with facilities and equipment and to interact with staff and students. Open days can be held on any weekday at 11:00 or 15:00. 

Within a few days of the interview, applicants receive a written notification of whether the school can offer them a place. If the student agrees to participate in the course, he will need to pay a deposit to reserve a place in the classroom.


Upon successful completion of the training, students receive:

  • Certificate of the International School of Furniture, recognized worldwide,
  • Award accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Body at 8* SCQF level.

Entry requirements, how to apply, what is required to enrol

Upon admission, all applicants must present a package of personal documents: passport, visa or residence permit, medical insurance. A good level of knowledge of English is also required, as classes will be conducted exclusively in it.

Experience in woodworking is not a prerequisite for admission to any of the courses. The programs are designed for a variety of people: from school graduates to bachelors and masters, from those who want to change their profession to retirees.

Institution on the map

Residence permits, citizenship and other services

  • Guardianship services during the studies
  • Student supervision

Review about The Chippendale International School of Furniture

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