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The best universities in the US, the rating of the best universities in America

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The best universities in the US, the rating of the best universities in America

Today the United States is a recognized world leader in quality higher education, along with Britain : there are more than 4000 universities in the country, where tens of thousands of foreigners study. Choose the appropriate institution and specialty, as well as determine the best of them, including the ratings of educational institutions, presented annually by various organizations and publications. US universities are fighting for the title of the best not only in the international arena, but also with each other, since they all have the opportunities for development and growth, and many relatively young institutions are gradually beginning to win back positions from "veterans". The best universities give their students an exceptionally high level of competencies and opportunities: graduates have excellent conditions for the initial device and career advancement, especially since employers are happy to host young professionals from top-lists.

The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR)

The Center for World Ranking of Universities annually presents ratings - both national and international - that objectively assess the quality of institutions and education, based on a large number of indicators. CWUR pays much attention in its calculations to the following indicators:

  • The level of quality of education (including the number of graduates who received various world awards)
  • Promotion on the career ladder and achievements (the number of graduates who held the post of General Director and above is estimated)
  • Qualifications and competence of teachers (the number of teachers awarded with prestigious awards is taken into account)
  • The number and quality of scientific publications, their impact on modern science (as well as citation and the Hirsch index).
  • In addition, the Center draws attention to such characteristics as the number of international patent applications from the university, the number of foreign students and teachers. Data of the Center are guided by many educational organizations and related structures, employers and companies. For applicants, including foreign ones, the rating gives a clear idea of the level of preparation in the best universities in the country. The top 10 list of establishments according to CWUR version includes (in brackets the place in the international rating is indicated):

    1. Harvard University (1)

    2. Stanford University (2)

    3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (3)

    4. Columbia University (6)

    5. University of California, Berkeley (7)

    6. University of Chicago (8)

    7. Princeton University (9)

    8. Yale University (10)

    9. California Institute of Technology (11)

    10. Cornell University (12).

    The Times Higher Education (THE)

    The edition presents a rating of universities according to its own, carefully developed methodology, prepared by experts and specialists of a wide range. The exceptional quality of the evaluation makes it possible to use the data of the publication without fear. The indicators from which the total score is composed include:

  • Academic environment (up to 30% of the total score). This includes: the estimated ratio of students and experts to the quality of teaching, the ratio of the number of students and teachers, the number of students who completed a full course of study, the income of the institution
  • Research: volume, income and reputation (up to 30%). The number and quality of research, reputation and total revenue (number of orders)
  • Citation (up to 30%). The role of research and development carried out by the university is defined in the development of modern science, knowledge and ideas. A big role is played by how many inventions find their application in real life
  • The number of foreign students and teachers (up to 7.5%). Attraction of foreign specialists and students is very important, since a full-fledged development in modern science can not occur without cooperation. The greater the percentage of foreigners, the more likely the university cares about its development
  • Innovations for the industry, application of knowledge (Industry income, knowledge transfer, up to 2,5%). It examines how research and development institutions contribute to growth in certain sectors of the economy, business, industry and other areas of life.
  • In addition to the overall rating, narrower lists are also drawn up: for example, you can look at data for individual sciences or industries (economics, engineering and others) or choose a breakdown by region and geographical area (Europe, Asia and others). Also, you can see the lists of developed or developing countries or states belonging to various international organizations (for example, the rating of universities in the BRICS countries). Top 10 US Universities by THE version:


    Place in the national rating

    Place in the international rating

    California Institute of Technology



    Stanford University

    3 *


    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    3 *


    Harvard University



    Princeton University



    University of Chicago



    University of Pennsylvania



    Yale University



    Johns Hopkins University

    17 *


    Columbia University



    A * sign means that there are two or more establishments in one position.

    QS World University Rankings

    Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) in the recent past worked together with The Times Higher Education (THE), but now makes its own ratings. The indicators for which points are awarded include:

  • Academic reputation (up to 20% of the total score). Expert opinions on the effectiveness and overall organization of the educational process
  • The ratio of the number of students and teachers (up to 20%). It takes into account the total number of people in the group, the availability of individual mentors and other parameters
  • Citation index (Citations per faculty, up to 20%). It is calculated taking into account the total number of teachers and publications, gives a general idea of the impact of university research on the development of modern scientific knowledge
  • Reputation among employers (up to 10%). A huge amount of work is being done to collect and analyze information from employers and companies on the level of training and competencies of graduates of a particular institution
  • The number of foreign teachers (up to 5%) and the number of foreign students (up to 5%). A good university always strives to create excellent conditions for foreigners and for the development of international cooperation.
  • According to QS, half of the total list of the best institutions in the world are in the US. In addition to the overall rating, QS makes classifications for certain disciplines and areas, regions. The main list of American universities QS World University Rankings includes:

    1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    2. Stanford University

    3. Harvard University

    4. California Institute of Technology

    5. University of Cambridge

    6. University of Oxford

    7. UCL (University College London)

    8. Imperial College London

    9. University of Chicago.

    US News & World Report

    The prestigious news publication US News & World Report publishes an annual rating of American institutions on several fronts:

  • Public schools
  • The best national colleges of art
  • The best colleges
  • The best universities.
  • In evaluating universities, the publication in particular uses data on the following indicators:

  • Academic reputation (domestically and abroad)
  • Involvement in international cooperation
  • Citation
  • Percentage of foreign teachers and students
  • The number of doctoral degrees awarded by the university.
  • The US News & World Report rating includes:

    1. Harvard University

    2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    3. Stanford University

    4. University of California, Berkeley

    5. California Institute of Technology

    6. Columbia University

    7. Princeton University

    8. Johns Hopkins University, University of Washington, Yale University.

    In addition to international and national ratings, a kind of a measure of university level is membership in some organizations - such as the "Ivy League", which unites 8 elite universities and is the undisputed leaders in many areas of modern science and knowledge. Members of the Ivy League :

  • Brown University (Brown University)
  • Harvard University (Harvard University)
  • Dartmouth College
  • Yale University (Yale University)
  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University (Cornell University)
  • Pennsylvania University (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Princeton University.
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