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Terms of admission to schools in Australia, the 5 most important nuances

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Terms of admission to schools in Australia, the 5 most important nuances

An excellent solution will be to study at a foreign educational institution : for example, Australian training centers perfectly prepare the necessary environment for schoolchildren from abroad. But the conditions for enrolling in Australian schools are better studied long before "on the shore": this will avoid a lot of unforeseen difficulties, will save time and nerves.

Top 5 requirements for overseas applicants for admission to schools in Australia

Requirement number 1 - age restrictions for foreigners. Life and study in Australia for many children can be a difficult test, and because of this, many schools set age limits for children from abroad. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself in advance with the age requirements and characteristics of the teaching methodology in Australian schools. This is especially significant for Russian children because of the existing differences in the educational systems of Russia and Australia.

Requirement number 2 - language requirements for applicants from abroad. To study in private and public boarding schools, children need to show good language skills, because reading, communicative skills, writing, and listening are simply necessary for finding a foreign language environment for a long period of time. In this situation, a good knowledge of the language becomes the key to a successful life and study in the educational centers of Australia. A school ranking system is very developed abroad, so the centers carefully select the most capable students, who could later improve the school's performance in various tops.

Requirement # 3 - the features of the training system on Australian programs require profound academic knowledge. Good grades in the report card, excellent knowledge of the school program - one of the criteria for admission to a prestigious private school.

Requirement number 4 - financial support of the learning process. Training at Australian education centers is quite expensive + apart from paying for tuition, parents should consider the numerous possible costs: air tickets, registration fees, deposits, possible additional classes, accommodation, payment of a form or textbooks, and much more.

Requirement number 5 - timely submission of documents and, in general, preparation for a foreign school. Preparing for study abroad should be carefully and timely. It is necessary to have up-to-date information on the procedure for admission and the deadline for submitting documents - SMAPSE specialists provide free consultations and keep up to date on the most important nuances covering the most important conditions for admission to Australian schools.

Features of admission to Australia's leading school, Canterbury College

Canterbury College - the top educational institution in which you can get quality training in a full cycle.

  • Age criterion: from 3 years the school opens a kindergarten, the elementary school starts from the age of 6, the middle classes - from 13, the senior school - from 16 years. Foreign students usually live in host families
  • Prices for training: the cost of the programs will be from 20,000 $ AUD per year + registration fee, deposit, service fee, examination fees, air tickets, transfer, medical insurance, visa fees and consular fees
  • Knowledge of the language: it is necessary to demonstrate a sufficient level of language proficiency in an interview with a teacher of the school
  • The academic year in Australia begins in January and is divided into four quarters
  • On a special test to identify knowledge of school subjects, the student should show results not lower than the average.
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