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Teaching children in Toronto, studying a child in Toronto: the cost, reviews

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Teaching children in Toronto, studying a child in Toronto: the cost, reviews

Canada offers a variety of top-end training programs - for students and students from around the world there is a suitable course. Toronto is a major city in the province of Ontario, in which hundreds of educational institutions are popular and in demand due to high-quality training.

The advantages of education in the educational institutions of Toronto

  • Toronto took the fourth place in the ranking of cities with a better standard of living according to The Economist
  • Educational programs for schoolchildren and students are not inferior to European ones, and Canadian diplomas are accepted all over the world and are considered very prestigious
  • Pleased foreigners with reasonable prices for training and prospects after graduation: graduates can stay for a period of one to three years
  • Among the educational institutions of Toronto are many top-notch, who won an impeccable reputation and had positive reviews
  • Toronto's universities are modern research centers that make a great contribution to the development of science. The University of Toronto is known for its success in the areas of medicine, biochemistry, genetics and engineering: insulin was created, a stem cell was discovered, and space satellites were created. Ryerson University is famous for its excellent training in the humanities, and York University is a participant in the development of Mars.
  • Toronto is a city of youth: on Young Street Street, now known as the longest street in the world, students from all universities gather, there are also various tourist attractions
  • The city has a huge number of museums and galleries, music festivals are held on concert venues with the participation of world stars. Living in this city means living a rich cultural life!
  • The city has a very good location and can be an excellent starting point for travel to the US and Canada.

Education system in Canada: forms and types of education

In Toronto, the principles of teaching children and organizing the educational process depends on many nuances. Canada consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories that themselves determine the main issues of education: the language of instruction, the length of the programs, the requirements for applicants - it all depends on the province, therefore in Canada there is not as such a single educational program. A good half of all universities in the country are located in two provinces: Ontario and Quebec. In Ontario, there are English-speaking programs, in Quebec - French-speaking. In addition, the universities of Toronto are endowed with broad rights, because the nuances of admission can also be different.

Before universities, children often go to college: this requirement is not mandatory, but gives certain privileges upon admission.

Students in Toronto have a tense academic life: Canada's diplomas are very prestigious due to high-quality training of specialists, but to get the necessary skills and knowledge will have to work. In order to get a diploma with good results, it's not enough just to visit couples and take exams - you must devote your free time to deepen knowledge.

Educational level


Features of teaching and education

Examples of educational institutions


4-6 years old

Education in kindergartens is paid and optional. The main task of educators is to adapt children to the stresses, develop their independence and responsibility in them.

Compulsory secondary school education

Elementary classes

high school

6-12 years old

12-16 years old

One of the features of the Canadian school can be considered the freedom and independence of students: they do not force you to study here, many programs are offered to choose from. After graduation, students receive a graduation certificate. A pleasant bonus may be the opportunity to undergo training on a three-semester program and thus reduce the time spent at school. Russian children can choose the language of instruction between French or English . Foreigners study on a paid basis both in private and public schools.

Columbia International College , tuition fee starting from 44000 $ CAD

Trafalgar Castle School , tuition fee from 59000 $ CAD

Preparing for the University


Depending on the province, preparatory courses may be mandatory and optional. Among the most popular courses are Advanced Placement (AP), Semester-System, International Baccalaureate (IB).

Upper Canada College , tuition fees starting at $ 62,000

Higher education

18-22 years old

The degrees of higher education in Canada correspond to the graduation established by the countries participating in the Bologna Process: bachelor's, master's, doctoral studies. The bachelor's program lasts 3-4 years, most universities require an internship in a large company. At the end of the program, students do not take final exams, instead they need to recruit certain purely loans.

Master's programs can be oriented either on research activities or on obtaining a certain specialty.

Doctoral studies, or Ph.D. is equivalent to the degree of candidate of science in Russia. Here students study for about two years, take exams and then write a dissertation.

Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning , tuition fees from $ 14,800 CAD (year)

Mohawk College , tuition fees starting at $ 7500 CAD (semester)

Centennial College Toronto , tuition fees from 19374 $ CAD (year)

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