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Teaching children in the UAE, studying a child in the United Arab Emirates: the cost, reviews

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Teaching children in the UAE, studying a child in the United Arab Emirates: the cost, reviews

The main educational institutions of the United Arab Emirates are concentrated in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: the government of the country pays special attention to the education of children and schoolchildren, and in 2010 the reform was carried out to improve educational systems and teaching methods. Also in the territory of the Emirates are educational institutions with educational and educational systems of other countries, for example, the USA , Great Britain , Switzerland and others.

The advantages of studying in the territory of the United Arab Emirates for Russian and foreigners

Favorable conditions have been created for children and schoolchildren to receive high quality education. Bonus training in the UAE:

  • Arab Emirates is one of the best places to stay
  • safe country with developed economies
  • high literacy rate
  • presence of branches of foreign institutes
  • developed system of higher education
  • large selection of programs
  • Graduation diplomas and certificates have a high rating in the international market
  • the opportunity to combine study and beach holidays
  • international environment, English is common
  • advanced teaching methods
  • Internship while studying
  • bilingual education is available
  • possible employment after education.

  • The system of teaching in the United Arab Emirates for children and students

    Legislation provides compulsory education for 12 years: for local residents it is free, for foreign students on a fee basis. There are two types of schools in the UAE: public and private ; earlier, Russians and foreigners could study only in private educational institutions, and relatively recently they were allowed to enter public schools on a fee-paying basis. The academic curriculum of public schools includes academic hours devoted to the study of Arab culture and history.

    Learning stages:

  • preschool education, 4-5 years
  • elementary school, 6-12 years old
  • preparatory school 12-15 years
  • High school, 15-18 years old
  • vocational schools, colleges, from 18 years
  • higher educational institutions, from 18 years.
  • Compulsory education includes three stages: primary classes (6 years), preparatory (3 years) and secondary school (3 years). Kindergartens are often located on the basis of schools, children are taught writing, reading, Arabic, study arithmetic, increase the readiness of children to learn in primary school.

    Prior to schooling, Russian and foreign students take entrance tests: if a student or a student does not have the level of knowledge of the language when entering the next level of training, he will be offered a supporting course in English. An interesting fact: before the children after the 7th grade were divided into classes for boys and girls (and this order is still preserved in some schools), but in most cases now the study is organized on the principle of joint education.

    The United Arab Emirates uses a bilingual education system. In the middle classes of some schools, the training program is structured as follows: one week students learn, for example, in English, and another in French .

    The curriculum in high school depends on the type of education system in a particular school - it can be a branch of a British school or an American school. For example, middle and upper classes in English are available at Repton School Dubai.

    Particular attention should be paid to branches of international higher education institutions in the territory of the United Arab Emirates. Elite and prestigious universities from all over the world seek to open a branch here: Princeton University , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, London School of Economics , New York University and others.

    Universities have a standard training system:

  • baccalaureate
  • magistracy
  • doctoral studies.
  • Among the most popular destinations for higher education in foreign students are:

  • tourism and hotel business
  • banking
  • industry
  • architecture.
  • Linguistic schools and training centers, the best language programs in English and Arabic

    In the UAE, English is very developed: it is actively used in business, many universities teach in English, despite the fact that the official language is recognized as Arabic. During pre-school education and secondary education, special attention is paid to teaching children English.

    Language courses are designed to increase the level of knowledge:

  • literate written language
  • advanced oral speech
  • overcoming the language barrier
  • correct accent
  • vocabulary expansion
  • obtaining grammatical knowledge.
  • Depending on the level of the student's preparation and his desired results, various programs and methods of teaching are available, teachers use effective methods of teaching children to achieve maximum results.

    The following types of linguistic courses are available on the territory of the UAE:

  • standard English classes of varying intensity
  • individual English lessons
  • business English
  • TOEFL and IELTS courses
  • individual Arabic lessons
  • Arabic language courses.
  • Under the program Home Language International, children can learn Arabic, provided that the student will live in the teacher's family and learn the language in everyday life. This is one of the most effective ways of learning a foreign language! In addition to studying for the student will be available entertainment and leisure.

    Scholarships and benefits

    Some universities give their students scholarships that can cover the costs of training in full or in part; the number of scholarships awarded is limited, so it is necessary to apply in advance. In general, scholarships can be awarded for any form of education, but this depends on the capacity of the university and its conditions for students, there are no restrictions on nationality here.

    To enter a higher educational institution, a Russian student should choose one of the ways to enter the University of the United Arab Emirates, since the secondary education system differs from the Russian one and the graduate of the school in Russia can not immediately enter the university. Possible options:

  • transfer after the first year of the institute in his native country
  • the International Foundation
  • The cost of education in the educational institutions of the UAE

  • 6-8 grades from 68000 $ / year
  • 9-10 grades from 76500 $ / year
  • 11-12 grades from 82000 $ / year
  • A-Level program from 22600 euro / year
  • GCSE program from 22600 euro / year
  • program Swiss Baccalaureate from 58,500 euros / year.
  • Prices of language courses:

  • preparation for TOEFL and IELTS from 345 euro / 4 weeks
  • business English from 570 euro / 4 weeks
  • general English from 118 euros / week
  • Arabic lessons from 1250 euros / week
  • Individual Arabic language instruction from 1450 euros / week.
  • List of educational institutions for Russian and foreigners in the United Arab Emirates

  • Repton School Dubai is a partner of an elite British school in Dubai working on a day-visiting system and a full board. Available programs: middle classes, senior classes, diploma of International Baccalaureate Diploma or certificate of Repton Diploma. The campus of the school has an area of 120,000 square meters and is the largest in the Middle East - for children and students there is everything necessary for living, learning, leisure and sports.
  • Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai is a popular Swiss private school in Dubai with a joint type of training; Only to live on the school grounds on weekdays only. Courses for children and students: Swiss Baccalaureate, International Baccalaureate, middle classes in English.
  • Eton Institute Abu Dhabi is a prestigious institute with language courses for Russian and foreigners in Abu Dhabi: English classes in the group, individual lessons, TOEFL and IELTS . Accommodation is available in the partner hotels at reasonable prices.
  • How to choose the best program and school for training?

    Employees of the company Smaps will help to select a foreign boarding school - enrollment of children and schoolchildren for free. We work on partnership agreements with international schools around the world, we help our clients in organizational matters and are ready to connect at any stage of preparation.

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