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Teaching children in the Netherlands, studying a child in the Netherlands: the cost, reviews

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Teaching children in the Netherlands, studying a child in the Netherlands: the cost, reviews

In 2016, the Netherlands is not the first time entered the top list of the best places with a high standard of living and the most favorable conditions for the population. The economy is very developed here, and local people will always be happy to support the conversation in English, as more than 90% of the population is fluent in it. The country of tulips and bicycles will perfectly suit schoolchildren and young students with their way of life, educational institutions have excellent reviews of graduates.

Pleasant bonuses for students who decided to study in Holland

  • non-standard teaching methods
  • interesting and unusual programs
  • international environment
  • value for money
  • permission for one year for employment after graduation
  • friendly local people
  • high average wages
  • combining study and work 10 hours a week
  • one of the most innovative countries in the world
  • developed infrastructure
  • top and top universities
  • instead of expensive public transport - a bicycle
  • local residents support an active lifestyle.

Pre-school, primary and secondary education in schools for children

Pre-school education provides a variety of nurseries, kindergartens, children's centers, which use simple methods of teaching children.

Primary education begins with children from 4-5 years, and the first 2 years of training is carried out in the game in basic subjects: reading, writing, arithmetic. Another 6 years of schoolchildren additionally learn geography, math, history, physics and other subjects.

Secondary education with different principles and methods of teaching:

  • VWO - the program has the highest status: after 6 years of education, students have the right to enter the university for training in the most prestigious and elite specialties
  • HAVO - 5 years of education in the system of general secondary education: after receiving a diploma of HAVO, the student can apply for studies at a higher educational institution for vocational education
  • VMBO - 4-year training on a system that allows students to get a secondary vocational education and get up to speed.

Education in higher education, types of training, academic programs

In higher education institutions, the training system is organized in accordance with the Bologna program and corresponds to the standard:

  • Bachelor's degree 3-4 years
  • magistracy 1-3 years
  • doctoral studies 1-4 years.

You can obtain a profile diploma in the undergraduate program at the prestigious private institute Wittenborg University (Apeldoorn), where you can find specialties in business, management, tourism and hospitality. Training in English.

Graduate and postgraduate studies can be conducted at the popular Erasmus University Rotterdam State University in Rotterdam, where the program is divided into three systems of study: standard, research, postgraduate master's programs. There are several directions available: medicine and health, business and economics, master of business administration, law, social sciences, humanities and art.

Teaching children in English, teaching in a teacher's family

Academic English courses are designed for Russians and foreigners: the organization of training aims to quickly raise the level of the language and help to adapt to the university lifestyle and style of education.

  • You can study in a linguistic course at Stenden University of Applied Sciences (Groningen), where the learning process depends on the chosen intensity and duration of the course: 18 or 36 weeks. The program is available for students from 16 years and helps to prepare for university studies.
  • The program Home Language International offers Russian and foreign students studying the Dutch language with living in a teacher's family. During the week the teacher conducts 10 intensive lessons alone, and the rest of the time the student practices linguistic skills in a natural environment, plunging into the Dutch language environment. Also available is a program according to which the study is carried out by a unique method - the child learns Dutch during leisure and various activities.

Accommodation for Russian and foreigners during education, accommodation types

The selection of housing for the duration of study in the Netherlands should be approached with special attention, since not all universities provide the opportunity to live in residences and hostels of institutions, and sometimes the number of places can be limited.

Available types of accommodation for the duration of study at a Dutch school or university:

  • hotel
  • residence of the school, higher education institution
  • Student houses for 5-6 people
  • host family
  • homestay
  • removable apartment or room.

In the cities of the Netherlands there is a special system Student Stay - specialists assist in the search, selection and registration of housing. Also you can contact Smaps for help: our employees will select the most suitable option for you and help you book for the period of your training.

Organization of training in the Netherlands, unusual forms of training

A unique opportunity is given to the students of Wittenborg University - they have the opportunity to undergo a combined course and receive a diploma with a dual specialization: International Hospitality: IBA Business Administration (Wittenborg University) + Bachelor of Arts (Brighton). In this course, pupils spend the first year in the Netherlands, and the second in the country of choice (Spain, France, Germany), after which the student studies in Germany or Britain and returns to the Netherlands to complete the program.

Get a work visa and stay in Holland after graduation

Students who graduated in the Netherlands have the right to apply for a residence permit to find a job. The permit is issued for one year (the "Job-seeking year" program) - if during this time the student can not find a job, he will be forced to leave the country.

The second option to find a job is intended for those who received a master's degree and left the Netherlands: within three years, graduates have the right to return and seek employment within a year.

The cost of training in various training programs for Russian and foreigners

The price of the courses may vary depending on the prestige of the institution and the intensity of the programs:

  • primary school (International School Eerde ISE) - 20975EUR / semester
  • Secondary school (International School Eerde ISE) - 20975EUR / semester
  • Bachelor's program (Erasmus University Rotterdam) - 6100EUR / year
  • Master's program (Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences) - 12600EUR / year
  • International foundation (University of Amsterdam) - 4600EUR / year
  • doctoral studies (Erasmus University Rotterdam) - 17500EUR / year
  • Academic English courses (Stenden University of Applied Sciences) -3450EUR / 18 weeks
  • Transfer program (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) - 4165EUR / year
  • preparation for the University (Holland International Study Center) -2500EUR / term
  • residence in the family of a teacher in the program Home Language International - from 1280 E UR / week.

If you contact SMAPSE, you will be selected for free by a program suitable for your interests and requirements with the desired form of training. We assist our clients in solving organizational issues: enrolling in a school or university for free, as we cooperate with various international educational institutions.

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