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Teaching children in Florida, studying a child in Florida: the cost, reviews

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Teaching children in Florida, studying a child in Florida: the cost, reviews

America is one of the most educated countries in the world - the education of the local state government, there are both public and private educational institutions. In Florida, you can get a quality education, as well as enjoy a beach holiday in the sunny state, because it is on the Pacific coast. There are always a lot of tourists for whom there are numerous entertainments and a high level of service.

The cities of the State of Florida, where students from all over the world can be trained in international programs and receive education:

  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Boca Raton
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • St. Petersburg
  • Tampa.

Education system in Florida, USA

The main stages of American training:

Additional types of training:

Pre-school education is not compulsory in the United States, but visits to specialized children's centers increase children's readiness for schooling. Visiting centers can be calculated for the whole day or for half a day.

Secondary education consists of training in: Elementary school (5-11 years), Middle school (11-14 years), High school (14-18 years). The diploma of High School Diploma is a confirmation of the receipt of secondary education. In addition, for students from 16 to 18 years, the Advanced Placement program is available, which allows you to study subjects to choose more in depth - this is an advantage for the student with further admission to the university.

Higher education is obtained first on undergraduate programs, and already postgraduate education includes master's, doctoral and MBA programs.

The intermediate stage between the school and the university can be the College (Community College): for 2 years of study here you can get an Associate degree which allows you to get a job. Also after it, students have the opportunity to continue their studies at the university. Pre-university programs are especially relevant for Russians and foreigners: the education system in Russia and America is different, which prevents entry into the American university right after the 11th grade in Russia.

Linguistic courses can be attended both before admission to the US educational institution, and during study, if the level of the language is not enough to understand the program. There are courses for preparation for language exams: GMAT , GRE , TOEFL / IELTS , CAE , FCE , SAT . In Florida, summer camps and schools are relevant: children spend a lot of time in the open air and attend classes with native speakers of English , combining study and leisure, go in for sports, work and travel.

Work for students during and after school

According to the laws of America, Russian and foreigners are allowed to work 20 hours / week during the academic program (this restriction does not apply to vacations and at this time it increases to 40 hours / week). For some vacancies it is not necessary to get a bachelor's degree, 2 years of college education and an Associate degree (vocational education) is enough. A student who started college education does not lose the opportunity after his graduation to continue studying at the university and get a higher education.

Students who study at an F-1 visa program have the opportunity to get an internship in the profession and stay in the USA for 12 months at Optional Practice Training (OPT). For the year you can find an employer who is ready to be your sponsor for a visa for 3 years. For students studying mathematics, engineering, science or technology, there are special conditions that allow them to stay in the country for 24 months for an internship.

Tuition fees in Florida

The price for the program can vary very much in different educational institutions, depending on the type of school, the type of program, the intensity of the classes, the rating of the school / college / university.

Approximate cost of schooling for the year for children:

  • elementary school - from 45000 $
  • high school - 38500 $
  • high school - $ 12500.

Prices for preparatory programs available in Florida for Russian and foreigners:

  • International Year One - $ 22250/2 semesters
  • University Pathway Program - $ 300 / week.
  • Bachelor's degree - from $ 12796 / semester
  • Master's program - from $ 12045 / semester.

Getting a higher and graduate foreign education in Florida:

Language courses for children and adults

  • GMAT - $ 2375/12 weeks
  • GRE - $ 2375/12 weeks
  • TOEFL - 340 $ / week
  • CAE - 4650 $ / 12 weeks
  • FCE - $ 485 / week
  • academic English - 9000 $ / 20 weeks
  • general course - $ 325 / week
  • business English - $ 595 / week
  • Individual training - 80 $ / lesson.

The best schools in Florida:

  • a large selection of linguistic courses in the Miami language school Rennert International Miami : all year round you can improve your English skills, special winter, summer courses and full board accommodation are available
  • The North Broward Preparatory School in Orlando is one of the top 50 prestigious private schools in the United States . Here you can complete a full course of school, starting from primary classes and ending with the program Advanced Placement for high school students
  • New York Film Academy South Beach in Miami provides higher education in two main areas: filmmaking and acting. The bachelor's program is designed for 3 years, the master's program is for 2 years
  • Summer Camp Giles Orlando for children from 8 to 17 years old allows not only to improve the level of English, but also to combine this time with rest - for participants of the summer camp there are numerous excursion and entertainment programs. The camp is located on the territory of the popular Institute of Technology in Florida, Orlando.

Free Study in the USA: Grants, Scholarships

In the US, including in the state of Florida, a large number of universities provide grants and scholarships for their students. Commercial and non-profit organizations also support, for example:

  • Fulbright scholarship program allows you to get a bachelor's grant for a master's degree or graduate students for research, but the participants of the program are obliged to return to their home country after graduation. The program fully covers the costs of training, flight, education, health insurance
  • Global UGRAD - the scholarship allows Russian and foreigners to study one semester at colleges and universities of the USA; participants can be students of the first two-year bachelor's degree courses. Participants in the scholarship program immerse themselves in the linguistic and cultural environment of America, have the opportunity to participate in entertainment programs and public works
  • a scholarship from the University of Florida (Florida International University) provides students with financial support that can cover part of the costs of studying at the university; it is intended for students with high academic indicators.
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