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Teaching children in Cambridge, studying a child in Cambridge: the cost, reviews

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Teaching children in Cambridge, studying a child in Cambridge: the cost, reviews

To date, studying abroad attracts so many opening opportunities. Great Britain is a recognized leader in providing elite educational services. Prestige, deep knowledge, orientation to practice, and also a promising future - that's why children and adults from all over the world come to Britain. Cambridge is an ideal place for these purposes. The city is located an hour's drive from London , but significantly different from the bustling cosmopolitan capital. Here, in a calm, serene and very comfortable environment, students will be better able to concentrate on their studies, and on weekends they can easily visit the capital.

Advantages of studying in Cambridge

  • In Cambridge educational institutions, children will be able to significantly improve the level of language skills: students are completely immersed in the language environment and in the shortest possible time get rid of the communicative barrier. For those who are not completely unsure of their knowledge, special courses for teaching English are available.
  • In this city are the oldest colleges and schools, built in the XII-XV centuries. They represent architectural masterpieces and form a unique image of the city. Great importance in schools is attached to traditions: as in the entire British system of education, Cambridge educational centers harmoniously combine devotion to traditional approaches and adherence to innovations.
  • For schoolchildren and students from abroad, hundreds of academic programs have been developed here, differing in great variety - each college or university seeks to create unique courses, so each program differs from the others in something special.
  • The main principles of education is the provision of the opportunity to acquire the required knowledge and skills, the development of personal qualities. To do this, students of colleges, schools and universities will have to work, devoting almost all their free time to study.
  • The result of a long and serious study will be prestigious certificates and diplomas opening the doors to the world's top companies.

UK educational system: features of education and upbringing

In the UK, there are two educational programs for children: in Wales, Northern Ireland and England, children study on the same program, in Scotland the same teaching methods and educational courses are somewhat different. Children go to public / private schools , pre-school or full-time schools, day schools or boarding schools.

Primary school is an elementary school in which children study for 6 years: in the first class the children go to 5 and finish the primary school in 11. Over this period of time they twice take the SATs exams and pass the basic school subjects such as mathematics, history, English, geography.

Secondary school is the next stage of education, which is divided into several stages:

  • Mandatory stage from 11 to 16 years (the result of studying in secondary school will be the examination and the receipt of GCSE certificate)
  • At the age of 16, the children decide whether they will continue their studies or go to work. To continue the next step will be the A-Level program, which is designed to give in-depth knowledge of core subjects.

Further the children are waiting for admission to the university or to colleges of further education.

Features of study and admission in Cambridge for Russian schoolchildren

  • For children from abroad, the best option is to study in private boarding schools . They solve the issue of living: children in private boarding schools are under constant control and live in comfortable conditions. Typically, such educational institutions provide an opportunity to make the representative of the school the official guardian of the student - thus another issue of custody for persons under the age of 18 is being decided.
  • In order to enroll in the Cambridge school , you must provide a standard package of documents: a certificate from a previous place of study, a medical certificate, a motivated letter, a certificate of passing an international language exam IELTS , etc.
  • Because of the difference in English and Russian education systems, Russian students are recommended to go to schools in Britain after 8.9.10 or 11th grade. This will allow you to adapt to the new academic environment, fill gaps in education (British schoolchildren study for a year more and get a deeper knowledge of core subjects), get a certificate of the British sample GCSE or A-Level. All this will be an additional advantage when enrolling in British colleges and universities , the competitive selection in which is very tough.
  • Another option for overseas students seeking to enter the university of Britain will be the passage of special preparatory courses before the university. Cambridge has a large number of programs: Foundation , Pathway , IB , which are aimed at improving knowledge of core subjects and language skills.

Leading educational institutions of Cambridge: program options, prices and language requirements

the name of the institution



Language Requirements

Average cost of training

Fitzwilliam College

Summer language programs


For children with zero language knowledge and above

From £ 1250 (week)

Magdalene College Bucksmore


From £ 1650 (week)

high school

Culford School

The A-Level Program


Intermediate and above

9456 £ (trimester)

The New Eccles Hall School

Middle Classes


From 6730 £ (trimester)

The Perse School

GCSE Program


From 5555 £ (trimester)

Riddlesworth Hall School

Elementary classes


From 5865 £ (trimester)

Preparing for the University

Cambridge International School

International Foundation



From £ 21,000 per year

CATS College Cambridge

Medics Specialist Program


From 9450 £ (trimester)

Universities and colleges

Cambridge University

Bachelor's program

Master's program


IELTS 5.5 - 6.5

3940 £ (trimester)

From 8370 £ (trimester)

CSVPA - Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts


9920 £ (trimester)

Anglia Ruskin University



From 12,600 £ (trimester)

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