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Teaching children in Brighton, studying a child in Brighton: the cost, reviews

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Teaching children in Brighton, studying a child in Brighton: the cost, reviews

When choosing study abroad, it is worth paying attention to the English city of Brighton . This place attracts schoolchildren and students no less than other British cities due to the following advantages:

  • Here are some of the top colleges in Britain , known for their quality education and qualified teachers. Thanks to a warm summer, a large number of summer language schools are open here, known throughout the world.
  • Comfortable living conditions. Brighton is very different from the capital of foggy Albion: the climate is much more pleasant, there are no fogs, the city is located on the south coast of England and is a real seaside resort, whose beaches are full of locals and tourists during the summer.
  • Interesting and original culture of the city. The impressive Brighton pier, the huge Sea Life aquarium and the Royal Pavilion are some of the most favorite sights of the students.
  • According to the students' feedback, the developed linguistic programs are very effective: they are aimed at studying grammar, vocabulary, and oral speech, and communicative skills. There are all conditions for quality education: equipment with the latest technology, a variety of interactive activities are involved.
  • Language schools and boarding schools provide visitors from abroad with conditions of increased comfort: schools have large dining rooms, modern rooms, own sports grounds, swimming pools, theaters.
  • Teachers use an individual approach to the students, small groups are formed, which ensures rapid linguistic progress.
  • Brighton does not lag behind other cities in England: it is famous for its quality and prestige of teaching, it is an ideal environment for learning English.

List of the best programs and top schools in Brighton


Educational establishments

Average cost of training

Vacation programs

Seaford College


1190 £

(a week)

1125 £

Language school

Sprachcaffe Brighton

£ 400 (week)

Primary, Secondary Education

Cottesmore Preparatory School

7370 £ (trimester)

Pre-university preparation

Brighton College

11,750 £ (trimester)

Higher education

Bellerbys College

University of Sussex

11300 £

11100 £ (trimester)

The system of education: the main educational levels and programs

Name of educational level

Age of child

Diplomas and types of certificates

1. Preschool education


Certificate of secondary education - GCSE

A-level or IB certificates

Diplomas of bachelor, master or PhD

2. The elementary school (Preparatory school)


3. High school classes


4. Post-secondary (professional) education (Further education)


5. Higher education


Training programs, certificates and diplomas of British samples

Often, overseas students go to study in Britain a few years before entering the university : it allows you to adapt to the new environment, master all the necessary skills of the English language and gain profound academic knowledge. In addition, with the certificate of the English school is much easier to do, because there are serious differences in the general education systems of Britain and Russia.

  • GCSE ( General Certificate of Secondary Education): compulsory school subjects and disciplines are studied.
  • A-level is a program for schoolchildren after the 10th grade: there is already serious preparation for the university, profile subjects are being studied.
  • IB (International Baccalaureate) is another program in front of the university that is international in nature.
  • Foundation - a course aimed at improving the language level of future students in higher education.
  • Oxbridge Pre-U is a relatively new preparatory program with in-depth study of subjects developed by Cambridge and Oxford University, which provides successful entry into the leading universities of Britain.

Features of the organization of training in universities

  • At the universities of Brighton , as in the whole of Britain, there is strictness and discipline: there are no concepts of "tails" or "retake", it requires absolute progress in each subject.
  • In universities, they do not force you to study - this is the business of every young person.
  • From the second year, students master time management, attend weekly parties and become members of various communities.
  • An individual approach is one of the main advantages of studying at a university: here every student has a curator who can always be contacted for help.
  • The main feature of English lectures is the discussion: teachers expect fresh participation from the newcomers in the debates and, according to this criterion, they put up scores.
  • Despite the strict academic requirements, an active life position and social life play an important role in building a successful career.

List of requirements for admission to the University of Brighton

  • certificate of language proficiency
  • school certificate, bachelor's or master's degree
  • recommendations from teachers of foreign languages, mathematics and class teacher
  • personal achievements (letters, medals, etc.)
  • essay
  • Interview with a representative of the university.

Opportunities for Russian students

  • Scholarships and grants. In prestigious institutions of Brighton there are scholarships for foreign students, students on bachelor's, master's and postgraduate programs. For example, York University has a program for Russian students with excellent academic achievement (Academic Excellence scholarships), which covers the cost of training for the first year and is $ 5000. There are programs for foreigners of certain specialties - for example, for foreign students at the medical faculty - which covers 25% of the price of tuition for the first two years (Scholarship for international medicine students).
  • Custody . School children under the age of 18 need an official representative in the country (usually private boarding schools offer as their legal representative the guardian).
  • Features of accommodation. Schoolchildren often choose boarding schools, students can also live in a dormitory or rent a student apartment.
  • Work after graduation. In Britain, post-training work visas have been canceled. In order to stay after training, it is necessary to go through a complicated procedure for obtaining permission.
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