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Summer vacations in Vancouver, vacations in Vancouver for children and schoolchildren

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Summer vacations in Vancouver, vacations in Vancouver for children and schoolchildren

Summer vacation for children abroad will make the vacation period unforgettable - staying at the language camp will give the sea of new impressions, will help to learn a lot about the culture of another country, make friends and significantly tighten the language. Why not organize a summer vacation in Vancouver and arrange a wonderful vacation for children and schoolchildren?

Vancouver is the largest city on the west coast of Canada , the most diverse ethnically and linguistically populated point of the country, which is convenient for foreigners: intercultural environment, friendly locals and the opportunity to communicate in several languages attract people from all over the world. Vacations in Vancouver for children and schoolchildren can become both an exciting adventure and a useful pastime, preparation for private schools and universities abroad.

Summer vacations in Vancouver, vacations in Vancouver for children and schoolchildren: advantages of training, key features

  • Language programs for the summer for schoolchildren can be found in both English and French , with varying intensity, pure linguistic and combined directions
  • Preferring Vancouver, you choose an environmentally friendly and picturesque environment for life: the city is surrounded by mountains and coniferous forests, there are many park areas, for example the popular Stanley Park and its embankment among tourists and townspeople. Other famous sights include a large oceanarium, Van Dusen Botanical Garden and Queen Elizabeth Park
  • The climate here is mild, warm, there are few precipitations in the summer months, and the July temperature does not exceed 22 degrees Celsius, so it is very comfortable to be in the summer season
  • And a little more about comfort: the camps of Vancouver have everything you need for living - cozy rooms, spacious dining rooms, sports grounds, swimming pools, libraries, cafeterias and much more.
  • Much attention is paid to ensure that the child feels comfortable in the new environment: the guys are waiting for a qualified experienced staff who knows how to create a hospitable atmosphere for rapid adaptation
  • In summer schools, an individual approach is applied so that the teacher can monitor the progress of the student and give him enough time and attention. An emphasis is placed on the development of a communicative skill - after all, Russian children do not have many opportunities to practice language with a carrier, that's why every student is sought to help to remove the language barrier as soon as possible
  • Classes are held in small groups of up to 15 people, which are formed according to the age principle, and the level of language proficiency is taken into account. Even for children with zero language knowledge, special courses have been developed here that will help to master the basic skills for successful communication in the shortest possible time.

Vacations in Vancouver for children and schoolchildren: accommodation options, meals and conditions for foreigners from abroad

  • Foreign pupils can live in host families and residences. All options are good and have their merits: in the host family the child will be able to immerse himself in the language environment, listen to the native speech of native speakers and practice the language. In the residences the children will be able to spend a lot of time with their peers from other countries, participate in entertainment programs and have fun from the heart
  • The meals are organized in the form of a full board, for children fresh and full meal is prepared three times a day
  • The children will be able not only to study, but also have a great time in the camp: for them unique programs are developed - quizzes, competitions, various sporting events and parties
  • Excursion programs for Russian and foreigners vary and depend on the choice of parents, but as a rule, children are waiting for two excursions during the week (one half-day, the other for the whole day), and on weekends - continuous fascinating trips and excursions and no lessons!

Vancouver's leading and prestigious summer camps: programs and prices

  • Bodwell High School is an elite private school that opens the program "English + rest" for foreign students and Russians in July-August. The camps are located on the campuses of the three largest universities in Vancouver and are well equipped - the children will live in the same apartments where university students live, they can use the entire infrastructure: swimming pools, tennis courts, parks, lawns and much more. The cost of training will be from 4300 $ CAD for two weeks
  • ILAC Vancouver - the leading private school-board offers two programs for children for the summer: "Summer English + activities" and "Summer English for teens". It is noteworthy that only the language part of the school is strictly planned, everything else - shopping, entertainment, activities, excursions - are planned by the camp students themselves. The price of training will be from 350 $ CAD per week
  • St. Giles International Vancouver is an international language school that offers a wide range of programs: there are courses for those who wish to prepare for the passing of international language exams or combine business with pleasure, having a proper rest and practicing in the language. Prices for training start from 361 $ CAD per week
  • LSI Vancouver is one of the most popular training centers in the country: here you can learn English easily and effectively thanks to well-designed programs and a variety of interactive activities. The cost of training will be from $ 1000 CAD per week.
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