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Summer vacations in Lausanne, a vacation in Lausanne for children and schoolchildren

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Summer vacations in Lausanne, a vacation in Lausanne for children and schoolchildren

Lausanne is perhaps the most popular city in Switzerland , which has been considered the cradle of culture for several centuries. The city is in the hills, overgrown with vineyards on all sides. It harmoniously combines architectural masterpieces reflecting historical epochs and modern buildings, add to the uniqueness of the city's appearance the views of the spreading Alps and Lake Geneva.

Advantages of the summer language camps of Lausanne for foreigners

  • Each children's summer camp in Lausanne is equipped with modern equipment, a swimming pool, various sports fields and dance floors
  • The children are offered a wide range of sports activities: tennis, team sports (football, volleyball, basketball), horse riding, swimming, water skiing, squash, fitness, surfing and much more.
  • The entertainment program includes a variety of competitions and competitions, parties and hikes, outdoor picnics and spending the night under the stars
  • The task of the excursion part for children from abroad is to acquaint them with outstanding architectural monuments and to add to the cultural life of Lausanne. The guys go to the theater, to music festivals, visit museums and galleries
  • One of the main advantages of the camps of Lausanne are thought-out linguistic programs that allow you to immerse yourself in the language environment and master communicative and other skills.

Programs for the summer for children from abroad in Lausanne: features, accommodation options, meals

  • In the city a large number of vacation programs and the choice of the option of placement or intensity of the course depends on the preferences of the parents and the goals of the child. Children from abroad can choose to live in a residence on campus or in a host family. In both cases, children are guaranteed care, safe and comfortable. In the host family, the young traveler can truly integrate into the natural language environment, learn about the culture of Swiss families and practice the language a lot. In the residences of the holidaymaker, there is a lot of communication with peers from different countries, interesting social life in the camp.
  • The meals for the children are organized in the form of a full board: fresh and nutritious meals, breakfasts, lunch and supper will be waiting for students in spacious dining rooms
  • Language courses are selected for children in accordance with their level of language, taking into account age characteristics. There are courses for children with zero knowledge of the language, but there are also for continuing or improving their knowledge and skills. There are about 20 lessons per week, which cover all the main language skills: speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar and pronunciation. But all the charm of language camps abroad is that students practice their language constantly. The new information received in the classrooms is sharpened in practice: they are organized for shopping, for the market and for other public places where you can practice the language in a natural environment.

The leisure program of the Lausanne camps usually includes the following activities:

  • Riding in the Rope Park
  • Canoeing
  • Boating on the Lake Geneva
  • Excursions to the chocolate and cheese factories
  • Excursions: Olympic Museum, Chillon Castle
  • Attractions in Lausanne
  • Ascent to the highest mountain in Switzerland.

Leading summer camps in Lausanne: language courses and prices

the name of the institution

The main features of the program

As a result


Champittet College Summer Camp

This is a school with almost a hundred-year history - the date of its foundation is in 1903. Today it is a modern educational institution, all residences have been completely renovated several years ago. The territory of the school is 400000.kv.m. and is a two minute walk to Lake Geneva. The program for children of medium intensity includes 20 lessons per week for 45 minutes. You can choose between English and French courses . A special program of leadership has been developed, which is aimed at developing leadership qualities, independence and ability to take responsibility. Guys are waiting for mountain hikes for the whole day, where they study the nature, light a fire, prepare a barbecue.


From 4250СHF for two weeks

Brillantmont International School

This prestigious international boarding school offers English and French courses for the summer for schoolchildren. The duration of the course is not less than two weeks. In the morning, the guys are studying the language, and the rest of the time they spend relaxing, taking part in camp activities or doing sports.


From 2200 CHF per week

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