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Summer schools in Washington, summer schools and courses in Washington for children and schoolchildren

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Summer schools in Washington, summer schools and courses in Washington for children and schoolchildren

Washington is a very popular city in the field of educational tourism. It opens great prospects for schoolchildren and students in the study of the language and culture of the country:

  • Summer schools in Washington are a great opportunity to improve your English language skills , get rid of the language barrier and significantly improve the communicative skill
  • Thanks to various excursions for foreigners and special programs of language schools, children in a vacation period learn a lot about new countries, make new friends and discover new talents.
  • In Washington, the best language centers of the country are working, the organizers of which are working out thoroughly camp programs. For Russian children, there are many programs, from which every student can choose a summer course to his liking.
  • Summer vacation courses have a combined character: they harmoniously combine academic studies, cultural content and a full rest. Therefore, the time spent in the camp will be spent in vain and, at the same time, the guys in the camp are not exhausted.
  • Studying abroad in a supportive environment will awaken a cognitive interest in studying the language and in education in general.

Best Summer Schools in Washington

  • The summer camp at Georgetown University Summer Camp has many advantages. First, the university is located in the heart of Washington. Secondly, for foreigners a variety of programs have been drawn up, and everyone will find a suitable one for themselves. So, in addition to obtaining a quality education in the field of studying and practicing English, summer camp students can improve their skills in various fields: entrepreneurship, leadership skills, etc. Thirdly, training in the camp at the university is an excellent opportunity to prepare for work and study in the international environment, so the vacation programs of Washington are perfect for students with different levels of language proficiency.
  • Rumsey Hall School offers summer academic programs for students and students who dream of studying abroad. Study and rest in the summer school will significantly improve the knowledge of the English language, fill all the gaps in academic general school subjects. The developed language course consists of 20 hours a week, in addition intensive classes and consultations are offered. The SAT Exam Preparation course is an excellent choice for young people who need academic skills, which would help them enroll in foreign higher education institutions. Entertainment activities are rich and diverse - students are offered a wide range of activities in various sports: swimming, tennis, horse riding, football, basketball. As well as camp students, hikes, walks around the city and, of course, an exciting excursion program are waiting. The cost of training for 5 weeks will be from 8520 $.

Especially it is worth highlighting the program for business leaders, which is created for enterprising young people who dream of creating a career in business and finance. In the program for business leaders confident young people will be challenged: to create their own business project with elaboration of the budget, logistics, financial plan, marketing. Students of the camp will attend lectures and seminars on various topics such as "Analysis and Research", "Logistics + Production Management", "Stable Development and Expansion" and much more. The camp has a great choice of how to spend your free time: sports , active rest and creativity. Tuition for 21 days: from $ 7950.

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