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Summer schools in Geneva, summer schools and courses in Geneva for children and schoolchildren

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Summer schools in Geneva, summer schools and courses in Geneva for children and schoolchildren

Summer schools with children's linguistic programs are very popular in Geneva. This city provides excellent opportunities for a full rest and quality education. This is largely due to its advantageous location: the city is located in the south-west of Switzerland on the shores of the picturesque Lake Geneva, on the north shore is the Swiss Riviera with its fashionable resorts. In 2014, this city was named the best city to live in! Switzerland - a hospitable and calm country, is considered one of the safest in the world. It is perfect for studying French , as it has a lot of French-speaking cantons. Swiss camps are also perfect for learning English : English is widely spoken in the country, every Swiss knows English and every second speaks fluent English. The basic principles of education in Swiss schools are the principles of openness, tolerance and academic rigor.

Summer programs for children of the camp at the school of Doo Leman College

The summer camp at the prestigious school of College Du Leman offers very interesting and informative options for study and recreation for children for the summer. The camp, located in the provincial commune of Versoix, awaits everyone with an age of 8 to 18 years. During the vacation period, there are about 200 students in the college. College Du Leman is very popular and is included in the TOP-10 of the largest schools in Switzerland. The camp is characterized by an exceptionally friendly environment, equipped with a variety of sports equipment - schoolchildren can choose between tennis, football, swimming, basketball, volleyball, etc. The excursion program includes a trip to the famous Chillon Castle. The cost of training in the camp will be from 5700CHF.

During the vacation period, the following programs work in the camp:

1) Summer courses in French, English, German and Spanish for children. The program for foreigners includes various sports and recreational activities, as well as a rich excursion plan. For schoolchildren and students, plans are prepared from 20 lessons per week (5.5 hours per day). The courses are designed for 3 or 6 weeks.

2) Summer program with a scientific bias will tell a lot of new and interesting to schoolchildren from the world of science.

Teaching in the teacher's family

Teaching in the family of the teacher ( Home Language International ) is a special program that guarantees an individual approach and the most comfortable conditions for learning a foreign language. To date, this program is available in 35 countries - and its popularity is growing!

  • During the selected period favorable conditions for living and studying in the family of the teacher are created for Russian schoolchildren and students. The language program is implemented at the teacher's home, which selects a program for foreigners in accordance with their requirements: improve conversational skills, tighten knowledge in the field of grammar and pronunciation, master business English - any task will be accomplished with the help of the best teachers.
  • Regardless of the level of knowledge and age, the student will make the child's stay as comfortable as possible abroad.
  • The courses presume the availability of classes, as well as direct language communication: the teacher here acts as a guide for those who have come abroad. During the walks, he will tell a lot of interesting facts about the city and introduce the traditions of the country.
  • All the nuances of education and accommodation are negotiated - a choice of 10 to 30 hours a week is offered.
  • The cost of one-week tuition with accommodation and boarding meals will be from 1775 €.
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