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Summer schools in California, summer schools and courses in California for children and schoolchildren

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Summer schools in California, summer schools and courses in California for children and schoolchildren

Language schools in California - is studying and vacation in one of the largest and most famous states of the USA! Foreign summer programs provide an excellent opportunity to visit another country, get a unique experience of communication in a multicultural environment and learn the language with native English speakers.

Vacation programs in the US have been widely recognized due to a large selection of diverse courses for schoolchildren, depending on their interests and goals. So, summer programs can be an indisputable help for students who intend to enter American or Canadian schools , take international examinations for English. Summer courses for children and teenagers allow you to get an excellent conversation skills, to get acquainted with the unique nature of the USA and intensive urban life, to spend time on white beaches.

A wide variety of courses and programs will make it comfortable to stay even for children with zero language knowledge, and a constant practice of the language will allow you to get a unique experience of communication in English. In most summer schools in California, students from different countries are trained. Such a multinational composition of students will make learning interesting for Russian children and teenagers, will give an opportunity to find friends from all over the world and learn about culture and traditions of different countries "at first hand".

A linguistic school in the USA for the summer is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique culture of California, increase your knowledge of the English language and get unforgettable memories of the summer holidays! The adventure programs of the language schools of this state will be a real discovery for Russian children and teenagers who dream of seeing the magical natural attractions of the USA.

Best language schools in California: location and attractions

California is the world famous state of America, located on the Pacific coast. In California, there is a huge number of popular tourist cities and leading business, scientific and educational centers of the United States, amazing natural reserves and unique attractions, museums and galleries, cafes and restaurants, as well as top schools.

California is a great place with an amazing climate and plenty of sunny days, which will allow children and teenagers to enjoy the unique white beaches of the state. By the way, some California linguistic schools conduct surf lessons for their students. If your child dreams of conquering the waves under the bright sun, then summer courses abroad will give him such an opportunity! High safety of such lessons is provided by experienced coaches, under supervision of which all classes take place.

In California, the most famous cities with a large number of language schools and courses for international students are Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego. Most summer courses with English language education are held on the basis of world famous universities, leading colleges and elite schools, which guarantees a high level of educational standards. Here is a huge number of attractions that will be interesting to visit everyone:

  • Alley of Hollywood stars
  • Symbol of the world of cinema - the letters HOLLYWOOD
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Disneyland amusement park
  • Lassen-Volcanik National Park
  • Death Valley
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Beverly Hills and more.

The Benefits of Studying in California Linguistic Schools

California has gained wide popularity all over the world not only thanks to its natural and historical attractions, but also to a large number of popular universities and leading scientific centers of the world. Training in this unique state has a number of advantages:

  • High educational standards
  • Interesting academic training programs
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • The latest equipment and excellent infrastructure of summer schools
  • Orientation of training for a student, taking into account the goals and interests of schoolchildren when building a training program
  • Amazing excursion programs
  • A rich program of extra-curricular activities
  • Excellent language practice with native speakers
  • Immersion in the American educational environment
  • Adaptation to life abroad and communication in a multinational country
  • A wide choice of levels and language courses
  • Excellent reviews of parents about summer language schools.

Summer training programs: features and conditions of vacation programs with the study of English.

Admission to the vacation program in one of the best language schools in California does not require any special preparation or more documents. On the first day in the summer camp, children and adolescents undergo a course on language skills, according to the results of which students are divided into groups.

The standard course of English for Russian children in California is to learn the language in combination with a program of rest. California summer schools offer a different number of English lessons per week (depending on the intensity of the course from 15 to 30), in which students can significantly improve basic language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking English), and a wide range of leisure activities. It is unique excursions and trips to the sights of the country make summer courses interesting for foreigners.

Particular attention should be paid to unusual summer programs for future entrepreneurs and scientists, young musicians and actors, beginning programmers and lawyers. Such courses include exciting activities in an area of interest for children and adolescents, which help students to get acquainted with the latest research, visit fascinating trainings and spend the summer, doing their favorite hobby in one of the leading countries of the world.

Prestigious children's camps for foreigners in California: rating

The rating of the leading educational institutions in California is very high in the international arena due to the excellent equipment, unique and effective training programs and qualified teachers.

Top 6 of the best summer schools in California:

  • Summer Camp UCLA Los Angeles (Los Angeles) - a language course that takes place on the basis of one of the best universities in the United States . Experienced teachers and modern teaching methods guarantee high efficiency of language learning, and sightseeing trips will allow children and adolescents to become more familiar with the culture and traditions of the United States.
  • The boarding school Webb Schools offers unique leadership courses aimed at developing all the necessary qualities. Classes in the form of business games, discussion of news, creation and protection of design works will allow students to get experience in presentation and protection of their project, develop a sense of responsibility and much more.
  • The Summer Camp at the University of California offers a wide selection of English courses for children and teenagers. A wide variety of levels and levels of study of the course in accordance with the age of students and their interests will make the activities fascinating for each child.
  • The Idyllwild Arts Academy is a unique art school, with summer courses where students can enjoy a huge number of creative courses and sections: cinema art, choreography, music, ceramics, photography, painting, jewelry art and much more.
  • The summer camp at the University of California, Berkeley, ranked high in the educational ratings of the United States due to advanced teaching methods and high results of its students. The vacation program is aimed at improving the basic skills of the language, as well as acquaintance with the culture and main attractions of America.
  • Kaplan San Diego Summer Camp belongs to the international network of English language schools Kaplan, which guarantees a high level of language learning. The summer course for children and teenagers involves the study of spoken English, as well as a rich program of recreation - a variety of extra-curricular activities, a wide selection of creative, sports and scientific circles and sections, interesting excursions.

Tuition fees in summer schools in California

The prices for training depend on the prestige of the chosen school and the duration of the course. The average cost per week is from $ 1500 to $ 2000.

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