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Summer programs for students in the US, summer schools for teenagers in America

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Summer programs for students in the US, summer schools for teenagers in America

A lot of students want to combine their studies in the US and summer vacations, because here you can find the most elite and prestigious educational institutions that are members of the TOP around the world. A wide range of summer programs make it possible to choose the necessary intensity of the course and its duration, and all universities, schools and colleges differ in their status and variety of programs.

Location of major US universities

Available US educational institutions for Russians and foreigners are located in the best of 50 states: in any corner of the country you can find a university with organized programs for students.

  • For those who want to live in a warm climate, we recommend the south of the USA. The following popular universities are located there: University of Virginia, University of Miami, University of Florida, Duke University, University of Alabama, University of Kentucky and Georgia Institute of Technology and others.
  • In the west, the USA is divided into two main regions: Pacific and mountainous, the weather here is dry in summer. Programs are available for Russian students at the top universities: Washington University, Stanford University , California Institute of Technology, University of Arizona, and others.
  • In the midwestern United States, the climate is temperate continental. Summer program can be done, for example, at the University of Chicago.
  • For those who like the humid continental climate, the northeastern region of the United States will suit. Here are the famous Ivy League universities and other equally famous US educational institutions: Princeton University, Boston University , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University , Pennsylvania University , Brown University, Cornell University , etc.

Summer programs for students in the US: directions and opportunities

A variety of summer programs will allow each student to achieve their own goals:

  • language classes
  • Preparation of admission to foreign universities and colleges
  • to get an additional education
  • business English
  • preparation for exams, such as TOEFL / IELTS
  • sports schools
  • adventure camps
  • creative camps.

Summer Schools in the USA

A variety of summer programs for students in the US are not limited to language courses, as many are used to think. You can prepare for an international career thanks to the summer schools:

  • school of journalists
  • school on sustainable management of climate change
  • design and art
  • international law
  • business, management and finance
  • evidence study
  • anatomy and physiology, and others.

Leisure during the training programs

Many programs for foreign students plan to combine study with travel around the country: this will allow the participants of summer programs to better immerse themselves in the linguistic and cultural environment of America. A great role in linguistic progress is played by the fact that you will daily communicate with native speakers, hear the correct American language in everyday life, and learn the features of slang.

Accommodation, prices and cost

Almost always in the cost of the summer program for students includes the price for accommodation, but it is possible and self-accommodation according to individual requirements. Often, schools and institutions help to find suitable housing.

  • apartment of affiliate programs
  • host family
  • rental apartment
  • student residence on the campus of the university.

If you dream of moving to the US to work or study, then participating in the summer program, you get the time and opportunity to learn the necessary information. For example, visit the university of your dreams and personally find out everything about admission, find potential employers. Some summer schools give a unique chance to earn points for further admission to the institute.

There is no doubt that the language schools will be equipped with the most modern equipment for conducting classes. It is the American universities that annually fall into the top of the best universities around the world and receive the best feedback from their students.

Students who have already completed the training course note the high quality of education and the high level of training of American teachers. The knowledge that young people receive during the summer program is always relevant and contributes to the development of new interests and goals: students gain friends around the world, have fun in their free time.

Summer program in the US can be selected for any budget. Investments in their own training will pay off in the future, as students discover the opportunity to participate in international projects and have connections around the world. During his stay in the US, each student will increase his knowledge and develop a conscious motivation for further education.

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