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Summer intensive Spanish in Spain for children and schoolchildren

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Summer intensive Spanish in Spain for children and schoolchildren

It has long been known that the best way to learn a foreign language is to immerse yourself in a new language and cultural atmosphere. The best Spanish textbooks and manuals will not replace a student of live communication with native speakers: only in the process of continuous active communication he will be able to learn "live" rather than book language, overcome the language barrier, learn how to communicate without difficulty and communicate with foreigners. The best option for such effective training will be a summer intensive Spanish course in Spain for children and schoolchildren.

Many schools and universities in Spain offer vacation programs for children and schoolchildren, allowing only a couple of weeks of intensive training to bring the Spanish to a new level. In such summer camps, language, adventure and academic aspects are closely intertwined, which makes the program really rich. As a rule, summer schools operate on the basis of educational institutions with high ratings and excellent reviews. Summer intensity in Spanish in Spain for children and schoolchildren can have a variety of directions and is suitable even for children with zero language skills.

Advantages of summer intensities in Spanish in Spain

  • Summer camps at prestigious schools in Spain are distinguished by the fact that students completely immerse themselves in the language environment and improve their knowledge in the shortest possible time;
  • Teaching staff - qualified teachers with many years of experience, who are native speakers;
  • Spanish schools offer unique programs that combine intensive study of a foreign language with sports: tennis, horse riding, football;
  • In the summer programs , the emphasis is also on the cultural component, students attend the many attractions of Madrid, Barcelona and other cities of Spain. Visiting cultural sights and walking around the city create a favorable environment for consolidating the theoretical material received in the lessons in the camp;
  • Intercultural environment stimulates the removal of the language barrier and communication with children from different countries. The favorable atmosphere allows students to quickly master the conversational skills, since the emphasis is on communicating children among themselves: for this, various creative group tasks are created that stimulate the development of communication skills, for example, the creation of a video in a foreign language.

Summer intensive Spanish in Spain for children and schoolchildren: features, types of programs

The start of summer language schools in Spain is at the end of June: this is due to the fact that Spanish children also attend summer camps at the end of the school year, which falls just at the end of June. Closure of camps occurs in early August. Summer vacation in the Spanish camps also enjoys fame among American and British parents.

Training in Spain on vacation involves the following options:

  • Summer program for foreign students with residence in the summer camp residence, teaching Spanish, as well as various leisure activities;
  • Visiting morning classes and subsequent activities, accommodation is organized independently with parents (day form);
  • Visiting only foreign language lessons in the morning (part time training).

For those who choose accommodation in residences, comfortable living conditions are provided: spacious rooms for 2-4 people, board meals, lounges, sports grounds, swimming pool and much more.

Summer intensity in Spanish for children and schoolchildren in Spain usually takes place in small groups of 10-12 people. The number of lessons in intensive courses ranges from 20 lessons of 45 minutes a week, usually in the morning. For children who attend the day camp, the program is provided for the whole day: from 8 am to 8 pm (that is, study + rest, language classes plus leisure activities - they do not fall out of the extra-curricular active life). For those who attend only English lessons, the time spent in the camp is approximately 9 to 14.

In addition to a rich academic program for children, there is at least one popular excursion for the whole day and several for half a day. Also in the camps are provided comfortable conditions for the development of various sports: surfing and windsurfing, canoeing, football, basketball, tennis and many others. Great attention is paid to acquaintance with the Spanish, famous for its mesmerizing sea and city landscapes.

In their free time, various performances are prepared in the camp for children, in which they can take part directly, flashing their talents: musical and theatrical shows, talent contests.

Variants of summer intensities in Spain

  • Language School Don Quixote in Barcelona has developed a linguistic program for intensive acquisition of the Spanish language, which provides a harmonious combination of summer holidays and study. The cost of two weeks of training will be from 1500 €.
  • Sotogrande International School (SIS) in Estepona is a busy and exciting life, sport and creativity. Unique methods that make it possible to achieve significant progress in a short time. The cost is from 2500 € for two weeks.
  • IH Madrid specializes in intensive Spanish courses. The teachers of the camp have developed a unique program combining interactive and communicative approaches - from the very beginning the students of the camp begin to speak Spanish. Accommodation is possible both in the host family and in the hostel. The cost is from 1200 € per week.
  • Teaching in the family of the teacher Home Language International means living and teaching in the teacher's family. The mentor will select an individual program that will best suit the student's requirements. The cost will be from 1020 € per week.

Our company will select you and your child an intensive program with the study of Spanish for the summer holidays. With our help, you can choose a summer intensive Spanish course in Spain for children and schoolchildren of the appropriate level and subject with the best prices.

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