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Summer Intensive English in Malta for children and schoolchildren

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Summer Intensive English in Malta for children and schoolchildren

Malta is a great place to spend a vacation in the Mediterranean, combining study and leisure. The island has many diverse language schools and camps for Russian and foreigners. Especially popular are short-term intensive courses for schoolchildren and their parents: a summer intensive English course in Malta for children and schoolchildren will help in just a couple of weeks to speak English.

Malta is famous for its hospitality, high quality of life and excellent climate. Another plus for children and teens who study English , will be what almost every resident of this country says on it. This will provide an excellent practical experience.

Educational institutions are located on the seacoast. According to the reviews, the day on the island reigns calm and cozy atmosphere, allowing you to intensively dive into the summer intensive English in Malta for children and schoolchildren, and in the evenings for students organize recreational activities. In walking distance from schools there are shopping centers, cafes, cinemas, sports clubs, creative studios, historical sights.

With all students there are certified teachers, native speakers of English. In all summer schools there is a benevolent atmosphere, a multicultural and multinational environment.

Peculiarities of summer intensities in English in Malta

Students are divided into groups according to the level of language proficiency, which is determined by testing. Classes are held from Monday to Friday before lunch. An intensive program involves 20 to 30 academic hours of English per week. To ensure that students are not tired of a rich program, the lessons are conducted in an interesting dynamic format, including oral exercises, computer programs, participation in debates and discussions, preparation of personal projects, research and much more.

Guests of summer language camps can choose the type of accommodation:

  • Residence. In this case, all the children live in the same territory, in single, double or triple rooms. In the building there are laundries, halls for games and recreation, security systems. The staff is always ready to help with solving the emerging issues. All students are provided with a balanced diet several times a day, there is the possibility of choosing a special plan or diet;
  • Host family. With this type of accommodation, foreign guests spend the day in class, but live in the house of the host family. This option allows you to get to know the culture and traditions of the country most closely, as well as practice real life on everyday topics. All host families undergo qualitative selection;
  • Apartment / hotel. Typically, this option is used when choosing summer intensity in English in Malta for children and schoolchildren together with parents or a teacher.

For those who want to fully immerse themselves in the cultural and linguistic environment, we advise you to choose accommodation in a host family - this will ensure daily communication with native speakers and full immersion in the traditions of local residents.

For those who want to make many new acquaintances and have the opportunity to spend maximum time with their peers, a variant of accommodation on the campus of the camp is suitable.

Many schools in Malta also offer a format only for learning without living. This option will be ideal for students who like to travel with their family and do not need a boarding school. The child is trained in the morning and afternoon, and in the evening his parents take him away, which makes it possible to relax perfectly and at the same time bring up practical experience and theoretical knowledge of the English language.

The cost of studying and living in language camps in Malta ranges from 575 € per week.

Summer Intensive English in Malta for children and schoolchildren: the best camps and schools, reviews, ratings, prices and prices

  • Chamber College Malta actively uses modern educational methods, the latest technology and equipment and even developed its own concept of teaching English as a foreign language. Here, students from all over the world are offered effective, balanced combined programs - from a wide variety of courses each student will be able to choose the suitable option for himself. All pupils are accommodated in host families, which are carefully selected and constantly supervised by school staff. Students are provided with a full board meal (breakfast, dinner, lunch box), cozy triple rooms, fully furnished and equipped with everything necessary, and the road to the school building will not take more than 5-15 minutes. The cost ranges from 575 € per week.
  • Inlingua Malta is a well-known language school offering an effective summer intensity in English for Malta for children and schoolchildren, as well as adult students (for example, parents). The course with an intensity of 20 lessons per week is aimed at those wishing to improve their language skills. Adults learn English on the basis of traditional educational materials, materials from the media. The program includes interactive exercises in the form of discussions, trainings, etc. Children learn the language in a playful form. They are engaged with experienced teachers who are able to organize the educational-game process so that it gives the most effective result. The lessons of parents and children take place in the morning at the same time. After lunch, we offer joint leisure programs. Organize the rest of the program students can also independently. The cost ranges from 350 € per week;
  • IELS LAL Malta with a program for children with or without parents, with a standard academic load of 25 hours per week. It allows you to choose for the child the course and direction of language learning that best suits his interests. The program is available in two types: standard and complex. The latter provides for accompanying the school specialists during entertainment, excursions and other events. The cost is from 321 € per week.

Our company will select you and your child an intensive program with the study of English for the summer holidays. With our help you will be able to choose courses in Malta of the appropriate level and subject with the best prices for them.

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