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Summer Intensive English in London for children and schoolchildren

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Summer Intensive English in London for children and schoolchildren

Intensive study and leisure in one of the English-speaking capitals of the world is an amazing combination of language learning and exciting adventures, as well as an excellent opportunity in just a couple of weeks to get an experience of studying abroad. Summer Intensive English in London for children and schoolchildren will be an unforgettable trip, combining study and rest in the best proportion!

Most often, children and adolescents see on the pages of their textbooks London , it's their sights that they learn in English lessons and it is he who is associated with learning English from everyone. Language camps in London offer a wide range of intensive programs for their students, suitable even for children with zero language knowledge.

Multinational camps in London offering summer intensive English classes in London for children and schoolchildren with few Russian children will allow the child to immerse themselves in a different language environment and get a unique experience of spoken English.

Advantages of summer intensities in English in London

  • Unique academic programs based on British traditions and innovative teaching methods;
  • Highly qualified teachers, able to make even the most intensive training easy and exciting;
  • High rating: most camps operate on the basis of world famous elite educational institutions;
  • Step to enroll in a foreign school , college or university : Many vacation programs in London are aimed at preparing students for admission to a British educational institution. Such educational programs allow you to get acquainted with the criteria and methods of teaching, as well as learn the traditions and cultures of the country;
  • Modern equipment and comfortable residences: children have the opportunity to use the latest equipment and feel the student atmosphere of the best educational institutions;
  • Communication in a multicultural environment: during training, children and adolescents can get acquainted with children from different countries and find friends from all over the world;
  • Full immersion in English: a vacation in the camp, where there are few Russian children, will allow you to get an excellent practice in spoken English;
  • High level of security: London is a quiet city, and 24-hour childcare is organized in the camps, which is confirmed by parents' positive feedback.

Summer Intensive English in London for children and schoolchildren: features, types of programs for the summer

Intensive programs for children and schoolchildren in London are ideal:

  • For children who want to develop their English in a short time;
  • For students who are going to enter the British school;
  • For graduates intending to enter an English university;
  • For beginning scientists interested in programming or designing robots, etc.

For students and children offer different options for living - a residence or a host family. The first traditionally implies accommodation in double or triple rooms with full board. This is the most common option for living during vacation programs. In this case, the child is around the clock under supervision. Meals are usually organized on the basis of a full board.

The second option - the host family - allows the child to become more familiar with the culture of the country in everyday life. A casual conversation during breakfast or dinner will give an opportunity to practice your English with native speakers, which will have a big impact on the formation of the accent.

Some summer camps also offer full-time education, which is suitable for children traveling with their parents: in this case, students can attend all classes and some extra-curricular activities.

Many parents worry that the summer intensive in English in London for children and schoolchildren will not allow teenagers to rest. But despite the richness of the course, most of the lessons take place in a game form, which allows children not to get tired of studying.

Variants of summer intensities in London

  • Studio Cambridge Sir William is a very famous language camp in London. Here there is a complete immersion in the language, cultural and student environment. Summer program students can adjust according to their own needs and desires, including to choose an intensive course, which includes 28 hours of language per week. At the end of the camp shift, the guys achieve amazing results: they master the skill of speaking, better understand oral English, improve grammar and vocabulary. Tuition fees: from £ 1890 for two weeks;
  • The Cambridge summer camp at Abbey College Cambridge offers summer English courses and medicine classes. This is an excellent option for those who are going to enter medical schools. The course is not limited to theoretical classes in medical disciplines - the boys will go to the best clinics in Britain and get acquainted with famous doctors. The cost of such an intensity is from 3,500 £ for two weeks of training;
  • The prestigious Balliol College Oxford Royal offers a wide range of programs for teenagers. Except English, children can intensively study physics, chemistry, cinema, programming, finance, engineering and much more. The guys can also prepare for testing SAT and IELTS in special courses. The program costs from 4295 £ for two weeks;
  • The camp at the University of Brunel University offers interesting summer programs full of adventure spirit. Here they not only learn English, but also get acquainted with Britain, immerse themselves in the cultural environment of the country. The program of the Super London Discovery consists of a series of excursions around London and its environs. During the summer period, the university is also preparing for the Trinity exams. The cost of vacation in the camp is from 885 £ per week.

Our company will help you and your child to choose an intensive program with the study of English for the summer holidays. With our help, you can choose a summer intensive English course in London for children and schoolchildren of the appropriate level and subjects with the best prices.

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