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Summer holidays in Salzburg, vacation in Salzburg for children and schoolchildren

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Summer holidays in Salzburg, vacation in Salzburg for children and schoolchildren

Salzburg is a small picturesque city in north-central Austria, located on the banks of the Salzach River, near the northern foothills of the Alps and the Bavarian (German) border. The historical center of the city with its rich combination of art and architecture was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996. A unique combination of a picturesque alpine landscape and architectural wealth has shaped Salzburg's reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Being the birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg is considered the center of orchestral and chamber music and is the founder of the world famous annual Salzburg Festival.

A fabulous vacation in Salzburg for children and schoolchildren

Salzburg is surrounded by the incredible beauty of the Alpine mountains on one side and the late Renaissance architecture that passed through the war on the other. In such a breathtaking place, the American International School AIS-Salzburg - the elite preparatory boarding school for students of grades 7-9 - has opened its doors. Founded in 1976, AIS-Salzburg prepares outstanding international students for successful studies at the university and abroad, offering a rigorous academic course, a rich and diverse social and cultural program, small classes (three foreign students have one teacher). Elite educational institution intentionally does not expand the circle of foreign students, supporting their number at the level of about 100 students. This gives the training a more individual approach and forms an atmosphere in which each student feels personal support from the teachers.

The school curriculum is regularly re-evaluated and updated by the school administration, the teaching staff and foreign specialists. AIS policy, its teaching materials and approach to learning are in line with most prestigious accredited independent schools in the United States and around the world. The main language of instruction in the school is English, and most of the teachers and staff are US citizens and native speakers of English or German .

The summer language program at the American International School-Salzburg provides intensive courses in German or English for students aged 10 to 19 years. The summer language program is designed to improve the language skills, students in German or English for 2-6 weeks. Duration of training can be at your choice 2,4 and 6 weeks. For classes of children, a foreign language in the class is given 25 hours a week. Each program includes a variety of cultural and entertainment activities and excursions. Also in their spare time children have at their disposal access to sports facilities and Olympic-level platforms, fitness halls, dance classes, climbing sections. The school employees in turn are responsible for the welfare of foreign students outside the academic hours, for organizing and managing all trips and activities.

All students are accommodated in the dorms of the school. Rooms can be double, triple and quadruple, equipped with shower and toilet. In order to ensure security and maintain order, one employee of the school lives on each floor. In addition to classroom instruction, students of the summer language program have a rich selection of daytime, evening and weekend activities and excursions. The location of the school in one of the most beautiful cities and regions of the world provides exciting activities and excursions to foreign students and children of all ages.

The cost of training includes 100% of the cost of the summer program, taking into account the transfer, and ranges from 2,090 euros for two weeks. All expenses for activities, excursions, training, food, food and transportation are included. Students of the summer language program can have pocket money only for their personal expenses.

High level of education in the elite school AIS-Salzburg opens its graduates access to colleges and universities of Great Britain , continental Europe, the Far East and the whole world.

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