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Summer camps in Washington, children's camps in Washington

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Summer camps in Washington, children's camps in Washington

Summer camps in Washington offer children unique study and rest programs, which combine different aspects of high-quality quality education, which are necessary for a modern student:

  • Innovative teaching methods will significantly improve the English language: experienced teachers will make learning interesting and memorable, and the student will be able to get rid of the language barrier and learn fluent speech
  • Passing education in the language schools in Washington , children will have an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with American culture: the capital of the United States will be able to tell a lot of new and interesting information about the culture and history of the country. Children will visit the National Mall, the National Aerospace Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, the Capitol, the White House, various art galleries
  • In many camps, the program includes lectures and practices to improve entrepreneurship skills, develop leadership skills, help in preparing for work and studying in an international environment. In addition, the teachers of the camps offer to learn something new from mathematics and computer science, logistics, finance, to master new academic skills useful for studying abroad.

The leisure program for children in the children's summer camps in Washington

  • In Washington, children have a wide choice of leisure activities: under supervision of educators, walks are organized along the streets of the city, a rich program for viewing cultural places
  • Entertainment and cognitive activities are organized on the territory of the camps
  • Departure to Baltimore, walks around Georgetown
  • It is very popular to visit the huge Six Flags America amusement park, where you can find the best roller coasters on the entire coast!
  • The students have a great choice for sports: games and competitions are held in paibsball, football, lacrosse and basketball.

Accommodation and training in summer camps in Washington

  • On school campuses for foreigners comfortable rooms are prepared, where children live together with their peers
  • There is a boarding three meals a day
  • Access to computer classes, free access to the Internet
  • Close to the city center, children can easily reach local cafes, cinemas and shops
  • Training takes place in small groups (from 6 to 10 people), thanks to which teachers can pay more attention to students and more closely monitor its success. You can also engage in fishing, swimming, horse riding, large and table tennis.
  • The University of Georgetown opens the doors of a summer camp for children from 14 to 18 years old. Children are offered not only the study of English , but also the acquisition of new knowledge about doing business, so teaching at Georgetown camp will be a real gift for future business leaders dreaming about their own business and successful managerial career. The student is expected to study in the following subjects: finance, financial accounting, logistics, accounting, production management. The training period in the camp is 21 days, the cost is from 7950 $.
  • Rumsey Hall School offers summer academic courses for those who are eager to receive education abroad, since here, in addition to a foreign language, there are classes in subjects from the school list. English is given 20 hours a week, but for those who wish additional ESL lessons are conducted (the program "English as a second language"). Students age: 8-15 years. The cost for 5 weeks is from 8520 $ per week.
  • Academic summer camp Rumsey Hall School also offers an interesting program for preparing for the SAT exams in a calm, not stressful environment. The main goal of this course is to expand the knowledge on the academic subjects of the school curriculum for the successful passing of exams. The cost for five weeks will be $ 13,500, and the daily form of education without accommodation will cost $ 6,000.
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