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Summer camps in Toronto, children's camps Toronto

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Summer camps in Toronto, children's camps Toronto

Toronto is the largest and most popular city in Canada , located on the shores of Lake Ontario, while it is also recognized as the cleanest and quietest. Dozens of colleges and universities in Canada are located in this city, so Toronto is suitable for those who plan to study abroad. Universities of Toronto can bravely compete with educational institutions of New York and London.

Features of children's recreation in the camps of Toronto

In the choice of children's study and leisure Toronto can offer a safe and environmentally friendly environment in which the time spent will benefit learning and health:

  • School students and students in Toronto are waiting for exciting foreign language lessons (usually French or English ), while linguistic programs are adjusted to the age of students and their level of language proficiency. Experienced teachers offer a game form of education for younger children, and older students will receive a rich academic program. For children with zero knowledge of the language, there are also programs developed by experienced teachers.
  • The programs of many camps in Toronto are specifically designed to familiarize themselves with foreign educational standards. The main objectives of the summer courses: prepare students for entrance examinations to higher educational institutions abroad , help in adapting to the new environment.
  • For sports in Toronto there are all conditions: the local nature will allow students to get acquainted with water sports - windsurfing, rafting, kayaking. The camps are equipped with all necessary sports equipment.

Top language schools in Toronto

  • College Columbia International College offers language courses combined with an excursion and entertainment program. The duration of the program varies from 3 to 4 weeks. Here pupils are offered to prepare intensively for entrance examinations to universities abroad, and also help them get acquainted with foreign culture and feel themselves to be real citizens of the world. For each student an individual plan is developed, which makes it possible to develop comprehensively. The cost of a three-week training will be 4250 $ CAD.
  • Summer School of St. Giles Toronto is a popular choice among parents. For children's full rest there is everything you need: the location in the park area, the conditions for a comfortable stay, a variety of activities and excursions. The program allows you to plunge into the educational environment of Canada, get acquainted with its culture. The cost per week is 1800 $ CAD.
  • Village Camps Trinity University is a summer camp with learning English. The course consists of 20 academic lessons in the morning, and at other times for the students organized entertainment activities: guided tours of Canada's main attractions, including a trip to the famous Niagara Falls, visiting national events, playing sports. The cost of training for 3 weeks will be from 3550 $ CAD.
  • The Metropolitan Preparatory Academy opens the doors of its summer camp for children from 12 to 17 years old. Classes are given 5.5 hours a day on weekdays, and the rest of the time students are engaged in sports, participate in recreational activities and visit the sights of Canada.
  • Summer Camp Michael's City Residential Campus is located in the historic district of the city full of scenic spots and interesting sights. In the organization of summer holidays in the camp, teachers are trying to create conditions for maximum immersion in the culture of Toronto: for this purpose, camp students take part in numerous national events in the city, where they can communicate with the residents of the city, learning the specifics of the mentality, becoming more confident and independent. The cost of a three-week stay is from 3550 $ CAD.

Living in summer camps Toronto

As a rule, in prestigious camps in Toronto, children live in comfortable residences. The rooms are equipped with all necessary furniture and appliances and are designed for 1-2 people, there are rest rooms, Internet cafes and laundries. Children are offered three meals a day with a large selection of Canadian cuisine in a large cozy dining room.

On the territory of Toronto schools there are large sports grounds with a variety of sports equipment.

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