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Summer camps in Madrid, children's camps in Madrid

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Summer camps in Madrid, children's camps in Madrid

Today Spain offers modern summer programs for study and recreation for children. The country's educational institutions are gaining popularity, today Spain is the third European educational center after Britain and Germany . The educational system of Spain is constantly developing in accordance with high international standards in the field of education and meets all modern requirements.

Advantages of the summer camps in Madrid:

  • Summer camps at the Madrid schools have a reputation for quality educational institutions, whose students completely immerse themselves in the language environment and improve their knowledge in the shortest possible time
  • Teaching staff - qualified teachers with many years of experience, who are native speakers
  • Madrid schools offer unique programs that combine learning a foreign language with sports: tennis, horse riding, football
  • In summer programs, the emphasis is also on the cultural component, students attend the many attractions of Madrid
  • Madrid summer camps are close to entertainment and commercial infrastructure - in their spare time students can go on walks around the city.

Features of language courses in Madrid:

  • Summer camps in Madrid await students and students who want to reach a high level of the Spanish language, to master practical communication skills. Teachers with years of experience in summer camps seek to show the characteristics of the Spanish language, to teach students to feel lexical subtleties, which contributes to the development of linguistic intuition and motivates to a deeper knowledge
  • Intercultural environment stimulates the removal of the language barrier and communication with children from different countries
  • Visiting cultural attractions and walking around the city create a favorable environment for consolidating the theoretical material received in the lessons in the camp
  • Extra-curricular time is devoted to acquaintance with the capital of Madrid, visiting theaters, museums and galleries.
  • At the OISE Madrid language school, language courses are designed for teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18. Linguistic programs are practical, experienced teachers of the camp will help to achieve high results in language knowledge, there are courses on business English. Also in the camp are entertainment and leisure activities. Accommodation - in host families or in a residence. Half board: breakfast and dinner in the family. The cost of 2290 €.
  • IH Madrid specializes in intensive Spanish courses . The teachers of the camp have developed a unique program combining interactive and communicative approaches - from the very beginning the students of the camp begin to speak Spanish. Accommodation is possible both in the host family and in the hostel. The cost is from 1200 € per week.
  • Enforex summer camp invites schoolchildren from 5 to 18 years old. The choice of combined programs: English + tennis / football / horse riding, there are also courses in Spanish. The summer camp is located in the territory of one of the most prestigious schools in Madrid, well equipped and equipped - it has everything you need for a full-fledged children's holiday: comfortable rooms, computer classes, sports infrastructure. The cost for 2 weeks starts from 1590 €.
  • Teaching in the family of the teacher Home Language International . This unique program involves living and teaching in the teacher's family, as a result of which the student will receive maximum attention. The teacher will select an individual program that will best meet the student's requirements, intensity and duration - also at the choice of the student. In addition, the vacation program for schoolchildren program suggests almost luxury living conditions. The cost will be from 1020 € per week.
  • The summer camp at the popular elite boarding house Colegio Montfort demonstrates the highest quality of educational services. The boarding school is included in the TOP-5 of the Madrid schools and TOP-7 of the best private educational institutions in Spain. The camp offers several programs to choose from, which can be identified as: "Fun Holidays in July" (full of interesting English lessons and adventure activities), a language immersion course, "Spanish for foreign students". The price is from 2200 € per month.
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