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Summer camps in England, summer language camps in Britain

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Summer camps in England, summer language camps in Britain

Summer language camp in England is an excellent way to spend a vacation and improve the knowledge of a foreign language for children, schoolchildren, teenagers and students from different countries. The duration of summer training courses can be 1-2 weeks or all three months. In Britain, there are a large number of summer camps and schools where different training courses are offered for foreign and local students. This can be linguistic, adventure, linguistic, vacation programs and many others. Quite popular abroad educational centers, combining with the study of English language sports, creativity and other activities.

Children's language camps in Britain - study and rest

In England there are many language centers , camps and schools. In the summer, most take place on the basis of boarding schools . This makes it possible for students to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a real English educational institution and to imbue with its color. We will talk about language camps that are on the top list of the best and popular among Russian and foreign students:

  • Bede's School English Plus . Summer program for the study of English for children and adolescents from 12 to 17 years. The camp is organized on the basis of the private educational institution Bede's School. The campus of the school is located in the suburbs of Eastbourne, an hour and a half drive from the nearest international airport (Heathrow). The minimum duration of the course is two weeks. The curriculum includes 22.5 hours of English weekly. Students of the English Plus program can be students with a language level from A1 to C2. In addition to the educational process, the children will receive a rich extracurricular program.
  • Bradfield College . The summer camp at the Bradfield College offers training courses for students from 8 to 17 years old. All students are divided into two age groups 8-13 years and 14-17 years. The school is located in a picturesque suburban area, just 40 minutes from Heathrow Airport. The summer curriculum includes 15 hours of English weekly. Experienced teachers use their educational methods for different age groups of students. A diverse extracurricular program helps students of a language camp to practice their knowledge not only in the classroom, but also outside it.
  • Millfield School . This is an elite English private school, widely known for high academic performance of its students. To study on the summer program, children, schoolchildren and teenagers from 12 to 17 years old can enter Millfield School. Here the guys are waiting for first-class conditions for study and living. The curriculum consists of 15 hours of English each week + activations. This includes additional English with preparation for international examinations, a sports academy, an academy of arts, etc.
  • Oxford Royal Academy Summer Camp . This is a summer program for learning English , organized on the basis of one of the colleges belonging to the company Oxford Royal Academy. This language course is designed for high school students aged 16-18. The duration of the training is two or four weeks. The program is designed in such a way that its participants can get a certain result in a short period of time. At Oxford Royal Academy courses, young people can feel themselves part of one of the world 's most famous universities - Oxford .

This is not all schools and language camps, which will be available to foreign and Russian students in the UK. A detailed list of training centers can be found on our website.

Learning in the language camps in England - the learning process and conditions

Despite the fact that the number of language camps in the UK is quite large, the daily routine in each of them is approximately the same. Before lunch, students devote time to learning English, its main aspects: grammar, writing, reading, listening and speaking. Depending on the intensity of the course, lessons take from 15 to 25 hours per week. In the afternoon, language camp students can devote time to sports or classes in creative sections and circles. If the camp is thematic and involves, in addition to learning English, the involvement of pupils in additional activities, then the second half of the day is devoted to the chosen type of activi. The students study from Monday to Friday, and on weekends students relax and attend excursions. Each language camp is trying to organize an exceptional program for its students, so they will be waited for by various social and entertainment events.

For a foreign student to be trained in an English language camp, he does not need to know the language perfectly. Language schools are perfect for children with zero language knowledge. On the day of arrival, each of the students undergoes an introductory testing, according to the results of which everyone is divided into groups with students of a similar level. Therefore, if the child is not very confident in the language, do not worry - during the training, he can already improve the starting level. We also recommend choosing for school and camp, where there are few Russian children, then the student will not have to use his native language.

During the summer camp training on vacation programs, the guys usually live on the basis of private schools - on campus there are residences for students. Here, young people are placed 1-2 in the room, the boys are separate from the girls. Host families are also offered to accommodate students. Each of the options has its advantages: in the first case, the student will always be among peers and new friends in a student atmosphere. The second option for sure will have to taste lovers of home comfort - the atmosphere + delicious food. In both cases, the students will be completely immersed in the language and will be able to receive an excellent experience of communication with native speakers of a foreign language.

The cost of training in language camps in Britain: rating, reviews, prices

Since there are a large number of schools and language camps in England, the price range differs depending on the location of the school or training center, as well as on the status - leading camps in English abroad are more expensive. In general, the price range of training in a language camp in Britain is between 300 and 1000 pounds per week. The price is also affected by the chosen method of accommodation (residence or host family), additional options (thematic activations) and much more. In any case, the options are sufficient to select a training center that suits the needs and financial capabilities of each foreign student. There is also an additional expense item related to the preparation for the trip - speech on the documentation (insurance, visa, etc.). Also this is the purchase of air tickets in both directions + pocket expenses for the student. Still, in the summer holidays abroad, there is something to do and what to look at, so the last point will definitely not be superfluous.

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