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Summer camps in Cannes, children's camps in Cannes

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Summer camps in Cannes, children's camps in Cannes

French summer schools are very popular for study and recreation abroad: the summer spent here will remain in the memory of vivid memories, and will also bring great benefit in terms of educating children and students. After all, teaching in French language schools is not only the study of language, but also an invaluable experience of living and teaching in the international environment, communicating with people from different parts of the world, and acquaintance with the heritage of European culture.

Language schools in France and summer camps in Cannes

In France, language schools operate in Paris, Antibes, Averon, Nice and, of course, in Cannes. Despite the fact that French is the official language of the country, some schools have English language courses that are not inferior to American and British vacation programs. In Cannes, in the southern part of the country near the Côte d'Azur, the best language schools of the country are located, which have great popularity. For foreigners, excellent programs have been drawn up here that will allow schoolchildren to enjoy the warm Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful climate, the picturesque nature, as well as modern entertainment infrastructure, festivals and events.

Types of camp programs, accommodation options and prices

About programs. To choose a linguistic program for Russian schoolchildren and students will not be difficult due to the great choice and flexibility of the courses:

  • The programs of round-the-clock camps presuppose residing in the camp territory, constant supervision and unobtrusive control over students, board meals, training and participation in entertainment and excursion programs. The day program is suitable for children traveling with their parents
  • During the day, students will enjoy interesting academic lessons and fascinating leisure time
  • In addition, the camps can offer only foreign language lessons that do not involve living, eating and school activities (full-time form)
  • There are also special courses that combine the course with learning a language and mastering at a professional level a certain type of activity - sports, creative, etc. For example, the programs "Language + Tennis" or "Language + Football" are very popular.

Variants of accommodation. Accommodation is possible both on the territory of schools and in host families. Host families live near summer schools - it takes 30 minutes to get home from the camp. Meals are organized boarding.

Prices in camps vary - the cost depends on factors such as:

  • The location of the camp (in the city, in the center or in the suburbs)
  • intensity of studies (number of lessons per week)
  • type of residence (in residences or in host families)
  • duration of the program (one week or more)
  • a leisure program (the number of exit excursions for a full day or for part of the day)

The best camps in Cannes

  • Topo summer school for foreigners Center International d'Antibes Atoll has a wide range of options: an all-inclusive program, a day camp, a clean language course, preparation for exams, an individual program and a family program. The family program is a unique course for children and their parents (parents and children are engaged separately, but live together). French courses are designed for both children with zero language knowledge, and for advanced students. Lessons are held in the morning hours (20 or 26 lessons per week), and then students will find a rich entertainment program: adventure hikes, parties, events and excursions. The cost of training in the camp is from 1015 € per week.
  • Another very prestigious and popular camp of the Rivera French Institute has many positive reviews and high ratings. English or French is studied in a calm and comfortable environment under the guidance of experienced teachers, native speakers. Much attention is paid to the development of a communicative skill, although in general the training involves mastering the main language skills in a complex. The excursion program of the summer camp is full of various cultural events: visits to museums, exhibitions and galleries. The cost for two weeks will be from 712 €.
  • The international network LINES is the leading summer school, which is located on high places in the rankings and tops of the best language schools in France. During the holidays, foreign programs for teenagers starting from 16 years begin to work. They are expected not only intensive course of the French language, but also fascinating and useful electives. Students can choose from such programs as Business English, Best in the UK, Fashion Design, Magazine Publishing and Writing Skill, Health and Fitness, Popular Music, and much more. The cost of training will be from 3950 € for 2 weeks.

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