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Summer camps in Berlin, children's camps in Berlin

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Summer camps in Berlin, children's camps in Berlin

Summer vacations are a large amount of free time for your child, which must be properly organized. For teenagers, primary school children and students, a useful and exciting time spent - a trip to summer camps in Berlin : this is a 100% immersion in the environment of the studied language, preparation for the next stage in your life, the opportunity to increase your interests, contacts, and broaden your horizons.

Why summer camps in Berlin? Advantages of the children's camps in Berlin and Germany

Germany is a state with a thousand-year history, a prestigious high-level education and ancient culture. Berlin is the capital of Germany, a green cosmopolitan in the heart of the country with a lot of lakes and parks, with an excellent choice of children's summer language camps, an excellent level of teaching the German language. A language camp is an opportunity for your child to relax, raise the level of the German language, meet their peers and spend time with pleasure and benefit.

Even before the beginning of the training, all children are tested for distribution to groups according to the level of language skills. Groups are small, from 10 to 12 people, which allows each participant to give enough time and individual attention, especially since the number of academic hours per week is quite large - from 20 classes, and in intensive programs and more. To the main language courses you can select additional classes for your child according to his interests and taking into account his desires, learn something new.

Courses for children and schoolchildren: types of summer camps in Berlin

In summer, for those wishing to visit language camps, courses for students in Germany, the following program options are offered:

  • Language and sport. This program is designed to combine students studying one of the languages (English German, French) and playing sports: football, horseback riding, volleyball and other options
  • Language and creativity. In this case, adolescents combine language learning with painting, music, dancing.
  • Language and culture. In this combination, participants can count on an in-depth study of the culture of the country and language, visiting historical sites in Germany
  • Preparation for examinations of the international format with trial texts: IELTS , DALF , TOEFL , DELF , ZDaF. Having received such a certificate, the holder can continue his studies abroad (which is especially important for children aged 16-18 years).
  • A large selection of programs implies the possibility of training teenagers, children and students of any level of preparation, from beginners to children with a good level of knowledge. The language camps for the summer vacation are designed for children from 7 to 18 years old, when they are divided into groups, all the features of knowledge and preferences of children of a certain age are taken into account.

    The best children's camp in Berlin: choose wisely

  • DID Deutsch-Institut , Berlin. Excellent language school near the Brandenburg Gate for children aged 14-17, with accommodation in rooms for 2-4 people and full board. In addition to languages, emphasis is placed on sports activities. The program provides for training until 12 noon, after which sporting events, film screenings, shopping, competitions, visiting of sights of Berlin and nearby cities (Potsdam, Frankfurt) are held.
  • Humboldt-Institut Berlin-Zentrum , Berlin. The language school for studying and living youth in the center of Berlin is designed for teenagers aged 15-18. There is a wide variety of training programs, including intensive ones (with emphasis on correct accent, development of communication skills, expansion of vocabulary), designed for 3-6 weeks of stay. The excursion list includes visits to key places in Germany and Austria. Accommodation in comfortable rooms for 3-4 people on a full board basis.
  • Alpadia Berlin-Werbellinsee is a language school an hour's drive from the German capital, surrounded by forests by the lake. This is a comfortable campus with beautiful views from the windows, rooms for 2-3 people and programs designed for children from 10 to 17 years. In addition to teaching the language, the courses are supplemented with classes in two versions - sports and sightseeing. The sports block includes badminton, swimming, handball, football, excursion component is also carefully worked out and planned in advance, and independent walks in the park zone pleasantly diversify the rest.
  • Language Center German Language School (GLS) . The center of Berlin with a cozy campus for young people from 16 to 18 years with options for accommodation in the family or residence (on the territory of the residence there is the possibility of settling in a luxury apartment). A large number of programs, training in small groups, taking into account all the features of the level of knowledge. Language courses are complemented by excursion, club leisure, shopping, which is a pleasant diversification of the process of schooling.
  • Summer school German Language School - branch of the famous German school GLS, mentioned above, but there are programs for children from 7 years already. A convenient campus is located near Lake Zeuthen, the picturesque corner of Berlin. The school accepts children of any level of preparation. On the territory of the campus there are sports facilities and a fitness center, which allows supplementing the mainstream sports activities with tennis and football. We offer 3 meals a day and accommodation in comfortable rooms for 2-3 people with all amenities.

  • Our company will offer you and your child the best programs of training, stay, vacation abroad for the summer holidays, with a full and partial boarding house, various additions to the main programs, information support, additional services and best prices for them without intermediaries.

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