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Summer camps in Austria, children's camps in Austria

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Summer camps in Austria, children's camps in Austria

Summer vacations in a children's camp are a unique chance to combine learning and traveling. Study and rest in Austria will provide children and teenagers with wonderful memories, a sea of emotions and new acquaintances with their peers from around the world. For a child, a trip to Austria will be an unforgettable adventure, and parents will be given a sense of confidence and tranquility, as Austria is one of the safest countries in the modern world. The excellent location of the children's camps and unique natural landscapes is another reason to go to study in this amazing country.

In Austria there is a huge number of excellent vacation programs with the study of English and / or German. Summer schools and camps can significantly improve all language skills - speech, grammar and listening. A wide variety of different programs (adventure, traditional, scientific, sports, creative, etc.) will allow children with any hobbies to find a program appropriate to their interests and goals. Even a child with zero knowledge of the language can feel comfortable in the camp due to the variety of groups that are formed after passing the test in accordance with the level of knowledge.

Location of children's camps in Austria

Austria is a unique country with ancient culture, beautiful nature and a huge number of famous sights. This country is associated with Vienna, its capital, but in Austria there are many more magnificent cities that are worth visiting. For example, Salzburg, the "musical capital" of Austria ", known for being held annually here as a festival-concert.

Also for children interested in hiking or exploring nature, Austria will be an excellent choice. After all, this is an amazing land with a huge number of clean lakes and majestic mountain slopes.

For lovers of city paintings, Austria also provides a wide selection of cities with unique architecture and amazing sights. Each city of this wonderful country is interesting and attractive in its own way.

The advantages of learning the language camps in Austria

Go on a summer vacation to one of the camps in Austria - this is guaranteed high results in training and magical memories.

The advantages of recreation in this country include:

  • High level of safety and a high standard of living, which guarantees comfort for each student
  • High level of educational programs and educational institutions
  • A wide range of interesting excursions and trips
  • Modern infrastructure and equipment
  • Experienced teachers
  • Excellent student feedback
  • Unique atmosphere
  • Some camps give an opportunity to visit other European countries as part of excursion trips
  • Compared with other countries in Austria in summer camps, where few Russian children, language practice is much more effective.

Children's camps in Austria: courses

Training programs in Austria offer a variety of English and German courses:

  • Traditional, when the focus is on developing the language skills of students and the excursion program to the main attractions of the country.
  • Adventure, in which children and adolescents can enjoy the country's nature during various hikes, climbing or going down the river in kayaks and much more.
  • Creative, which will help children find themselves in music, acting, and art, will help them learn how to correctly interview and so on.
  • Sports, where the attention of students is divided into language learning and improving sports skills (tennis, football, basketball, swimming, etc.).


In most cases, summer camps in Austria give their students the option of accommodation in a residence or hotel. Usually students live in cozy rooms for 1-2 people.

Some camps allow older students to live in a hostel that is located outside the campus. In this case, the students themselves get to the hostel.

Leisure activities

Interesting extra-curricular activities and excursion trips will make summer vacations fascinating for children and teenagers.

After classes, students have the opportunity to play football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and much more. Some leisure activities are available only in certain summer camps (for example, learning a movie or riding) - we will always help to select thematic summer camps in Austria!

The list of excursions in the language camps in Austria is extensive and depends on the location of the camp.

Camp Rating in Austria

The linguistic camps in Austria have received wide recognition all over the world and are highly rated.

Top 5 best language camps in Austria:

Cost of education

Prices for training depend on the duration of the program. The average cost of training in Austria for the week is 1000-1200 €.

The tuition fee usually includes the selected course program, study materials, accommodation, language level test, course completion certificate, leisure activities and excursions.

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