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Summer English for kids in Wheelock College Summer Camp

Wheelock College Summer Camp
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There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year


Summer training program (summer camp)

  • Dates: June 23 - August 11
  • Age: 11-13 years and 14-17 years
  • Number of English lessons per day: two 40-minute and two 60-minute lessons per day
  • The number of hours of English per week is 16.67.

The summer English language program is aimed at increasing the knowledge of the spoken language, gaining confidence in one's own abilities and developing basic language skills, including listening, reading, writing, grammar. Experienced teachers use the game form of conducting classes, which makes lessons fascinating for students. For example, students create a variety of skits and videos. During the training not only teaching aids are used, but also additional training materials - a variety of video and audio programs, the Internet and others.

Training is divided into two parts - morning classes and afternoon activities.

Students take part in morning classes from Monday to Friday. Morning classes are compulsory and included in the price. Morning classes go in 2 directions:

  • Semi-intensive English course
  • The course of entrepreneurship.

Semi-Intensive English Course is suitable for students with any level of English. During the training, students will learn grammar rules with the help of communicative methods of instruction, improve their pronunciation, and will also receive the practice of spoken language.

As part of the development of communication skills, students:

  • Will provide an overview of the tourist dictionary and idioms
  • View short clips
  • Discuss / read about new places to visit
  • Diversify their vocabulary and take part in the debate
  • Participate in group work
  • Create routes and presentations as a guide
  • The debate "Tourism is good or bad" and much more.

The business course is suitable for students with a level of the language not lower than Advanced (Upper Intermediate). Before the beginning of the classes the students pass a test for knowledge of the language. The available dates for starting classes at this course are June 30, July 7, July 14 and July 21. This program is aimed at improving students' skills not only in English, but also its application in business negotiations and business meetings.

Afternoon activities take place in one of 4 directions:

1. The classical program. As part of this direction, students can enjoy the variety that the summer camp offers through various cultural, sporting, sightseeing and shopping activities.

2. The program prepares for the university helps prepare for the SAT and TOEFL tests, as well as learn the skills necessary for admission to the American university. In addition, students will be able to visit local universities and learn how to write the correct essay.

3. The sports program will allow students to devote time after lunch to sports - football, basketball, baseball and other activities. In Boston are located some of the best sports teams in the world: Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins. Also within this course, sstudents will visit the sports museum and some sports events.

4. The technical program will allow students to gain practical experience in modern advances in research and development. Students will also be able to visit the science museum, do computer programming, visit the Harvard Laboratory and much more.

The cost of the program per student is:

  • 1 week - $ 1745
  • 2 weeks - $ 3240
  • 3 weeks - $ 4710
  • 4 weeks - 6105 $
  • Additional week - 1505 $.

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Program name
Check with our specialists
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year


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