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Study in Russia for foreign students

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Study in Russia for foreign students

For motivated foreign students, education in Russia is the first step towards a promising future: in view of the high need for highly qualified specialists, the educational sector in the country is constantly evolving, in line with international standards. The country's prestigious educational institutions offer studying in the following qualifications - depending on the starting education, a student can apply for an appropriate degree:



Duration of study



4 years



2 years



up to 3 years

The educational system of the Russian Federation combines high-quality education and research: popular universities in the country have equipped laboratories and research schools, providing wards with the necessary resources for high-quality academic education and professional activities.

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The advantages of studying in Russia for foreign students

For foreign students, education in Russia is a good example of the optimal combination of price and quality, and graduates of local top universities are appreciated all over the world. The most popular in the country are specialties in the field of medicine, IT-technologies, natural sciences and mathematics.

The main advantages of studying, which annually encourage foreign students to come to the country to study:

  • Prestigious higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation are famous for their highly qualified teaching staff: for example, at Moscow State University more than 2500 teachers with a doctorate degree and 1000 professors work with students.
  • The research centers of leading universities are famous for more than 100 discoveries and developments - today this area is actively funded and supported by grants.
  • The prestigious universities of Russia have high competition in the international educational market due to the developed research and development activities, which allows students to get a powerful academic base
  • The buildings of top universities are located in the city center, which allows students not to spend a lot of time on the road, and the well-developed infrastructure - cafes, libraries, lounges - makes the learning process most comfortable for international students.

Higher education in Russia: specifics of education for students

Top Russian universities offer foreign students to receive first-class education in Russia. Education is most often conducted in Russian, so before starting classes foreign students need to take a preparatory course, the duration of which is up to 10 months. Documents must be submitted no later than two months before the start of studies. Classes at the preparatory faculty involve the study of the Russian language and specialized disciplines, depending on the chosen direction. Graduates are awarded a certificate giving them the right to apply for admission to most universities in the country without passing entrance exams. To enter the faculty of pre-university studyind, a student must provide the following documents to the selection committee:

  • photocopy of passport
  • certificate of education translated into Russian/English .

If the studying program will be held in English, the applicant does not need to take a preparatory course, but the necessary package of documents must be submitted well in advance of studies.

For foreign students wishing to get higher education in Russia and applying for a bachelor's degree, it is necessary to provide a certificate of completed secondary (professional) education. When submitting documents to the magistracy, the student must have a diploma testifying to the end of the bachelor's program or higher professional education.

Applications for academic programs are accepted from March to July; the academic year starts on September 1. General preparation, starting from applying for admission to the course, takes up to 45 days: with a positive decision, the university makes an official invitation to the student, whose validity is 90 days - during this period, a foreign student must submit documents to the Russian embassy for a student visa.

Education in Russia for foreign students: what do you need to get a student visa?

A foreign student applying for a quality education in Russia must submit documents for applying for a student visa immediately after receiving an invitation from the university:

  • Passport valid for at least 1.5 years
  • Invitation from the university
  • Completed application form
  • Education document
  • Medical certificate indicating the absence of HIV infection at the applicant
  • Proof of payment for the curriculum.

Education in Russia and work for students

While studying in state Russian universities, foreign students have the opportunity to work in the territory of the Russian Federation: for this it is necessary to apply for a permit at the Migration Service, after which a student can begin to work.

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