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Study in Rome for Russians - the cost of studying in Rome for Russians

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Study in Rome for Russians - the cost of studying in Rome for Russians

Living in Italy and studying in Rome for Russians and many foreigners today becomes a workable dream. Rome is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world - millions of tourists come every year from all over the world to admire the treasures and masterpieces of Roman art and architecture. The capital of an ancient republic and empire, whose army and administration led the Western world in the Middle Ages, left indelible impressions, concentrating in itself the physical and spiritual center of the Roman Catholic Church and the legacy of artistic and intellectual achievements. The eternal city to this day remains a political capital, a religious center and a memorial of the creative flight of thought of great architects and artists.

The Italian classification of levels of education has similarities with education in Europe, so the training for Russians in Rome is structurally the same as in neighboring Spain or Portugal. In Rome, educational institutions are divided into three levels:

  • Primary School
  • high school
    • scuola media: 11 to 14 years old,
    • Higher education , obtained in universities or higher schools and academies for 3-5 years.
    • scuola elementare: from 6 to 11 years,

    Classes in general schools are conducted in Italian , so it is better to start studying in Rome for Russian children with a preliminary study of the language at the initial level according to the programs of summer camps. The cost of studying for vacation programs in Rome for Russians averages from 1800 € per week. According to parents and teachers, preliminary language development in an international environment abroad gives the child the opportunity to minimize emotional stress when adapting to study in an Italian school. There are private schools that accept Russian and foreign students to study in academic programs of the 9th-10th grade for training in Rome.

    Professional training in Rome for Russian and foreign students and applicants

    According to the rating, the most prestigious private school in Rome is St. Petersburg. Stephen's School , which was the first school in Italy to adopt the prestigious international standard of academic programs International Baccalaureate (IB). Today the school accepts into its walls Russian and foreign students at the age of 13 years for various academic and language courses. Among them, Russians enjoy the special popularity of the Italian vacation course for children with zero language knowledge. The key difference between the summer language camps in St. Petersburg Stephen's School - in their creative direction to develop new talents and ideas in an international environment in close interweaving with Rome, its history and the richness of architecture. This is an excellent combination of leisure and study for creative fidgets and fans of non-standard adventure holidays!

    To the attention of Russians and foreigners are offered academic studies in small groups of Italian or Latin languages, the development of creative writing and elegant style, the study of Roman architecture and art of the Renaissance, the topography of Rome and full-fledged lessons of fine art in the artist's studio. The school attracts top specialists in the creative fields, so that these unique in its structure programs leave the best impressions about vacation abroad. Creative courses are available for pupils and students from 13 to 18 years. The cost of training a two-week vacation program for Russians is 3000 €, including the cost of accommodation.

    Training in Rome for Russians: unique programs in Italian for foreigners

    For Russian and foreign students over the age of 18, the prestigious Leonadro Da Vinci school year-round admission to academic courses ranging from business correspondence courses to programs to study the characteristics of Italian cuisine and wines.

    For example, you have long been inspired by architectural organic forms of Zaha Hadid or you need to strengthen your knowledge of the Italian language in the construction industry. In Leonadro Da Vinci school there is an academic program of architectural Italian, which addresses the issues of standard project documentation in Italian, the restoration of historical heritage sites and discusses modern technologies. The cost of studying for Russians (4 weeks of classes in March or August) starts at 1425 €. Accommodation is paid separately and the school facilitates the search for apartments, if necessary.

    Whatever your choice, academic training programs in Rome will be an excellent investment in the development of personal potential and professional qualities. In the Eternal City everyone will find their source of inspiration, and experienced teachers will help to spend time allocated for training in Rome for Russians, with benefit and pleasure.

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