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Study in Florida for Russians - the cost of studying in Florida for Russians

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Study in Florida for Russians - the cost of studying in Florida for Russians

Studying abroad for both schoolchildren and students will be an excellent opportunity to gain valuable life experience abroad. Schools, colleges and universities of the United States occupy the leading places in the ratings as the best for qualitative education.

The state of Florida is in the southeastern part of the US on a peninsula washed by the Gulf of Mexico on the one hand and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. The largest cities are Miami , Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville: in each of them there are dozens of prestigious educational institutions in which foreign students are waiting for numerous academic and linguistic programs.

The benefits of studying in Florida for Russian

  • Qualitative programs, prestigious certificates and diplomas are one of the main goals of students who come to the USA from all over the world
  • US educational institutions receive financial support from the state and private individuals: thanks to large financial investments, all educational centers have well-developed infrastructure that positively affects the quality of education
  • The American education system has distinctive features: practical orientation, comprehensiveness, leadership development and competitiveness development
  • In the state of a soft, very comfortable climate, beautiful beaches and many attractions - to live and study here is a pleasure!

Up-to-date information for applicants to Florida schools and colleges

Admission to American schools is not a simple task: here the student can face tough competitive selection, where the level of academic preparation and the degree of language proficiency can play a decisive role. Therefore it is advisable to start the training in a timely manner

  1. Which school to choose? There are many public and private schools in the country - foreign students usually prefer studying in private boarding schools . Choosing a private boarding school, you solve a lot of organizational issues: where the child will live, who will be his official representative. Pupils are under constant supervision, which is also important. In schools of this type, children learn in small classes - this effectively affects their academic performance, because the teacher can give more attention to students and track their progress. Therefore, graduates of private schools have deep academic knowledge, pass exams with high rates and easily enter the top universities of the country.
  2. Features of teaching in American schools. Perhaps the main nuance is the difference in the educational systems of Russia and the United States: American schoolchildren spend one year in the school and have the opportunity to undergo advanced Advanced Placement. AP, or Advanced Placement is a serious and focused preparation for entering the university: here the guys study profile subjects at the level of the first year of the university and have great advantages at admission.
  • Requirements for applicants:
  • Submit a form
  • A copy of the report card for two years
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers (preferably in mathematics and English)
  • Help from the bank on solvency
  • Medical information
  • Personal achievements.

Perhaps the student will be waiting for an interview or testing.

When enrolling in a Florida university, the difference in the teaching systems will be crucial, because of which a schoolboy from Russia can not act immediately after the end of the national school. Students after grades 8, 9, 10, 11 go to the States to get an American high school diploma: this is an excellent option that will gently adapt to the new language environment, tighten knowledge and by the time of admission to the university to be confident in their knowledge and language skills . Another way is the passage of a special preparatory program, which in Florida is very in demand and is very popular.

Requirements for admission to the university:

  • statement
  • motivation letter
  • recommendations from the previous place of study
  • certificate
  • certificate of passing the language exam.

In some universities it will be necessary to take entrance examinations. SAT and ACT are exams that are surrendered by graduates of American schools and the results of which are taken into account when enrolling in an institution of higher learning. Usually, foreigners are not required to pass these exams and only the average score of the certificate is counted.

Leading educational institutions in Florida: programs and prices

Educational institution

Features of the program

Summer programs

Windermere Preparatory School , Orlando

For adolescents aged 16-18, a special course for future business leaders has been developed. The course's trainers are representatives of the business sphere, businessmen, financiers and bankers. The guys will get knowledge in such areas as entrepreneurial activity (types and methods), the rules of a successful start-up, the secrets of fast moving up the career ladder. Among the speakers of the course, Robert Russell, Bob Allen and Simon Belli are the leaders of the world's largest companies. From 3295 $ for 12 days.

St. Giles Orlando ,


Summer English for schoolchildren (8-17) is a versatile thematic course aimed at developing communicative abilities. At the end of the training, the award ceremony, certificates of the course and a full study report are waiting for the children. From 1685 $ (week).

LAL Florida Boca Raton ,

Boca Raton

The school is located near the ocean coast: it is perfect for children who love active rest, the sun and the sea - the course perfectly combines the educational and adventure program. From $ 1260 (week).

School programs

Primary school in

North Broward Preparatory School ,

Orlando, Miami

Elite boarding school has established itself as a guarantor of quality education of children. The school is proud of its successful location in a beautiful city with numerous sights (among which you can see the Butterfly Park), as well as high academic knowledge of its graduates. In the primary school program, emphasis is placed on literature and mathematics, children are treated with an individual approach. From $ 58,000 a year.

The middle classes at Windermere Preparatory School,

Orlando, Windermere

The school pays much attention to the development of the potential of children - thanks to the individual approach, the school for foreigners becomes the second home. The middle classes (11-14 years) suggest the complication of the educational process: such subjects as social studies and the art complex of subjects, foreign languages appear, the children study the methods and methods of teaching. From $ 57,000 per year.

Senior classes at Lake Mary Preparatory School , Orlando

Training in senior graduation classes is conducted according to the American Advanced Placement program - emphasis is placed on student-centered training, assistance in writing qualification work, in-depth study of core subjects for admission to college. From $ 22,950 / semester.

The IB program in

St. Andrews School USA ,

Boca Raton

This school is very popular among older students preparing to enter universities in the US and Britain . On the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, the children will not only be able to undergo serious academic training, but also personal development at various faculties. From $ 29,050 / semester.

Preparing for the University

Transfer Program in

University of Central Florida ,


Transfer Program - an excellent course for those who need to tighten academic knowledge and adapt to a new language environment. If the course is successfully completed, consisting of 2-3 semesters, foreign students will be able to enter the second year of the university and thus not lose time.

University Pathway at INTO University of South Florida ,


It is a famous state university, offering training in numerous areas: medicine, art, science, hotel management, education, business, etc. Successful completion of the course from 1-3 semesters will allow enrolling in the second course of this university. From $ 22625 / semester.

Higher education

Florida Atlantic University

This is a state university with many advantages: students can take internships during training, take part in exchange programs, transfer programs and additional courses.

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