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Study in Canada for Russians - the cost of studying in Canada for Russians

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Study in Canada for Russians - the cost of studying in Canada for Russians

Getting education in Canada for Russian and foreigners is a pleasure: it is a developed country with unusual nature and hospitable locals. The impeccable quality of Canadian education is a great advantage when choosing a foreign country for study: Canada takes an active part in the development of technology and science, many discoveries were made on its territory that played an important role in the development of the whole world. According to United Nations statistics in Canada, more than 50% of the population received higher education, which undoubtedly affects the high standard of living of the population.

Organization of training in Canada to 18 years

Training programs are developed by each province independently, but the country's legislation provides for compulsory education from 6-7 years to 15 years. Stages of education:

  • pre-school education in kindergartens for children from 4 years (there is no academic load, teachers pay attention to the characteristics of upbringing, and all training is carried out in the game)
  • elementary school (6-12 years)
  • middle classes (12-16 years)
  • senior classes (16-18 years).
  • Confirmation of secondary education is Dogwood Diploma.

    Education in Canada after 6,7, 8,9 classes

    To receive secondary education abroad, foreign children have the opportunity to enter Canada's high school : the curriculum of each course is balanced and aimed at the full development of the individual and the acquisition of high-quality academic knowledge. Canada supports a bilingual education system, which allows you to study both French and English . In 7-9 classes the main subjects are:

  • English, French
  • sport
  • natural Sciences
  • mathematics
  • Social sciencies
  • art
  • music
  • health sciences
  • vocational guidance.
  • Schoolchildren of grades 10-11 study:

  • English
  • mathematics, algebra, the beginning of analysis
  • natural sciences (at your choice - biology, chemistry, physics, science, technology)
  • Social sciencies
  • creative activity (digital communications, singing in the choir, music, digital media, dramatic art, cooking).
  • Education in Canada after grade 10

    After the end of the 10th grade in their country, Russians and foreigners can continue their studies in Canada and combine the program of the senior classes with the preparation for the university . Types of programs for students from 16 to 18 years:

  • International Baccalaureate - the international program of preparation for universities is highly rated in universities of all countries, even the most top-ranking and prestigious ones
  • High-School Diploma + Advanced Placement is a high-school program with in-depth study of core subjects: during the school year students earn educational credits, which are taken into account when enrolling in a university.
  • Education in Canada after grade 11

    Russian students after the end of grade 11 in Russia, they have the right to apply immediately to the first year of the bachelor's degree, in contrast, for example, from the United Kingdom or the United States . Due to this, students save a large amount of money and time, because with sufficient knowledge they are exempt from the passage of pre-university courses . Sometimes, after graduation, foreign students choose pre-university courses that help them to adapt to a new language, academic and cultural environment, and quickly improve the level of academic and linguistic knowledge. Types of preparatory programs:

  • International Foundation - the duration of the program is 1-2 semesters depending on the level of the student's preparation, the main goal is a rapid increase of the language and academic level of knowledge, mastering the special skills necessary for studying at the university. The price for a semester is from 5000 $ CAD.
  • Transfer Program - the duration of the program is 2 years. It consists of two stages, the duration of each one is 1 year, children from 16 to 18 years old can enter. At the first stage of the training the students concentrate on language courses and adaptation to the new environment, on the second stage they study profile subjects depending on the chosen direction and the future profession. After graduation, students usually apply immediately to the second year of the undergraduate program. The price for one year of training is from 18000 $ CAD.
  • University Pathway Program - the duration of the program is from 10-12 weeks to a full academic year, which allows you to fill in short spaces the gaps in language and academic knowledge. After graduation, the training center can guarantee admission to the university. The cost is from 1800 $ CAD.
  • Higher education at Canadian universities

    Universities and colleges of Canada are united in the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), which contributes to the high quality control of education and its continuous improvement. Among Russian students, Canadian higher education is popular: for admission to the undergraduate program you will need to provide a certificate of secondary education and a certificate of passing the language exam. The minimum number of points required for admission is established by the university.

    Popular specialties:

  • IT, programming
  • marketing
  • management
  • business management.
  • Russians and foreigners who do not have enough English to understand the academic program can attend language courses in parallel with their studies.

    In accordance with world ratings, Canada has high positions in the quality of education and is appreciated by students from all over the world. Here there are popular and prestigious universities:

  • University Canada West (Vancouver, British Columbia) with the possibility to receive a scholarship Commonwelth of the Independent States (CIS) Regional Grant. The basic programs of study are bachelor and master's degrees in the following areas: business administration, media and communications (humanities), trade. The cost of training is 18900 $ CAD, the duration of the undergraduate program is 4 years, the age of the students is from 18 years.
  • Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, British Columbia) has 6 faculties: Humanities, Applied Sciences, Business Administration, Education, Arts and Social Sciences. On the basis of the institute Fraser International College is also created: it is available for Russian students and gives an opportunity to transfer to a university program in the future. The cost of studying at the bachelor's degree is from 15900 $ CAD to 17550 $ CAD, the preparatory course of the International Year One is 24360 $ CAD.
  • University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Manitoba) is one of the most popular institutions in Canada among international students, where it is possible to attend the English Language Center (ELC). The academic program is offered in the following areas: kinesiology, architecture, applied arts, ecology, pedagogy, engineering, sociology, law, natural resources, business. The cost of training for one academic year is from 14860 $ CAD.
  • Canada's laws allow foreign students to earn long-term programs while studying and take internships, and after graduation, stay for 1-2 years with a work permit.

    Examples of Canadian Institutions with a Separate Learning System

    In Canada there are several types of educational institutions:

  • coeducational schools
  • schools for boys
  • schools for girls.
  • List of schools of separate education:

  • Upper Canada College (Toronto) is one of the most popular private schools for boys. The school system provides 2 main stages: Prep School (preparatory class - 7 class) and Upper School (grades 8-12). Upon successful completion of schooling, students receive an IB Diploma diploma. In addition, the students developed the direction of ecology and environmental studies, as well as more than 60 mugs and sections.
  • Trafalgar Castle Schoo l (Toronto) - a prestigious Canadian private school for girls from 10 to 18 years: you can learn both the daily format and live on board. The total campus area reaches 23 acres: on the fresh air there are playgrounds, including a squash field and three tennis courts. The programs of middle and senior classes are available in English with an additional study of French.
  • Examples of popular academic institutions in Canada for students after 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 classes:

  • Private boarding school Brookes Shawnigan Lake (Shonigan, British Columbia) with affordable middle-class programs (grades 7-12) and International Baccalaureate. The cost of schooling is from 47500 $ CAD / year. Proximity to clean lakes offers great opportunities for water and extreme sports.
  • Bodwell High School (Vancouver, British Columbia) offers students English language courses and a high school program (grades 8-12) High-School Diploma + Advanced Placement.
  • Royal Roads University (Victoria, British Columbia) offers programs from the International Foundation, the undergraduate and graduate program (the main specialization are applied sciences).
  • Fraser International College is based on the prestigious Simon Fraser University and offers a Transfer Program, after which the student is guaranteed a place in the Canadian university.
  • Braemar College (Toronto) is part of the University of Toronto. For children between the ages of 13 and 17, a senior program is available, and after completing the University Pathway Program, the student can enroll in one of the partner universities: Ryerson University, Durham College , University of Waterloo, George Brown College, York University .
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