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Study in Barcelona for Russians - the cost of studying in Barcelona for Russians

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Study in Barcelona for Russians - the cost of studying in Barcelona for Russians

In recent years, training in Barcelona for Russians has become an increasingly popular direction, since the affordable cost of studying and the diversity of schools in Barcelona offers good opportunities for Russians. Children in Barcelona begin to go to school on compulsory program from 6 years. In the capital of Catalonia, all schools are run by a consortium headed by the city council, and the curriculum for them is determined by the Catalan Generalitat. In public schools, the official language of instruction is Catalan, according to the Education Act of 2009. The Spanish language can be used for teaching in Spanish literature lessons or language and other foreign languages.

The education system in Barcelona includes several levels:

  • Pre-school education (Educación Infantil, segundo ciclo) (3-6 years)
  • Primary school (Educación Primaria) ( 6-12 years)
  • Secondary education.

Compulsory secondary education (Educación Secundaria Obligatoria) - from 12 to 16 years, includes two 2 cycles of 2 academic years: 12 to 14 years and 14 to 16 years. After the completion of this stage, the student can finish the Spanish Bachillerat o program for admission to the university or go to college for vocational education.

The Spanish academic degree Bachillerato is not part of the compulsory public education system and corresponds to the A-Level in the UK, the French Baccalaureate or the International Baccalaureate and includes two parts:

1) Basic curriculum with compulsory subjects: Spanish and literature, the second official official language (Catalan), the first foreign language ( English , French, German or Italian), philosophy, physical culture, history, optional subject and religion.

2) A special curriculum that directly depends on the direction chosen by the student.

  • Art - History of art, volume (sculpture), color (painting);
  • Sciences about nature and health - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics;
  • Science and Technology - Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing;
  • Social sciences - applied mathematics, economics, geography, world history (only one year);
  • Humanities - Latin, Greek, history of art / world literature, world history (only the 4th year).

Training in Barcelona for Russian schoolchildren and foreigners in prestigious private boarding schools

Elite and prestigious private schools in Barcelona provide an opportunity to complete a complete school program for Russian children, even with zero knowledge of a foreign language. Training in Barcelona for Russians on academic programs and Spanish language courses is available from three years. In the program of early childhood development, children receive close attention, since this is one of the most important stages in the adaptation of the child in the multilingual environment. Training in Barcelona for Russians is conducted in Spanish and English, in addition the child can begin to learn the Chinese language as an elective. The best teachers closely follow the child's successes and adjust the academic program together with the parents. Since the age of 6, children are beginning to instill self-discipline, responsibility and the ability to make their own small decisions. Russian children, having found themselves in an international environment, can also begin to study other European languages and Catalan dialect on holiday vacation programs and study in the summer.

Higher education in Barcelona and the cost of studying for Russians in universities in Spain

The usual duration of training in Barcelona for Russians at the university is 4 years, medical specialties require 6 years or more. One of the most popular academic training programs in Barcelona among Russians and foreigners is design and fashion.

  • IED (European Design Institute in Barcelona) was founded in 1966 and today is one of the world's best private networks of fashion schools. In addition to summer courses, IED provides an opportunity to study abroad in design, fashion, visual arts and communications. The cost of studying under the bachelor's program for Russians and foreign students starts from 15,000 € per year + all students have the opportunity to choose the language of instruction - Spanish or English. To enroll the applicant must provide a certificate of knowledge of the language of instruction and a certificate of secondary education.
  • Also to the elite private educational institutions, popular among foreigners, is the Geneva Business School in Barcelona. Geneva Business School Barcelona (GBSB) is an accredited international organization of ECBE and IACBE educational institution with a wide choice of bachelor, master and doctorate programs in finance, management and banking. Academic training programs are designed with an emphasis on the international contingent of students. Training in Barcelona for Russians is conducted in English, the price of the programs starts from 5730 € per semester. Specificity of training in GBSB is in practical orientation: students, in addition to lectures, are given the opportunity to pass professional trainings and attend topical meetings with top specialists in their field.

Studying in the capital of Catalonia, you will certainly feel the whole atmosphere of sunny and cheerful Spanish culture! And that the process of admission is easy, you can always write us to get qualified support on all issues of education abroad on a free basis.

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