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Study in Austria for Russians - the cost of studying in Austria for Russians

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Study in Austria for Russians - the cost of studying in Austria for Russians

The advantages of studying in Austrian schools

  • Austrian cities are included in tops and rankings as one of the most popular cities among students due to convenience and coziness: here it is quiet, safe, good ecological situation
  • To obtain higher education for students from abroad, a fairly simple procedure operates. Russian schoolchildren can apply right after school, unlike many European countries that require two semesters in a domestic university or study at special pre-university courses
  • Absence of entrance examinations to universities and fairly reasonable prices: students of Austrian universities pay for a semester from 380 €.

Schooling in Austria for Russians

For Russian children in Austria, there are several options for obtaining secondary education:

  • State vocational colleges - for local citizens and for foreigners studying in them is free (they are equated to Russian technical schools, but the level of training here is much higher)
  • Private secondary schools are the most prestigious educational institutions in which children are purposefully trained for admission to universities
  • Private schools with full board are the most popular option among foreign pupils. In addition to the high level of educational services, children are welcomed by comfortable living conditions and a rich social life. As a rule, instruction is conducted in German, but in international schools you can find English and American programs. In them, the language of instruction is English , and German is studied as a foreign language.
  • Schoolchildren need to demonstrate a high level of language proficiency, so preparation for school should be considered in advance. An excellent option for these purposes will suit language camps for the summer . In a comfortable environment, children will be able to practice their language on specially thought-out lessons, learn about local culture and have a good rest. One of the advantages of summer camps is that for children with zero language knowledge, good programs have been developed that will help to master the main language skills in the shortest possible time.
  • There is a rule for applicants: one can not apply documents to several schools at once, and also the incoming student can not pass the certificate on his own - only in the presence of the parents or the guardian.

Higher education in Austria for Russians

  • In universities, foreign students can find English-speaking and German-speaking programs, while the students themselves make up an individual plan, decide which subjects to study, and which will be just a waste of time
  • Higher education is obtained in several types of institutions: classical universities, art universities, pedagogical schools and applied colleges
  • Foreign students can try their hand at receiving scholarships and grants - in Austria there is a huge number of special programs for foreigners
  • When enrolling in a university it is necessary to conduct a procedure for the legalization of a certificate: put an Apostille of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, translate the certificate into German and notarize it
  • At the end of the university graduates can stay in the country for six months to find a job or try to start an academic career.

Variants of programs and prices for foreigners in leading educational institutions in Austria


Examples of institutions


Features of the programs

Age of pupils

average cost

Summer programs


Amadeus International School Vienna

English / German + summer vacation

Summer English + Adventure

Private schools, language camps open summer programs for children, which combine interesting academic pursuits with active rest and acquaintance with Austrian culture.

Adventure programs include numerous hikes, hiking through the mountains, trekking, kayaking, rock climbing. It's a great way to know the local nature and recharge with new emotions!


From 1180 €

(7 days)

St. Gilgen

St. Gilgen International School


From 3500 €

(14 days)


Village Samps Austria


From 2700 €

(14 days)

Language courses for adults


Beckley Institute Vienna

English / German one-on-one, IELTS, TOEFL, standard courses

The school uses a communicative method of teaching: in the classroom, students are given the opportunity to participate in situations as close to real life as possible. Students of the courses will be able to conduct a well-reasoned conversation, express their opinion in the language being studied.


Cost check with the managers SMAPSE

High school programs


American International School Salzburg AISS

Advanced Placement

In the American International School the program is based on the US educational model - the Advanced Placement program. The entire training system is aimed at providing good preparation for the university: profile disciplines are studied, students are identified with future specialization. Upon completion of the school, the children will receive a certificate of secondary education of the American type.


Price from 34760 €



Amadeus International School

Middle classes in English +

Music Academy

The course "Music Academy" is suitable as a beginner to learn music, and continuing. This is a program of high-quality classical music education.


From 14000 €


St. Gilgen

St Gilgen International School

Primary School

Course 4 - 6 class includes 27 academic hours per week. Main subjects: English, mathematics, German, natural sciences and the global world.


From 43000 €


Preparing for the University


Actilingua Academy

Foundation (German)

The course (from 12 to 52 weeks) provides the child with a powerful base that will help prepare for the academic load in the university. ActiLingua is an exam commission and issues OSD certificates required for admission to the university.


2395 €

(12 weeks)


Amadeus International School Vienna


The program of 11-12 class is aimed to give high-quality preparation before entering the university. Each student chooses a minimum of 6 core subjects, which are studied at an in-depth level.


14700 €


Higher education


Webster University Vienna

Bachelor's program

(in English)

The program is designed for 3-4 years in the following areas: Humanities (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS)


From 19840 €



International College of Tourism and Management - ITM

Bachelor's program

(in English)

Within two years, students master a specialty in the areas of "Hotel Management". After a year of training, young people are interned in a large company. The college trains highly qualified specialists of international business and trade.


From 4500 €



University of Vienna

Master's and Doctoral Studies

(in English and German)

At the University of Vienna, you can receive postgraduate education in a variety of programs. The list of graduates of the university includes Sigmund Freud and Stefan Zweig.


From 745 €


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