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Study abroad, in Europe after grade 11 for children 16,17,18 years

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Study abroad, in Europe after grade 11 for children 16,17,18 years

Who does not dream of studying abroad? In foreign educational institutions you can get an education in international programs: studying abroad , in Europe after 11th grade for children 16,17,18 years will allow you to get a prestigious diploma, opening the doors to the best international companies.

Study in Europe for Russian and foreigners: advantages and characteristics

  • Quality education for schoolchildren and students is the main advantage of the educational centers of Europe. Academic programs here are competently compiled and give the most relevant and necessary knowledge, oriented to practice. Therefore, students who graduated from the European higher education institution, after training and intensive internship, come to workplaces, knowing exactly the essence of their work
  • Study abroad, in Europe after the 11th grade for children 16,17,18 years will allow you to immerse yourself in the language environment and bring the level of language skills to perfection: according to reviews, many children master not even one but several foreign languages
  • Students from other countries receive a colossal experience of living abroad in the European Union and immerse themselves in European culture, comprehending its uniqueness
  • After receiving a diploma in most European countries, a foreign student can stay for another 6 months to find a job, and successful employment is the basis for extending a visa
  • With a prestigious European diploma, foreigners can count on promising work abroad or at home
  • Emphasis on the development and upbringing of personality. From school and further pedagogues closely monitor the personal development of their wards. Education abroad, in Europe after the 11th grade for children 16,17,18 years is not limited to the learned paragraphs - it is important to be an independent, confident personality capable of communication and interaction by the end of the school and university
  • The main principles of studying abroad, in Europe after 11 classes for children 16,17,18 years are the promotion of independence and independence, personal initiative and the choice of each student, an individual approach
  • In the EU countries, large amounts of money are invested in education, which opens up wide opportunities for the technical equipping of schools and the hiring of a highly qualified teaching staff.

Features of education after 11th grade in Europe

According to the European system of education, after completing the compulsory level of secondary education , students have a choice: to continue their studies in the graduating classes or to start working. Graduation classes are two more years in the school for those who are going to enter the university. Those wishing to enter the universities of Europe can not bypass this preparatory stage. For two years, the guys completely concentrate on the core subjects and are preparing for the student life. Here, students learn to analyze, reflect and express their opinions, simple memorization will not be enough. At the end of the course they pass a difficult final exam. When entering the university entrance tests are usually not required, the university commissions take into account the results of the passed examinations at the school.

Students from abroad can choose the training program after grade 11:

  • The most popular and popular program in European schools is the British A-Level . This program is recognized as the embodiment of all the best that is available in the educational system of Britain, is the benchmark for other European countries
  • International option - International Baccalaureate. The main advantage of this direction is a prestigious diploma of an international type, with which it is guaranteed to enter any country in the world
  • For foreigners who have received education through national programs that differ from European ones, a special preparatory program has been developed. For example, in Russia, children complete secondary school in grade 11 and can not enter the majority of European countries right after school because of insufficient knowledge. The Foundatio n program combines a linguistic and academic part that will help to bring knowledge to the required level.

Leading private schools and colleges in Europe: rating, prices, cost, reviews

  • United Kingdom , Tonbridge, King's School Rochester . Great Britain is the leader of all kinds of tops and ratings, there are intensive courses for students of any age. At the King's School Rochester school-boarding school, the children will enjoy comfortable conditions for studying and living in the tranquil and picturesque Kent. The institution is proud of the results of its graduates, who demonstrate impressive academic knowledge. The cost of the A-Level course: from 10,000 pounds per term.
  • In the Swiss top college College Du Leman, you can complete the International Baccalaureate program. This educational institution has more than half a century successfully prepares students from abroad to enter universities. Before the guys there are wide possibilities of useful leisure: summer water sports and winter, snowboard, skiing, flat skiing and much more. The price of training on the program A-Level: from 41000CHF per semester.
  • Actilingua Academy - the leading language school in Austria invites you to the Foundation program in German. This course is perfect for those wishing to enter the universities of Austria and Germany. Prices start at 2395 euros for 12 weeks.
  • The French school Ecole des Roches has developed the French Baccalaureat program - it is a kind of qualification, which a foreign student can claim for a place in a French university. The course of high intensity will allow children to learn to think critically, develop the necessary skills for studying at a European university. The cost of training will be from 12,000 euros per term.
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