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Applying for visa to Turkey

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Specific details

Features of visa for study in Turkey:

  • All foreign students who do not have Turkish citizenship or a residence permit in a given country must obtain a student visa to Turkey before starting their studies.
  • The main requirement of the consular department of the Embassy of Turkey is the availability of an invitation from the university, a contract and payment for training - only after that the Turkish study visa can be issued.

The process of considering a student visa to Turkey takes about 6 weeks. After consideration, it is necessary to come with a foreign passport, where the visa will be placed within 5 working days.

After obtaining a visa for study in Turkey and arrival in the country, all students must contact the local Security Office within one month to obtain a residence permit for one year. To clarify the procedure, you need to contact the admissions office of your institution on the spot.

Also on the spot you will need to open a bank accounton and show the availability of funds (putting an amount equal to the cost of study + residence for the academic year).

An educational visa with a duration of 3 months

Documents for applying for a student visa to Turkey:

  • Documents from the educational institution (payment confirmation, contract, invitation)
  • Bank confirmation of payment (copy of payment)
  • A statment of a bank account with an amount not less than $ 6000
  • An certificate of registration / a certificate of a residence permit from housing and communal services
  • Certificate of non-conviction without translation (issued by the City Directorate of Internal Affairs)
  • Colour photo (2 pcs 3 × 4 cm)
  • Letter from an educational institution
  • A foreign passport with a copy of the main page. The passport will remain on hand. A copy is taken away.
  • National passport with a copy of the main page and a page with a residence permit
  • Money for payment (the exact fee depends on the county of the applicant)
  • The application form is filled in at the consulate

All documents required by the Turkish study visa are submitted without the appointment of an interview.

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