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Tuition fees in England, UK

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Tuition fees in England, UK

Great Britain is a multinational country. In educational institutions of England many foreigners are trained, and many offers of educational institutions are focused on them. The cost of education in England is not the highest among European countries, and the choice of good schools and universities is great. Parents-foreigners who live in another country, they choose for their childa private boarding school (from 11-13 years old) or of the Foundation program (from 16 years of age - mainly to prepare for university entrance). For them, the probability of obtaining higher education in the UKhigher than for foreigners without a base. The British certificate of education is quoted around the world.

The cost of education in the UK at different educational institutions is significantly different. It depends on several components: the status of the educational institution, the composition of the educational program, where the student will live, whether a set of educational literature, electives and entertaining programs is included in the cost. Think about the sports equipment necessary for the student. Carefully read this information, calculating the cost of studying in England, to see the whole picture and plan additional costs.

Among foreigners, language courses are popular: they help to simplify the process of admission toschool in England (or university), tighten the knowledge of the language. You can send the child to a summer camp at a college or school, or you are interested in a vacation language program. The cost of studying in the UK on language programs will be one thousand pounds sterling a week or more.

The cost of studying in the UK for a prestigious boarding school will be at least 20 thousand pounds sterling. Be prepared to pay for the training for the year ahead.

For students, the cost of studying in England is not so high. There are programs of higher and professional education costing from 5 thousand sterling for a trimester. Getting a popular and prestigious medical specialty will cost you £ 20,000 a year.

We advise you to plan and plan the process of admission to school in the UK (especially prestigious institutions) in advance. Schools and universities with a great competition make high demands on the level of knowledge of applicants, they can not be formed in six months. The sooner the preparation begins, the higher the probability of getting into the chosen educational institution.

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