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Become the top manager in the field of tourism, culinary, restaurant and hotel business.

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Become the top manager in the field of tourism, culinary, restaurant and hotel business.

SWISS EDUCATION GROUP are five specialized schools in Switzerland offering prestigious education in tourism, culinary, and restaurant and hotel management.

The Swiss educational group includes:

  • César Ritz Colleges Switzerland - César Ritz colleges with campuses in Lucerne, Brig and Le Bouvre (hospitality , Tourism and business)
  • Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM) - Hotel Institute Montreux (hospitality and business)
  • School of Hotel Management (IHTTI) - IHTTI Hotel Management School in Neuchâtel (hospitality and design)
  • Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) - Swiss Hotel Management School with campuses in Koh and Leysin in Koh and Leysin (hospitality, event, spa and spa management).
  • Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland - The Academy of Culinary Arts in Lucerne and Le Bouvre (cooking, confectionery and chocolate art)
  • Graduates around the world

    Students Swiss Education Group work in 60 countries around the world, occupying leading positions in hotels such as Mariott, Ritz-Carlton, Marco Polo, as well as in restaurants with Michelin stars.

    Each student Swiss Education Group during his studies must pass a paid internship in a leading Swiss or foreign company lasting 4-6 months.

    Career prospects

    89% of graduates of the Swiss educational group become top managers or open their own hotel business for 5 years after graduation.

    Guaranteed Employment

    Graduates Swiss Education Group are professionals in their field, and therefore they are in demand in the world's leading hotel companies. After graduation, students find a decent job for 3 months.

    Job fairs

    Twice a year, universities host a global event - the International Recruitment Forum, during which students get acquainted personally with business leaders, well-known entrepreneurs and establish ties with representatives of leading companies.

    Language practice

    When studying in Switzerland, you will receive the practice of French, German and Italian. You will also improve your level of English, because in the Swiss Education Group is taught in this language.

    Constant recruitment for training

    The program for the undergraduate and graduate programs at the Swiss Education Group is held 6 times a year, so you can plan a convenient starting time for your studies and relocation.

    Friends from all over the world [ 999.79]

    In Swiss Education Group international team: students from all over the world come to Switzerland to learn the traditions of hospitality. You will get friends from different countries, and you will be able to learn more about their culture.

    Student feedback:

  • Daniela Sandra (BA in Hospitality Management):
  • - Switzerland is the country that was It was created in order to teach traditions of hospitality! And it seems to me that schoolsThe Swiss Education Group is an excellent proof of this. I feel that they give their students exactly the skills that are most in demand today in the market. And if it was not so, then so many students would not come here every year!

  • Swiss Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management:
  • ] - The Swiss Education Group gave me a quality education and supported me early in my career. Now I know a lot about the hospitality industry and tourism. At the university, I met with business leaders in this field, and it's worth a lot! You can freely establish your business connections right during your studies!

  • Mlad in Lviv (MIB in international hospitality management):
  • - In Cesar Ritz Colleges everything turned out exactly as I imagined it was. Starting from the beauty of the premises and the general atmosphere of the university, to the quality of training of teachers and students. For me, studying is a mixture of work and a party, where my colleagues are my good friends. It seems that I am studying and working at the same time!

    Contact the representative:

    [ 999.140], tel: +74953746401
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