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Finnish and British education

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Finnish and British education

Schools, like universities, many choose by rating. The list of top educational institutions is compiled annually. The main criterion for assessing experts is the level of academic preparation of students. European experts of the OECD analyzed the results of exam tests of 15-year-old schoolchildren and concluded that the best secondary education for 2012 is provided by Finnish schools.

Finnish education is the best in Europe?

Finland is on the third place in the world and 1 in terms of the quality of secondary education in Europe . China and South Korea are ahead of the country. The best results Finnish schoolchildren show by scientific knowledge, literature. In mathematics, they are inferior to studentsSwiss schools .

In Finland, the results of their schoolchildren are not considered excellent. 13 years ago, the country ranked first in the world in the quality of academic training in high school. Today the Finns are confidently pressed Chinese , Korean, Singaporean schoolchildren.

Authoritative experts from the OECD note that the Finnish education has many strengths. These include small classes (a maximum of 20 students), the availability of secondary schools (4000 institutions for 600,000 children). A feature of Finnish education is the high quality of knowledge. Finns on this indicator surpass their more successful peer tests from other countries of Europe and Asia.

British criticism

The report of experts of the OECD has been severely criticized by British experts. In fact, the study questioned the authority of the Anglo-Saxon entity. According to its results, British schoolchildren in the level of mathematical knowledge took the 28th place in the world, on reading - 25, on science - 16. In the overall ratingBritain was ahead of Poland, Norway, Slovenia, Estonia.

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