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School grade manipulation and GCSE grades

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School grade manipulation and GCSE grades

Some schools in England today practice the "game scheme" of enrolling in programs and passing exams. This fact is confirmed by many authoritative experts, in particular the employee of Buckingham University, director of the Center for Employment and Education Alan Smithers. "Game Scheme" provides for several attempts to enter the school, passing examsGCSE .

Today in Britain many schoolchildren re-sit the IGCSE. This could not but affect the requirements for the national examination in a number of subjects, in particular geography. According to the government's decision, now only one attempt to deposit GCSE is taken into account in the formation of the school rating.

Changes in GCSE

Stricter requirements also affected English . Now, listening and speaking will not affect the overall GCSE score on the subject. In addition, the practice will soon be reduced coursework and increasing the number of test tasks.

The government also established new criteria for the number of students who received a minimum of 5 "C" in basic subjects (mathematics, English and others). Previously, many schools helped their students to receive such points mainly due to the loyalty of teachers in assessing listening, the colloquial aspect of English. That is, C grades were presented to students who actually deserved D.

Such methods in connection with changes in the system will not be applicable. Accordingly, the rating of some private schools can seriously suffer. But, according to experts, it will suffer only to the extent that the rules of the existing system were circumvented or violated.

Prospects for the new GCSE assessment system

Education experts believe that changes in the GCSE assessment system will increase the percentage of students' achievement. But this will happen a few years later. In the meantime, there has been a decrease in the number of excellent students. Last year, in Britain, the lowest result of GCSE was recorded over the last quarter of a century: only 68.1% of schoolchildren received A-C scores.

In the long term, it is possible to improve the indicators. The absence of an opportunity to bypass the rules of the system does not leave students and teachers a choice. Some will diligently study to achieve the desired results, the latter will objectively evaluate the work of students.

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