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Bachelor's Courses(english) in Sheridan College

Sheridan College
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16500.00 $CAD / 2 semesters
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Program name
All year round
from 16500.00 $CAD / 2 semesters
from 16500.00 $CAD / 2 semesters
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year


Honors Baccalaureate Degrees

1. Age of participants: from 16 years old

2. Duration: 4 years

3. Beginning of classes: September, January

4. Level of English: IELTS 6.0 / TOEFL 80 / Cambridge FCE B / PEARSON 58.

5. Level of Education: Diploma of School Graduation

6. Language of instruction: English.

The bachelor's department of Sheridan College (Honors Baccalaureate Degrees) offers students from any country of the world exceptionally high-quality and demanded programs. For admission it is necessary to have a suitable level of education and English, preliminary you can take special English courses. A total of about 30 programs are available in 5 broad areas:

  • Business (including, "Bachelor of Business Administration" in 5 specializations)
  • Applied science and technology
  • Animation, art and design
  • Health & Community
  • Humanities and social sciences.

All awarded degrees have the status of honorary (Honors), which are characterized by a deeper study of subjects and a large number of necessary points for the successful completion of studies. The curricula are developed in the most careful way and include a large number of disciplines and courses - for each subject a certain number of credits is accrued, which are then summed up. During the education, lectures and seminars, research works, group and individual projects and much more are held. Sheridan College employs exceptional professionals, many of them are working professionals or owners of small and large companies and enterprises, heads of business structures. They help students to reveal their potential, look to the future and acquire the necessary contacts. A great advantage is the availability of special work experience (Co-op), participation in which significantly expands the opportunities for graduates. Co-op characteristics:

  • Acquisition of work experience in a profile company for its direction
  • Development of job search and employment skills
  • Understanding how theory is applied in practice
  • Finding and establishing the right contacts
  • The opportunity to earn (many Co-op paid, students receive an average of 10 to 12 thousand dollars for 4 months).

In addition to the standard daily form of education, a convenient format for part-time employment is available (for specializations in Business Administration). All students receive significant support in developing career and employment skills, while foreign students, if necessary, are additionally engaged in English. In case of successful completion of studies, recruiting the necessary number of credits and meeting the remaining conditions, graduates receive a diploma of higher education and a bachelor's degree in the relevant field of science. After receiving the diploma, you can apply for a job, and after a year of work - an application for permanent residence. Many inmates of the institution successfully find employment and achieve significant success in the professional field. If you want, you can continue studying at any time at Sheridan College or another university in Canada, the US and the world.

Bachelor's programs with work experience included:

1. Bachelor of Business Administration with directions (Honors Bachelor of Business Administration):

  • Accounting
  • Finance (Finance)
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Supply Chain Management

2. Bachelor of Computer Science in the field of Mobile Computers (Mobile Computing, Honors Bachelor of Computer Science).

IMPORTANT! All areas of the Bachelor of Business Administration are available in part-time employment.

Bachelor's programs (standard):

  • Animation (Bachelor of Animation)
  • Athletic Therapy (Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences)
  • Ceramics (Bachelor of Craft and Design)
  • Community Security (Bachelor of Community Safety)
  • Creative writing and publishing (Bachelor of Creative Writing and Publishing)
  • Early Childhood Leadership (Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership)
  • Film and Television (Honors Bachelor of)
  • Furniture (Furniture, Bachelor of Craft and Design)
  • Game Design (Bachelor of Game Design)
  • Glass (Glass, Bachelor of Craft and Design)
  • Illustration (Bachelor of Illustration)
  • Industrial Design (Bachelor of Craft and Design)
  • Information Systems Security (Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences)
  • Interaction Design (Bachelor of Interaction Design)
  • Interior Design (Bachelor of Interior Design)
  • Kinesiology and Health Promotion, Bachelor of Health Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • Mobile Computing (Bachelor of Computer Science)
  • Theatrical musical performance (Bachelor of Music Theater Performance)
  • Photo (Bachelor of Photography)
  • Textiles (Bachelor of Craft and Design)
  • Design (joint program with York University) (York University / Sheridan College Program in Design).

Tuition fee in the Honors Baccalaureate Degrees, for the academic year (2 semesters, 8 months) = from 16500 $ CAD to 27000 $ CAD.

All courses

Program name
All year round
from 17981.00 $CAD / year
from 17981.00 $CAD / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 17054.00 $CAD / year
from 17054.00 $CAD / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 16500.00 $CAD / 2 semesters
from 16500.00 $CAD / 2 semesters
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 3529.00 $CAD / 2 semesters
from 3529.00 $CAD / 2 semesters
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 19691.00 $CAD / year
from 19691.00 $CAD / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year


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