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Send a child to Germany for training - Smaps

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Send a child to Germany for training - Smaps

The level of education offered in this country is one of the highest in the world, therefore Germany is often chosen for study by foreign students and students. In addition, this is one of the countries where students from all over the world can get a really high-quality European education on a budgetary basis. Therefore, many parents are wondering how to send a child to study in Germany.

The educational process in this country begins with 6 years and lasts up to 10 years - this is the initial stage. In general, secondary education is compulsory for all citizens, as well as for students from other countries living in Germany. At the same time, as a rule, children are not evaluated for the first couple of years of training, instead the teacher makes a characterization for each student. On its basis further formation of study groups on different courses takes place.

Then the middle stage begins, where the children are divided into several educational areas, based on the characteristics of each student's personal qualities. This can be an emphasis on humanitarian disciplines, technical, or standard curriculum. Senior students in the course of their curriculum are preparing to enter higher education institutions - this is usually done using the national Abitur program. In addition, at all stages of school and higher education, special attention is paid not only to the academic development of students, but also to personal growth. To do this, in their free time from basic lessons students are engaged in sports or creative activities, and also devote time to their hobbies.

A student from another country can go to Germany in an international school, which is aimed at learning through a unique German educational system. That the child could become the student of such educational institution, first of all it is necessary for him to know German at a good level. Also very popular among foreign students are private schools , where a child can both study and live. There are also Russian schools in Germany, where all communications are conducted in two languages - in Russian and German with a greater emphasis on the second.

Now let's talk about what is needed so that you can send your children to study in Germany. One of the most important points here is the filing process, as well as the order of enrollment, and an understanding of how to proceed.

Here are the requirements for a candidate for studies in a German school:

  • Knowledge of the state language is not below the level of В1-В2 according to the standards of European assessments. Also, depending on the institution, you may need knowledge of English
  • Table of assessments containing data on the student's progress over the past 2-3 years
  • A letter of recommendation from teachers or the director of the previous institution, which includes a detailed description of the student.

Also required is a document certifying the identity of the student (birth certificate, or already a passport) and the valid foreign passport.

The application process is better to start in advance - not less than six months before the start of studies, as correspondence with the school and preparation of the necessary documentation will take time.

Smapse perfectly suits you for help in filing documents and sending a child to study in Germany - our specialists will help you absolutely free of charge and will consult on all issues.

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