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Secondary schools in Salzburg, secondary school in Salzburg

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Secondary schools in Salzburg, secondary school in Salzburg

Training in secondary schools in Salzburg is popular among Russian schoolchildren. This is the fourth largest city in Austria , the cultural and historical center of Europe, attracting tourists from all over the world with its architecture and museums. Here, pure alpine air, excellent ecology and scenic views.

In Salzburg and its suburbs there are many prestigious private boarding schools opening their doors to foreigners. They are distinguished by high ratings and offer brotheers a large selection of academic programs of European quality. The certificate of Austrian schools is appreciated by top universities throughout the world.

Features of education in boarding schools in Salzburg

Educational programs for students and students include the study of English , German , mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, social sciences, and also offer disciplines to choose from. For example, students can study, in addition to basic subjects, acting, fine arts, design, and foreigners also have the opportunity to study English in addition.

In Salzburg, leading schools offer full-board accommodation on campus - this is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the language environment. Accommodation is available in single rooms for senior students or two- and three-bed rooms for primary and secondary students. Campuses of schools are equipped with modern interactive technology and computer equipment.

The training is conducted in English according to the US educational programs or the international baccalaureate system . In addition, many Waldorf schools work in Salzburg, which follow the concept of pedagogy, emphasizing the education of a free person, compulsory comprehensive creative development, the talents and abilities of each student. A lot of attention in such educational institutions is given to the education of students in ethics and aesthetics.

English and German in the boarding schools of Salburg

If a student shows insufficiently high level of English for entering Salzburg schools, he is offered to pass preliminary language courses. When enrolling in a language program, each child passes an entrance test to determine his level of knowledge and distribution by group. During the training, the teachers of foreign schools pay individual time to each of their students to make sure of the effectiveness of the curriculum, which is made according to the wishes and interests of the children. At the end of the course, each student passes a final test to determine his progress during his stay at the language school. As a result of the final exam, each student has the opportunity to obtain a certificate that will confirm the level of knowledge of a foreign language. The cost of the program starts from 2090 € / 2 weeks.

Which school in Salzburg is better

A good example of a prestigious boarding house in Salzburg is American International School Salzburg . This is a private school at the foot of the Alps at the University of Salzburg. The school teaches in accordance with the American education system. Students from all over the world can enter secondary school (grades 7-8), senior (9-12 grades) and graduate classes (13th grade, preparatory pre-university course). After completing the course and successfully passing the exam, students are eligible to receive an Advanced Placement (AP) diploma for further studies at the university. The cost of the AP program ranges from 37640 € per year.

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